(The J is read as an H. Its Hunco not Junco)


Im Matt Del Junco. The youngest and only Omega son of the Del Junco family. My family migrated from Mexico to the US before my parents were even born and weve lived here ever since as legal, Mexico-US citizens. My family is known for our jewellery company, Del Junco Jewels, which my Dad, left in my name. An Omega. Instead of my three older Alpha brothers, who were okay with me taking over the company as The CEO, which Ill do once I graduate from highschool.

Growing up, I have always been loved and pampered, by both my parents and my brothers. Everyone treated and still treats me, like a fragile child, being, the only Omega in a family filled with Alphas. My brothers are a bit over protective of me, so overprotective that I have to hide my relationship from them because am not allowed to date till I turn twenty-one. Totally ridiculous! Im turning eighteen and in my last year of high school, I think am old enough to date. Ive been in a relationship for over a year now and my brothers know my boyfriend as my lab partner. Ive tried to tell them countless times but whenever I master up the courage to talk to them about it, I cower again like the coward I am. They always have these intense looks on their faces like they
e seeing right through me.

”How are you holding up? ” Travis, my Alpha boyfriend asked. He wants to know if am okay. We buried my Dad, a week ago and I didn come to school or talk to him after everything. I know am a bad boyfriend for avoiding him like that but I needed some space and time. I had just lost my role model, the man I looked up to, I just needed to think.

”Im fine. ” I answered with a fake smile, hoping my pheromones wouldn give me away. We are strolling down the school hallway, heading to our next class, Chemistry. Fuck, I hate that subject. Its all about mixing chemicals and sodium plus this equals that. So stressful and these stupid bodyguards won stop following me .

”You don seem fine. You flat-on ignored me for a full week. No texts or calls or anything. I know your hurt, but am here for you. I know your a Dominant Omega who doesn like sharing his feelings but I want you to know— ”

”That your here for me. ” I cut him off. I know he cares alot about me but hes pissing me off. I told him am fine so why doesn he just change the **ing topic. ”I know. I just needed space and time to think. Im fine now. ” and my saviour, the bell, rung , indicating it was time for my worst subject.

I gave him a peck on the lips and entered the class. Im a backbencher and he sits upfront so we always spend the Chemistry lesson apart. Seconds later, he entered after me and so did the teacher.

I couldn concentrate on the lesson, I had a lot on my mind. After graduation, Im going to start learning about running the company, am not even going to college. Who wants to sit down all day, signing papers and hearing stories about jewels. I just wish one of my brothers would take over so that I can follow my dream, being a famous artist.

”Mr. Del Junco, please report to the principals office. Mr. Del Junco, please report to the principals office. ” the loud speaker announced, interrupting my thoughts. Everyone in the class ooed like as if it was some kind of big deal or anything. ”I wonder what the Omega slut did. ” I heard someone murmur as I walked out.

No matter what we do, us Omegas will always be judged by our second gender. The times might have changed but people won . Omegas might not be considered as property anymore but the other sub genders still look down on us. I might be the son of two wealthy Alphas or the brother of three loving overprotective dangerous brothers but that doesn change the fact that I am indeed an Omega. People of the other sub genders look down on us, refer to us as breeding and pleasure tools.

”Would you guys stop following me? ” I shouted frustratedly. Theyve been following me all day and am already frustrated.

”Im afraid we can do that, Youngest Master. Eldest Young Master instructed us to never let you out of our sight. ” one of the two guys said. Typical Flavio. My eldest brother. Hes the most overprotective of all three and hes also the toughest which isn a surprise since hes a mafia boss and he thinks someone might harm his precious little brother because he has hurt alot of people plus Ive never seen the guy smile.

Freedom?! When will I be free from the three lions guarding me like a cub?

I get to the Principals office and find three familiar muscular backs facing me with no sight of the Principal. What are these guys doing here?

”What do you guys want? ” I ask and that makes them turn to look at me. Flavio, was on the far left , standing with his hands in his pockets. Platinum shoulder-length blonde hair hanging free, green eyes seemingly staring into my soul,pointed nose, thin full lips, broad chest, biceped arms with a white T-shirt -which showed his arm tattoo- and black pants paired with a gold chain, matching watch and brown suede shoes.

Typical gorgeous mafia boss(most overprotective of all) , neither married nor is he in a relationship.

Pablo, the second born, was standing just next to him with his arms crossed. He has the same build but with dark brown eyes, no tattoos, black short hair and was putting on a black suit paired with a silver watch and black pointed shoes.

Typical business man(Should be The Companys heir instead) and hes happily married and has a son.

Manuel, the third born, was standing next to Pablo, leaning against the Principals desk with his hands behind his back. He doesn have the same build as Flavio and Pablo. His muscles are less and his chest isn that broad. He has light brown eyes, no tattoos, thin pink lips, pointed nose, thick black neck-length hair is pushed back and was putting on grey sweatpants and a hoodie with white Nike shoes.

He might not look like much but hes a trained mercenary though hes divorced and has twins.

”We came to take you out. ” Flavio said, his raspy deep voice echoing through the room. ”We know how much you love art and your favorite artist is showing off all his paintings in about three hours. So we came to take you and maybe cheer you up a bit. ” he added making smile. Good bye sodium hydroxide.

”We know how hurt you are by Dads death ” this time it was Pablo speaking as he checked through his pockets and removed two tickets. ”We also know how much you want your freedom. So,this once we won shadow you and you won be followed by bodyguards. ” he added and that made my smile wider.

”Really?! ” I asked, the joy in my voice was clear to my three brothers. I can believe they are going to let me go without bodyguards. Im happy but why do I feel like theres a ut coming.

”Yes, but ” Pablo added, I knew it. ”You won be going alone. Youll be going with Flavios best friend. ”

”Huh? You want me to go with a stranger who is possibly a Mafia boss. Really? ” I can believe they want me to go with someone Ive never met. If the person is Flavios bestfriend, he might be a Mafia boss too. Plus what if he/she is an Alpha, then my pheromones will affect him. Since am a dominant Omega, my pheromones are stronger than a submissives one.

”If you want to go, youll have to go with him. Plus hes not going so that he can protect or watch over you. Hes also a fan of the artist and coincidentally if something happens, he can protect you. ” Flavio tried making it sound less weird to go to an art gallery with a stranger.

”Is he an Alpha? ” I asked, concerned about myself. If my pheromones affect him in anyway and he attacks me, his death will be my fault. Since my brother won let him live.

”Yes, but your pheromones won affect him. ” Flavio answered, which meant he might be a bonded Alpha so my strong pheromones won affect him in anyway. ”and he might be a Mafia boss but hes honest and hes the only person I trust with you other than us and the bodyguards. So just accept and put my mind at ease. ” he added. Though he sounded desperate, his face didn show any desperation or any emotion as always. Seriously, am starting to worry about Flavio. Its like he has facial paralysis.

”Okay, I hate Chemistry anyway. ” I said which made my brothers smile but Flavio. I know he cares a lot about me and he has to put on this tuff face but a smile won hurt.

”Same here, Its all about chemicals and stuff. ” Manuel said, making me chuckle. He always makes me smile. ” Now that I remember, it was my hatred for Chemistry that made me interested in fighting. Thats how I became who I am. ” he added which earned two deadly glares.

”Don give him any ideas. He isn becoming a mercenary. ” Flavio reprimanded him which made me roll my eyes. Like Id become a mercenary.

They shouted at each other for awhile then we left the school, everyone but me left in their own car, even the bodyguards. I left with Flavio. I found my backpack in the back seat of Flavios Porsche. The bodyguards must have gotten it from class. Fuck. I didn see my bestfriend today and hes the reason why I came to school in the first place.

Unlike what I did to Travis, I didn stop talking to him. Hes an Omega too though hes a submissive one. He helped me keep my sanity intact but for the last three days I haven been able to get a hold of him, which is why I came to school.

Unlike me, he doesn have a loving family that accepts him. His parents mistreat him. They let him starve, beat him up, call him names. So, him not picking up my calls, answering my texts and not attending school is a bad thing.

I need to go see him. I can enjoy art knowing full well my bestie might be hurt.

”Flavio. Can we stop by Louis place? ” The it reason why his parents haven chased him out is because of the Omega fund every house in the city that has an Omega gets, which my Dad set up. He really did have a soft spot for Omegas. Don know why and due to present events, I might never know.

”Sure. ”

I just have to check. I just have to make sure hes Okay and if hes not, his parents are gonna know the power of a Del Junco.

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