Ingrid reiterated what happened days ago and Liane just listened intently, a bit analyzing the situation and would just nod in response.

”But what Im curious about is the man he met? Who is he? What does he looked like? Why does he look familiar to Clark? Have they seen each other before? Do they look alike? Or is it only Clarks longing to have a father? ” Liane asked curiously, giving her some thoughts to weigh.

”I really have no idea. What Im afraid of is if Clark will be hurt either by expecting too much or for searching too much about his dad. ” She look flustered, ”at the same time I fear that.. That – ” she sobbed.

”Oh sis, dear, don be so anxious over something isn happening. All we have now are just assumptions; we don have anything to prove what we think. I think you and your son should have a heart-to-heart talk and settle this for you and your sons peace. ”

”Will that do? ” Ingrid stared at her bestfriend looking like a helpless child.

”Yes, I think… for now. Youve given your best to raise your child full of love and Ive witness all those things. No ones gonna take your son away from you. ”

”Oh sis… Thank you so much for being here, I feel so miserable because you were away and I have no one to share my struggles. ” Her bestfriend laughed.

”I think its the right time that you should find a man. I am already married, you know. ” she teased. Ingrid just rolled her eyes and wiped her tears. ”Speaking of a man, Frank is meeting his childhood friend today and what Ive heard, hes single and unattached hahahah ”

”Stop right there. I don have time for your silly notions, ” She sniggered.

”Give it a try, sis. ” She loves teasing her until shes pissed off.


In a restobar.

”Ford, buddy, its been a while. How are you? ” Frank hugged his bestfriend the moment he greeted him.

”Still alive and kicking. Hows married life? I apologize if I didn attend your wedding, you know works and everything. Wheres your wife? I am dying to meet her. ”

”Shes visiting her bestfriend, and you know, girls they love to talk and talk. ” His bestfriends lips just shaped 0 in response. For several minutes theyve talked about business, their lives in the past.

”So, when will you be married, Ford? ” His bestfriend just laughed.

”You knew I don have time for that, do you? ” he chuckled.

”You still haven change. But I believed, you haven met your match. ” His friends brows rose.

”Really? Howd you know? Is this effect of honeymoon? ” his friend was amused. Franks demeanor suddenly changed into being puffy and he blushed acting like a man just experienced his first love.

”Hahaha you will know if you find her. ”

He just snorted.

”pfftt.. Oh crap, don start it, Frank, it makes my body hair rise. ”

Frank becomes serious and just stared at his friend and out of the blue a thought came and he grinned mischievously. They continued their talk up until Frank received a call from his wife.

”Where are you now, honey? ” Frank asked.

”Im on my way, are you still with Ford? Ingrid will give me a ride. ”

Frank wants to say something but his wife interrupted, ”Shell just drop me off and would then go Clarks school. ” She giggled.

She knew her husband thought of pairing Ingrid with his friend but its not yet the time.

”You knew me so well, honey. Thats why I love you more every day. ” He chuckled. Liane heard his friend grunted intentionally and she laughed softly.

”I love you more and more. Ill see you in a bit. ”

”Liane, sis, lets go! ”

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