There had been searching for the east portion ,a magical wall from there was a border line for the world and Nirvana ,beyond the magical wall there was nothing but it was something related to the earth ,Gabriel requested the magical systems and the authorities to give the right to find his horse, Gerald announced the meeting for it , The powerful wizards and witches were called those were on the reputable seats and honours, the way to the world was going to be decided by all the magical powerful beings so if theres a problem the backup must be ready ,Humans had a part of them in magic and had been the part of Nirvana for the magical lessons ,some of them which turned out with evil illusions and plans which disturbed Nirvana ,the bond was going to be resettled but the security measurements were to be taken before the step out ,they wanted to bring the magical powerful horse back as it has the impact to travel centuries in minutes but the proof of being there was just an illusion felt by a child , the outcome of that could be nothing and step to that world can open doors for evils , the conversation got long but Gerald surprised everyone by saying that if there is just one percent chance of the horse being there we will go towards it ,the decision was made ,implementations were being suggested and everybody was ready to beer the circumstances, Gabriel took permission to go by himself as he can recognize the horse ,and also he was powerful to implant the conditions, Gabriel crossed the transparent wall and stepped to the world ,after a long time he was back here ,he belonged to this world once but now he was the part of Nirvana ,He was dressed simply like other humans not to be Identified as some other entity to humans, he roamed around and was looking for the horse ,there was magic accelerator which on the presence of the horse to be near would show the presence of the horse to Gabriel ,he tooba house on rent and started staying there as he knew will be a little difficult to find his horse on quick site .


On the other hand It was announced in the school that Gabriel was out for the magical meetings and perspective of school activities and will join if after some time, the school was going on ,regularly with the visions and thinking capabilities the practice of the believe for students was not being that easy , Noah was roaming around after the school ,he totally spend his time with learning when his friends caught him up by making strange voices to him, He was delighted to see them , as there were practices to do after the school too ,they quite were not available for each other some time .Hey guys whats up how was the practice going ,they kept on calling the visions to each other and they three were brave to be magicians, they wanted to be the part of it , Gael told him about beelzebub the boy being smarter and trying to impress professors ,hes sharp but the thing is he thinks hes everything he want to be ,Ahan let him enjoy being the king of his own world ,they laughed while students looked at them , Gael put in notice to Noah that something strange is going on ,according to beelzebub his father told him that there is something going on which is quite different and private , Ahan Noah was feeling that ,but he just listened to them and was quite ,


Professor Gabriel was staying in a house with 5 members along there ,having a beautiful young girl named Jessica who was intelligent and helpful to all ,Gabriel told then he is a professor and he just moved in for the purpose of a research ,The family was delighted to have him and he was sooner a good friend of Jessica ,he wanted to be social to gather the knowledge about the people living there ,mostly he visits the sites and then he was particularly the part of the house ,they call him for the lunch and dinner with then ,they were good people as the father of Jessica was a good business man and travels around, her mother was a house wife while loves to cook. her sandwiches and cookies were loved ,Jessica had one elder sister and a younger brother ,she loved to tease her brother ,her sister was busy with her university tracts and friends was growing and won give much time at home ,Jessica love to go to college tease and play with her brother ,help her mother ,she love to do gardening and now she had time with Gabriel ,she told him about all the neighbours and there works the young girls and about her college ,she told him mostly about everyone around the street ,both of them sometimes taking brute his younger brother for a walk in the evening and she always discuss about everyone and everything Gabriel wanted to know ,still no success, Gabriel was waiting for something to pop up,


Noah was thinking the all night what was the suspence ,a voice just came from nowhere ,Mr.Patholic believe in yourself and whatever you want will be more easy, yes why I didnot think of it , he went near the window and opened the window ,the moon was on front of him ,he closed his eyes and took a deep breathe ,no wonder I want to feel Mr.Gabriel ,he was in his feelings of the ray of moonlight when the Rays of his mind clashed the fine rays of moonlight ,on a sudden spark he saw a beautiful face smiling and talking ,she was winking and talking to Mr.Gabriel ,only then his eyes opened ,Mr Gabriel was not in the school it was a place different from Nirvana ,people were different around and that girl ,what a pure beauty ,he never have seen someone so pretty being so simple without any magical powers ,he felt her she was insane , his heart was beating fast ,he just saw the beautiful face of a girl who he was attracted to , his heart beat for a girl ,it was not like Noah was not interested in girls but not for those who were glimsy, makeuped and were not real , those without charm and just attention seekers.


Gabriel went to a walk without Jessica ,she was to her friends house for a birthday party ,Gabriel didn ”t wanna waste time, Gabriel walked much more than he used to walk with Jessica ,suddenly he realized there was a hill point there with a hill station there,he never got to know about the place neither Jessica told her ,Maybe she forgot to ,He visited the station was quiet and cooler place than the town down there , It was filled with beautiful big houses with red bricks and there were not much houses there , He walked around to see something different or caughtable , when he noticed that in front of a house the gadget was buzzing with a sound, ahan strange so here you are ,he applied his magic to see whether what was going on inside , he saw a black smoke in the house and also the presence of his horse was getting closer now , Gabriel took the pictures of the house and get the pictures to the Gerald ,he wanted to have a guidance too from the magical place for the agreement. Gerald told him its a black smoke theres something bad be careful with things and not to be in hurry ,you are powerful and can lead to the effect , Gabriel went back and waited for Jessica , After she arrived Gabriel put her attention towards the hill side houses ,she tapped her head and sat in front of him oh did you go there , its a place not much visiters are told to go over there , a man supposed to lived there he was used to pull over the magic circus but then another man replaced him because he was powerful and knows magic ,also he had a beautiful horse which Id very strong and he flies tho ,people says its a fake but then I saw it with my naked eyes ,Its a beautiful horse Mr.Gabriel and it really flies ,what a beautiful wings it has ,the day I saw the horse I got to know there is magic in real life too ,its not only in cartoons or films ,Mr.Gabriel smiled and looked at her, now can I see the horse too you created a charm in me for that horse ,No no but that man is dangerous,he never let anyone go near the house or the horse , then how did you saw it , I went to his house once ,we had a bet me and my friends but he was not there and I saw the horse ,I told my friends about it but they didn believe in me. then one of my friend went there to confirm but she was never came back ,after a while police recovered her dead body from the jungle. I think thats what the man shows is ,The man is very decent in front of others but he has a circus he runs, and earns a lot just because of that horse , and he knows magic too . Ooh thats far concerned you know much about him ,why don the police arrest him, they don know his real face, and forget about that horse , you can never see it. ooh ok ok you created suspence about it by telling the beauty of that horse ,its ok ,its better to live than to die , Gabriel told her he wanted to rest now ,and he prepared himself for the things he needed to be done for the operation .


Noah after the class went to his friends I want to know whats going in here ,let go to the professor room to search for something, they hiding went to the professor room ,Noahs friend waited outside to see if someone comes, Noah went in the room it was a simple but door was magical ,Noah knew about it before so it was not an issue about it ,Noah entered the room and was looking here and there for something when he felt the knocked of his friends ,he understood somebody is there ,Mr.Febroel was there ,he was in a quick mood, he just clicked on the wall it opened like a big screen ,Noah was hiding and seeing it ,Mr Gabriel was standing on the screen ,ok Mr Gabriel what do you need , just provide me the magical herbs i wanted for the purpose of the spell breakage , i have found the horse and also Noah felt correct its here but something wrong is going on , I need to find out our enemies, be ready for the secret operation .I will be doing it today night , Noah saw the girl coming near Gabriel ,Mr Gabriel are you fine now you got tired ,Yup dear Jessica can I have some coffee ,sure let be bring it for you ,just in two mints ,she went outside ,Gabriel was gone ,Feberoel was preparing for the herbs Professor told him ,He left the room when Noah came out ,he took a breath and was out of the room .He now got it that whatever he felt was not an illusion it was the way to the horse ,the horse was real ,Mr Gabriel was in the world , They three left from there and went out to the school ,Then they all have a couch in Noahs room , Noah told them what had happened .


Gabriel went out after 12 towards the hill side with full preparation he was now ready to face the devil ,He went near the house and cast a spell to know the inner position of the house ,there was a man inside who was talking to someone,when Gabriel entered the room he just called out loudly, I have your hold just be narrow and bend so I know that you are not in a position to fight , Welcome Gabriel I have been waiting for you from so long ,it took you so long to be here , What took you so long to cross the border line , Gabriel was shocked he was known to him ,and was waiting for him , Gabriel looked in the front to see who was he ,at the shocked of it his eyes were wide opened, You? °~Å~°

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