Arriving at the Incheon International Airport Dylan was looking out for a welcome sign, he was reminded by his Lucy to look out for a specific sign as Dylan wasn familiarized with his aunts appearance.

Looking around in the enormous airport and he saw big crowds that go in and out of the airport. Dylan wants to find the sign quickly and leave the airport as he was not good with big crowds of people.

”Hey, brother isn that the sign Mother reminding us to look out for? ” Lucy asked while pointing in the direction where she saw the sign that they were reminded to look out for.

Dylan nodded and was approaching the sign and then they saw the sign was moving towards them at a high speed.

Then Dylan saw a 40 years old lady with an office outfit running towards them and shouted while waving her hands towards them

”Dylan!! Stacy!! ”

Hearing this they were astonished at their aunts appearance they didn expect their aunt to look so beautiful and young their Mother said that they were only a year gap on them and their Mother was the oldest and looking to their aunt they saw a younger version of their Mother which give a familiar feeling to them.

Not long their aunt arrived at them and hugged them both. which Dylan and Stacy didn refuse and hugged her back after catching her breath she spoked.

”You two looks so cute!! How can my sister send you off here alone when your these cute? ”

”Did you eat already? ”

”How long have you been waiting? ”

Dylan and Stacy were startled by their aunts talkative nature and then they saw a 40 years old Korean man approaching their aunts back and stopped when he was there.

”Hey Mary ask them later in the car they just arrived give them a rest for now ”

Hearing this voice Mary loosens his grip around his nephew and niece.

”Uhm Im sorry Dylan and Stacy did I surprised you, you both look like my sister thats why I did that. and the guy behind me is my husband his English name is Philip. ”

Listening to Mary, Dylan and Stacy grab their aunts hands to do mano Which Mary didn decline as she was expecting it, After doing this they proceed to their Uncle Philip to do the same but Philip was surprised by this exchanged culture and he let them does the culture.

”Mano Po Auntie Mary and Uncle Philip ” Dylan and Stacy simultaneously said in a respectful voice.

”Ok now lets go let us talk in the car shall we? ”

Mary said and they followed Mary and Philip to the parking lot.

Arriving at the parking lot they placed their packages in the back of the car already and seated on the back seat while their Aunt was on the front seat and their Uncle driving the car.

Driving for a few minutes and seeing beautiful buildings their aunt explains the area in Incheon.

”Well have lunch at our place for today and its been a long time since I cooked Filipino dishes and maybe you can meet my son if he goes home for today. ”

”What you have a son auntie? Mom didn tell us you have a child. ” Dylan asked

”Yes I did in fact he is older than you guys, and he works in a Korean National Police Agency ”

”Wow so we have an awesome cousin, ” Stacy said

Talking around for a long time the car suddenly stop,

”Weve arrived at our house ” Mary smiled at them

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