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Early Events

I remember watching a sci-fi movie once. It was getting so much hype so I thought I should check it out. Though I didn really enjoy the movie, the concept behind the movie was very fascinating. It revolved around the idea of your common place multiuniverse.

According to this theory: There are infinite versions of you in infinite parallel Universes. Every version of you makes different choices in life so their lives are a little to a lot different from each other. You can be a rich brat in one dimension & and roadside thug in another.

Now the plot was that some mysterious power opened a portal between the universes. Now you can travel between the universes and blah blah blah. That movie was really boring. The only interesting part was that if you ever meet an alternative version of yourself, don touch them ever. Cause if you do, the whole universe can explode or purge.

This theory is the only thing that comes to mind when I think about science. It ain gonna help me in tomorrows exam is it?

I decided to slam my notebook shut and go to sleep as I was o

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