Ingrid and Liane were in a favorite café hanging out and had a great time sipping their coffee when suddenly Ingrid Howard says to Liane.

”I am not getting any younger, Liane. ”

She was feeling low these past few days, and she felt empty despite her career success.

”Haha we both are. So, what are your plans? ” Liane Brown stared at her directly.

They were best friends since college, and Liane is a gentle lady, while shes the opposite: the tough one. Her presence intimated her colleagues because she could be strict and harsh against her enemies. Capable of doing anything despite the odds she might face yet caring for those she loves. Only Liane knows who she is.

Even when they were in college, their classmates often asked Liane why she became her best friend, knowing that shes coldhearted while Liane was sweet. Liane would always smile sweetly and say,

”You really don see her good side, do you? For me, she is the most amazing and strong person Ive ever met. Wish I could be like her. ”

Their classmates would often smirk every time she said those words.

”I want to have a baby, ” she declared with a firm tone.

”What?! ” The shock was written all over Lianes face.

”My goodness, Ingrid! Are you serious?! ” her sweet tone suddenly changed.

”Where did you get that idea? Why–? ” Liane seems lost in words. Ingrid chuckled, looking at her best friends beautiful face.

”Yes, I am serious. ” She said while a smile still plastered on her lips.

Liane suddenly became silent and fell into deep thinking. Between them, Liane would always be the sweetest and nicest person. Her suitors would line up to her while Ingrid would still be left out. Not because she is ugly, in fact, she is lovely, she has gorgeous eyes with long eyelashes, pouty lips, a heart-shaped face, voluptuous body, but she hides it by wearing medium-sized clothes. At the same time, Lian

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