”So, whatd you wanna talk about? ” I asked Flavio, taking a sip of the sweet Pinot Grigio that went so well with my beef enchiladas. We are currently at a Mexican restaurant called Que Pasa and damn their food is amazing, and this wine..HMMMMMM!!. Okay, I know Im too young to be taking wine but this sweet, white Pinot Grigio goes best with the enchiladas. I just couldn resist.

Enough of the food and back to my mission. Finding out whats happening between my bestfriend and my brother. What if they
e romantically involved? Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Louis can fall for Flavio, he deserves better, like someone affectionate and won expose him to danger. My heart wouldn handle it if Louis got injured….by anyone!!!!!

”Liam told me about your deal. ” Flavio answers, his eyes never leaving mine. Did he also say the fake boyfriend thing?

”Hmm, what about it? ”

”Nothing. Im glad you
e helping him especially since you don like people of our profession and Im glad you trust him. I can ensure you he won touch you. ” So, he only knows that part of the deal, and, Its not like I hate them. I just hate knowing my family has countless enemies and is in constant dangerous situations.

”Its not like I hate them. I just hate the profession. ” I say, glancing at Liam who had an obvious frown on his face. ”and I know he won touch me, ” Ill touch him.

”Great ” Flavio said with a smile. I know the smile was meant to be sweet but it looked super scary to me. He looks like that girl from the Addams family when she tried to smile, super cringey. ”Are you staying home for the weekend? ”

”You expect me to drive three more hours back to college?! Of course Im staying. ”

”A simple yes or no wouldve been fine. ” he said taking a sip of his black coffee. I just simply rolled my eyes and enjoyed my meal.

I occasionally glanced at Louis who was enjoying his Mole Risotto with chicken and avocado puree with passion fruit juice . Looks like spending time with Mexicans rubbed off on him. Hes always peaceful and smiling, I wonder what hes hiding from me.

I was still admiring my friends beauty when I suddenly felt someones eyes on me. Tearing my eyes off Louis, they met with the cold gaze of blue azure ones. Liam was staring at me with a blank expression on his handsome features. The scary look in his eyes didn scare me, instead, it gave me butterflies.

And with the satisfactory of knowing his eyes were on me, I ate my food, in the most seductive way I could think of, like licking my lips after a bite, humming with my eyes closed after taking a sip of the wine then slowly opening them while nibbling on my lips, and of course my actions were successful as the cold gaze turned warm and a smirk formed on his lips.

After late lunch , Louis and I had cake for dessert while Liam and Matt conversed over some business issues. ”Louis, are you spending the weekend home or? ” I asked, taking a bite of the lemon Carlota cake infront of me. Pure ecstasy in my mouth.

”No, I have a lesson tommorow. ” he answers with a frown.

”On a weekend? Thats harsh. ”

”I know. ”

”Well, looks like Im not spending the weekend home, then. ”

”Why is that? ” he asked with furrowed brows and a vanilla cake stuffed mouth. I know we
e both Omegas but hes just so cute, I feel like pinching his cheeks.

”I have to drive you back to the UN. Obviously. ”

”No, no. Its alright. Ill take the bus. ” he said like its the most obvious thing to say. The bus? The BUS?!!!!! Hell No. Theres no way Im gonna let that happen. What if it happens again? What if some Alpha pounces on him? What if he gets hurt again? Just thinking about it makes my heart ache.

”NO! ” Flavio and I yelled in unison.

”Ill take you back ” Flavio said firmly. ”and since I came with Liam. Matt will drive him and I will take Louis back. ”

”No, Ill take him to the UN then come back. ”

” You haven been home in six months and Mom wants to see you, Matt. Infact both of you but since she won be seeing Louis this time, the least you can do is make her happy with your presence. Don be stubborn. ” Arghhh I hate it when he uses Mom to manipulate me.

”If anything happens to Louis, Ill cut you up in pieces. ” I said and looked over to Liam. ”And you Mr. Redhead youll find me in the car. ” and with that I stood up without finishing my cake, said goodbye to Louis and stormed off to my car. Arghhh I should have brought my cake!!

I was so angry and I didn even know why. With Louis keeping things from me, Travis pestering me ,trying to get the perfect Alpha and always trying to ensure Louissafety, Im overwhelmed and tired. Not to forget, college life isn all about parties and making foolish decisions. Being a student is hard but being a detective is way harder. I didn get anything from Flavio or Louis expressions. They didn steal glances at each other nor talked to each other. How am I supposed to find out whats going on between them if I have no leads?

”You seem overwhelmed. ” Its obvious by the sound of the voice who it was.

”I am. Enter I don have all day. ” I said starting the engine as he settled in the passenger seat. I might have a crush on this guy but that doesn mean I like any kind of Alpha pheromones spread all-over my property, and the amount hes releasing is the kind an Alpha releases to mark his territory. ”Could you stop releasing your pheromones? ” I politely asked, driving out the parking lot.

”Do you have a problem with them? ” he asked, seemingly concerned.

”I have a problem with all Alpha pheromones. ”

”You didn seem to have a problem with mine the last time I released them. ” I couldn see his face cause Im a devoted driver but am sure he had a cocky grin on that sculped face.

”I have a problem with Alpha scents all-over my stuff and Id appreciate it if youd stop releasing them in MY car. ” I said emphasizing on the word my .

”Alpha scents, huh?! It seems youve had a lot of Alphas then? ” What the hell is he talking about?

”Of course, I have a family filled with them. ”

”Ohhh. ” Oh God. He thought I was talking about lovers!! Silly Redhead. ”Why do you hate our profession, then? ”

”I don hate the profession. I just don like my loved ones putting themselves in danger. ”

”So you
e technically….scared of it. ” he said his voice fading at the last parts.

”Scared of it? If you grew up in a family like mine, youd know fear is not an option. Im not scared of it, I just don wanna lose another dear one. Ive lost enough. ”

”Hmm. ”

”Where do I drop you off? ” I can believe Im just asking this now, which kind of driver am I?

”To your house. ” Come again?!

”My house?! Why? ”

”Mrs. Del Junco invited me for dinner. ” he said with a cheeky grin. Ahhhh. This guy!

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