I tried waking my foolish brother up but to no avail, and, I wanted Louis to sleep well, so I left them to enjoy my bed. My bed is big enough for four people to sleep comfortably but I didn want Flavios pheromones all over me. Its not like I hate Alpha pheromones or something, I just don want anyones scent but mine, all over my stuff or my body, my family inclusive.

I put on black sweats, fluffy white bunny shoes, ran a hand through my still-damp red hair and headed to the kitchen. I hadn realised how hungry I was, till I reached the kitchen counter. There, on the counter, were three of my favorite home (Mexican) dishes, Tamales, Tortas and my absolute best, Pozole de Pollo o Guajolote (Wild Turkey stew). My mouth was watering by the time I sat down next to the food, assuming they left it here for me.

Before I could dig in, I noticed the small note by the Tortas, on reading it, a big smile formed on my lips and I dug in, beginning with the Tamales.

”Knew you would be hungry when you woke up, so I prepared these for you. I know they
e your favourites but don eat everything just because you
e greedy. Save some for later. Love, Mom. ”

Ahhhhhh!! I love my family. I just hope Louis doesn get irritated by them. I really want him to stay. I don want him to get hurt again. I love him like family. Fuck, he is family. Speaking of hurting, I wonder what happened to Mr and Mrs Pierce.


After my meal, I walk into my room thinking I would find Flavio there but he wasn , and neither was Louis. I swear if that paralytic face of his scared away my bestfriend am going to—-

”Matt ” his voice was weak and groggy. Was he crying? I turned to face where the bathroom is, and I saw him. Why do I feel like crying? I can cry. I have to be strong for him. Hes passed through too much, I have to be there for him, his shoulder to cry on, I won just be his bestfriend, Ill be his brother.

He takes slow steps towards me and stops infront of me. In one swift movement, he pulls me into his arms for a hug. ”Thank you. ” he says, judging from his voice, hes on the verge of his tears… am I!! The picture of him lying unconscious, bruised, under an old man is traumatizing. He was so helpless. I hope Mr and Mrs Pierce get what they deserve.

”I don know what wouldve happened if you hadn shown up. ” he cried into my arms, his tears wetting my sweatshirt. I ran my hand up and down his back in a comforting manner and let him let it all out. He cried harder, holding me tightly as if scared of letting me go.

After a few minutes of bawling his eyes out, I pulled out of the hug and stared at him. His dark brown hair was damp since he was from the bathroom, his hazel light brown eyes were lacking their shimmer, his white skin was so pale, he looked like a ghost. His button up nose and unblemished cheeks had a red hue, from the crying.

We sat on the bed in comfortable silence before he asked, ”What happened to my parents? ”he was looking at me with his pure eyes. He still cared for them. After everything theyd done to him. He has the purest heart.

”Flavio is taking care of them. Don worry, he won kill or physically hurt them. Hes more of a mental tormentor. ” I replied, knowing Flavio hed rather hurt himself than hurt any lower blood rank, even a Beta, and he just nodded. Im not going to bring up everything that is eating me up. For now, Ill cheer him up. Ill bring back the smile on his lips, but theres still one question I need to ask.

”Did you wake up alone? ”

”No, Flavio got a call and left. ” he answers with a smile when he mentions Flavio. A minute ago, he was all gloomy and just the mention of Flavio, was enough to make him smile. Something fishy is going on.

”So, you remember the sleeping position you were in with him yesterday? ” I asked him cautiously.

”Hmmm. I panicked when I woke up, being surrounded by Alphas was scary and he helped me. His pheromones calmed me down. ” What? Are we still talking about Flavio? His pheromones are so strong and deadly, how could they calm him down?

”Flavios pheromones? Calmed you down? ” I asked and he nodded. ”Hmmm. Im glad you
e not scared of him, especially now that you
e staying here with me. ”

”Why would I be scared of him? He helped me and his pheromones are sweet. I don how am going to repay your familys kindness. ” he replied with a sad smile. Before I could reply, a sweet familiar voice beat me to it.

”Why would you repay us? You
e practically family. ” Mom said walking in. Shes back. I couldn smell her pheromones, mustve blocked them before coming in. Her wavy black hair was a victim of the wind, her green eyes shining, porcelain skin looking twenty years younger, her face as radiant as ever. For a fifty year old mother of five but four healthy children, she doesn look her age. No wrinkles, sagging skin and no Botox , our family has amazing genes.

”Matt, Dear. Can I talk to Louis in private? ” she asked with a sweet smile. What is she going to say to him that she can say to me? Whatever it is I know Louis will tell me.

”Sure. Is Flavio in his study? ” I need to talk to that paralytic brother of mine. I need to know what he did Louis to make him think his pheromones are sweet. They literally cause choking.

”Hmm. ” she hummed softly. I gave one last glance to Louis before leaving and he had a confused expression. Not scared but confused. Atleast hes not scared of her.

I fished out my phone and ear pods and played some music. Its been a hectic day and Flavios study is at the other side of the mansion. Its gonna be a long walk and music is great distraction.

I was humming my second favorite song Summertime Sadness after Bella Ciaó when I bumped into someone. An Alpha judging by his scent. It was strong. Stronger than Flavios. Way stronger, but it wasn chocking or unbearable like Flavios. It reminded me of home, back in Mexico. It was manly and sweet at the same time. Like a strong cologne made of flowers and lavender with a tinge of sweat. I looked up to see the person with the most amazing scent Ive ever smelt..and.. just like his scent.. He was breathtaking.

Curly naturally red hair tied in a loose man bun, azure blue eyes paired with a pair of slightly thick black eyebrows, thin lashes and pointed nose. His broad chest was trapped in a red V-neck tucked in black jeans and red Snickers. He seemed taller than Flavio, since I only reached him mid-chest. I look a little kid infront of this guy.

His thin lips parted to say something but I beat him to it, with the worst words Id say to a stranger. Due to Lana Del Rey and the bad timing of the lyrics, I uttered, ”Kiss me. ” What The Fuck!!!!! He looked taken aback at first, then, he smirked. Why was he smirking? Before I could take back what I said, I felt a large hand on my waist. He pulled me closer to him, one hand on my waist and another cupping my cheek. Is he really going to—-

His lips touched mine and I swear, I saw fireworks. His scent was so intoxicating and with his lips on mine, I couldn think straight. I placed my hands on his neck, tiptoeing so his neck wouldn hurt cause Im so short when with him and kissed him back.

Our lips and tongues were in sync. Trying to get more of each other. It was a wet and sloppy kiss that had me wanting me more of this stranger. His tongue was everywhere in my mouth, practically sucking the life out of me. He would nibble on my lips then go back to rummaging my mouth.

I don know how long we kissed. We pulled away panting, my face was flushed, lips red, hair disheveled. I was a mess, while he looked absolutely normal.

After the bliss of the best kiss Ive ever had, I realized what he had just done. He kissed me without my consent.

”Y-y-yo-u!! Why did you kiss me?! ”

”Nice to meet you, Matt. Flavios told me a lot about you. Its a shame I couldn make it to the art gallery. ” he said, flashing his pearl white teeth. Flavio? Art gallery? Ohh Fuck!

I just kissed Flavios associate and by associate, I mean bestfriend and probably a Mafia Boss, too.

I hate this day.

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