Lenovo was a small boy with black hair and always waiting for a chance sprinkling out with his shining light brown eye balls focusing on the wonders around him to disolve the attributes that he wished for .Belonging to a normal family he has the dreams to make his own world where he has the powers to rule the campanions and worlds most accurate rated organizations.lenovo was a boy who loved his parents and really works hard to establish a morally good image through his studies to be a charming part of the life of his parents ..Lenovo has two elder brothers those who were good and reputed students always a proud for their parents , Lenovo loved his family but deep into his heart was something related which always make a believe that he doesn belongs to this world.It was not that he was found of the fantacy stories or his childhood imaginary world has a great impact on his mind ..The reset fiction to the world he dissolved was he has some goosebumps knowing the world he belongs to is not that at all. Making efforts getting ready to accept the normal world he has put his conceptions far behind looking the world accordingly his parents want him to look .Lenovo mostly talks to his dad about the vibes he gets and connection of some other world or exhibiting the chances of the world he thinks of ,but his father always deny to the questions he wanted to be answered to .Lenovo has a close friend named Billy who just lived at the neighbours and they go to school together .He spends his time most of the time with Billy and he was a devoted friend to Lenovo.Being the age of 11 he made his own dark underground lab where he used to do different interesting works he was related to ,mending his things, making innovative games and also keeping safe the memories of his own life.Lenovo was a kind hearted boy who loved to help others and he also get involved in social affairs near the house mostly for kids those who cant beer the things for their ownselves.Lenovo stopped by the market and called Billy to collect some basket of stuffs he has to distribute for the work given to the kids .Billy agreed to join him and they bought a cool stuff for the kids from the market ..Lenovo requested Billy to come with him to the liabrary as well he has to collect some books for the assignment..Lenovo and Billy went to the liabrary and then they came back home with their books .Mr Thomas the librarian was a very generous person and he likes Lenovo because Lenovo always gives a helping hand to him in the library after the school and sometimes when he has his occasionally Library workouts he always was there for Mr.Thomas .As Mr,Thomas was out of the city Lenovo took the advantage and he grabbed a book Mr Thomas always hides from the explorative eyes of the people. He told Lenovo its just an ordinary book but one of his favourite and an old edition which he never wants to lost or disclose to anyone ,but Lenovo knew there was something special about the book and he wanted to have an experiment while Mr Thomas was out of the city ..Lenovo knows the secret place Mr Thomas used to hide the book so it was not a big deal to approach the book .Lenovo just need to find out the hidden truth of the book and wanted to keep it back before Mr.Thomas arrives back. He never discussed the fact even with his closest friend Billy.

He finished his dinner early in excitement just to read the book and went to bed saying goodnight to the family .Sitting on the bed covered with the blanket as it was cold night ,he opened the book but being

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