”P-Pardon, sir? ” Ingrid was stunned for a moment before she could utter a response to her boss. Her boss sighed deeply before he continued.

”I never knew that my ex-wife bore me a son after we divorced years ago, ” gloom and loneliness were all written all over the old mans face. She was silent and continued to listen to the old mans confession.

”This is one of the hardest decisions Ill ever make in my entire life. I am torn between you and my son. I was so frustrated for these past few days and didn know what to do. I know you are prepared for this position but I.. ” the man stopped talking.

Ingrid choked as she suppressed her emotions. She was overwhelmed and didn know how and what to feel when she heard her bosss confession. But then, she remembered her son, and the chaotic emotion she felt slowly calms her within. She smiled somewhat bitterly.

”I want to be honest, sir, I am frustrated right now, I felt betrayed and thought negatively. However, I remembered Clark.. ” she now beamed with calmness.

”If I were on your shoe, I will also do the same. Rest assured, sir, Ill be alright in the coming days. ”

Motherhood taught her a lot of things. She became an understanding, patient, and loving to the people around her, but being tough is still there if the need arises.

Her boss became teary-eyed.

”You are the daughter I never had, Ingrid. ” He said lovingly to her, like a father to her daughter. Ingrid laughed softly at the mans remark.

”Are those words for my comfort, sir? ” she joked. The man then laughed.

”Oh! Haha I would never say it to anyone, Ingrid. By the way, one of these days, my son will be formally introduced and I want you to meet him. ”

”Hmm I am looking forward to it, sir. ” The man stared at her intently as if wanting to say something, yet he refrained.

”Yes, yes and hope you get along.. ” she felt something was amiss, but she just ignored it. Then she bid farewell and went back to her office, feeling exhausted.

She locked her office door and cried silently. After several minutes, she stood up and went out to her office door and told Daisy that she has an important thing to do, and she walked out.


At school, Clark played with his classmates when they heard that their teacher was calling Tristan, his friend.

”Tristan, your uncle is here. ”

”Wow! My uncle is here! My uncle is here. ” The child jumped up and down when he saw the man approaching them.

Clark looked at the man approaching. He blinked for a few seconds and was amazed at the mans features: tall, very handsome with wavy, golden hair, the blue-eyed man slowly came into view. Clark froze as if hes seen a ghost.

”Tristan, its been a while, buddy. ” The mans deep voice was somewhat music to the ears of Clark, and his expression looked stunned.

”Uncle Cliff, I miss you. And oh, by the way, I want you to meet my best friend, Clark. ” The man shifted his gaze from his nephew to the little kid beside him.

The man was dumbstruck when he saw the little boys face and could not utter any word. They both stared at each other as if they both thinking the same.

Why is this child, seems familiar? Have I seen him somewhere? he thought.

Is he my daddy? Clark was contemplating within him. I wish hes my daddy. Lord, please, please.

”Uncle Cliff whats wrong, why are you staring at my friend? ” Tristan asked with a confused look.

”Ahh.. nothing, nothing. Nice to meet you, Clark. I am Cliff. ” He extended his big hands to the child before him. And the child shook hands with him.

”Its a pleasure, sir. ”

He stiffened when the little boys hand was placed on his palm. An overwhelming sensation came suddenly to his senses, which he did not felt ever in his life. He was also amused by how the little boy responded to him. He was about to say something,

”Clark, your mom is here. Come! ” the teacher suddenly


He then hurriedly run after the teacher, then stopped and looked back to his friend and waved.

”Hope to see you again soon, Mr. Cliff. ” Then he ran again.

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