ME & I

A Suicide Vlog

”Something isn right. ”

I just woke up. But I am not in my room. This room is completely dark. I can see anything. But I am certain it isn my room somehow. I got up and tried to find a light switch. My legs kept stepping on stuff lying all over the floor. Its a rather messy room. I started mapping the walls with my hands when suddenly I hit the switch board. I started pushing random buttons and finally the light turned on. The whole room lit up.

”Woah. Have I been kidnapped? ”

The room is so messed up you would start vomiting at the sight alone. Then I moved my eyes to the spot I was lying just a few moments ago.

”Is that a star, no a some constellation sign? ”

Some patterns were painted red color.

”Wait..Its color right? ”

I went closer to take a closer look.

”No No No, It can be. Am I about to get sacrificed?. ”

It was blood. I panicked so hard and started shaking the door recklessly. I wanted nothing more than to leave this place right now.

Of course the door wouldn open. Who is stupid enough to leave the door open for me to escape. I am not tied up is different matter.

”What the hell. Its locked from inside. ”

I noticed it a few moments later. I quickly opened the door and found a staircase going downwards. I started climbing down the stairs as fast as possible but quietly. It was day time a light was coming in through the windows. How come there was no one else in the house. The main door was also locked from inside. I was just about to leave the house when I noticed something. A photo frame mounted on the wall. It was a picture of a zoo trip & It had me in it. Not just me but my parents too.

”I don remember taking a picture like this. ”

Do they use this photo to identify me or something? But why frame it then? And why was I wearing glasses? My eyes are good enough. Beside the photo there was a message board. It had a message.

”I have left your breakfast in the refrigerator. I will be late today, so buy the dinner. ”

There is no one else in the house. Who was this message meant for? Why do I feel like I remember this handwriting?

There was no time to waste. I removed the photo from the frame and left the house.

I couldn understand where I was so I decided to go to the nearest police station. For some reason or the other, I felt a strange familiarity in the surroundings. How did I know where the police station was? But I found it subconsciously.

”How may we help you young lady? ”, said a middle cop. Who looked terribly similar to the grocer I go to all the time.

I decided not to tell them the whole deal cause I don want my parents to worry about me. I have seen in so many movies that when you tell the cops what misfortunes have fallen upon you with utmost accuracy, the first thing they do is laugh. Then they show pity and worry about your mental health. If you keep persisting, theyd get angry and tell you to stop wasting their time and such.

”I happened to lose my way home by pure happenstance. Could you tell me where Weekend Avenue is? ”

”Do you live there? Or you wanna visit someone. ”

”I live there. ”

”Since you
e a minor..hmm lets see. Whats your parents number? ”

I didn think It was a good idea to involve my parents but If I protested he would be bound to get the wrong idea that I might be running away from home or something. ”

”Its xxxxx74927. ”

”Okay let me get through. ”

He dialed the number and put the receiver on his ear. After a few seconds he made a displeased look.

”Look Miss we are busy with work you see. Please tell me your real number, for this one does not exist. ”

I had checked the keys he was pressing so I was sure he didn make any mistakes. Nor had I.

”Must be some network issue. Guess what I will go, find my way myself. Thank you for your time. ”

I started getting up but he gestured to me to sit down.

”Lets do a quick check first. Are you registered in the Index? ”

”I am afraid I am. What about it? I don need that for asking my way, do I? ”

”Just wait a second, Miss we don wanna bother you. Just put your thumb impression on this and well let you go. ”

Index is like an Identification Network. Our fingerprints and iris scans are taken at time of birth at hospitals to help identity related stuff etc. I didn see any harm in that so I placed my thumb on that greenish blue scan they had presented.

”Oh I see. ”, he was looking at the monitor, ”Your registered address is just two blocks away. Why would you wanna go to Weekend Avenue? You even said you live there, whats this about? ”

I didn believe him for a second.

”Could I take a look too? ”

”Please ease your doubt. We aren trying to deceive you. ”

I rose from my seat and leaned towards the monitor. I saw my Info printed there. The first thing I noticed was my picture. Even though it was me, I looked somewhat different.

”Wearing glasses again huh? ”

The address was indeed wrong too, so were the phone numbers.

”Its not my info. ”

”Its associated with your thumb impression. Index is a perfect system, no error has been found till date. ”

This officer was babbling nonsense or was he trying to trick me.

”Oh my house is just around the corner you say. Guess I will just go there. Thank you for your help. ”

I rose again but he gestured me again.

”No you can go like that, we are gonna have to call your parents now. We have the correct number now. ”

Tsk. I clicked my tongue. Just what was happening. He started dialing. I wonder who was he calling my Dad or Mom?

”Officer, do you happen to have a brother in Weekend Avenue who works as I grocer. ”


”She is coming. Be a good girl and wait. ”

”I am 16 years old, you know. I am not a child that you ought to call my parents for something so small. I was just asking for directions. ”

”But you lied to me, twice, ”

Tsk. I shut my mouth and waited patiently. The officer started smoking. And doing his things. I wonder what mom would say about this, all this time I behaved perfectly well and now I summoned her to the police station. I hope she isn in a bad mood or shell scold me to death.

A car stopped about 2 hours later. I was hungry & bored but the wait was finally over I assumed, as I saw My mother getting off the car. Whose car though? Some colleagues?

She entered and locked her eyes at me.

”Oh my what could have happened dear, forgive me for I couldn come sooner.

She embraced me in her arms so tight. I could smell her hairspray. It smelled nice. She was so warm.

Whats happening? I don remember the last time she hugged me, so lovingly like that.

”I-I am okay. I choked on my words as I thought Id cry already. ”

She released me and confronted the officer.

”What exactly happened to her? ”

”She was asking me for directions to Weekend Avenue. She said she lived there. When I asked her for your phone number she lied about it too. ”

”The Weekend Avenue Oh my why would you want to go there. That place is….Wait lets talk some other time. Are we free to go officer? ”

”Yeah sure you can leave. ”

She grabbed my hand and took me to the car standing at the gates.

”By the way Mom. Whose car is this. ”

”Hmm? Your Dads? Have you forgotten? ”

Dads car? Dads? Dad?

When was the last time I saw him? I didn know he had a car. I wonder how hes doing. Hey wait a second.

”Are you talking with him now? ” I said as I got inside the passenger seat.

”What do you mean we talk all the time? He talks about you a lot too. ”

He does? My dad talks about me. Huh wait.

”You mean you call him daily or what. I thought you hated each other. ”

”Why would I ever hate him? He is a loving husband and a great dad won you say. ”

Husband? Did I hear it right? Am I having a dream?

”Hey mom, does dad happen to live with us? ”

”Of Course he does, whats gotten into you today, sugar. Have you been playing some prank on me? ”

She talks so lovingly. She can be my mom. My dad never married my mom & they hated each other. I was not allowed to see my dad. My mother only ever scolded me. Thats the truth of the matter. You can make me believe otherwise. What does she mean I am acting weird?

”We are here. You have keys, go open the gate. ”

”I looked out of the window and saw the same house I had woken up in. It all started there. I saw our photo there too. So this indeed is my own house huh.

”Sorry mom I may have lost the keys. ”

Ill see if she is a fake or something weird has happened to my brain. But for now lets play along. More than anything I wanna see my Dad.

”Oh no problem my dear, wait for me at the gate I will park the car first. ”

She parked the car somewhere and opened the door. It was pitch black until she turned on the lights. We walked in.

”Have you eaten? ”

”Yeah. ”, I lied.

”Okay go take a bath and go to sleep. I have some work to do. ”

”You wrote youd come late today. Did you miss some important work because of me? ”, I asked.

”Oh dear, work is indeed important but I always keep family first. ”, she patted my head.

”I am sorry.. ” I whispered.

”Go now, its already late. ”

I didn know where the bathroom was. But I figured it out. Now that I think about it. If I were to be sacrificed. They would want me to have a bath right. Maybe she is a fake, posing like my mother. I shouldn trust someone like that but, I don have anywhere else to go.

I made sure to lock the door while I was bathing. Checked the water, the shampoo and everything that could be used to unconscious me. I bathed safely and put on one of the bathrobes hung there. It had my name written on the label so I fancied it was mine.

I walked slowly so as not to draw any attention. She was in one of the rooms. I could hear faint clicks of the keyboard from there.

My room is the one on the upper floor. I assumed it was the case because I happened to notice some things youd only see in a teenagers room while I was there.

Slowly I climbed up. There was a circle made of blood there. I can be too careful on this one. I need to do something.

I opened the door to remember I had left the lights on. It was once again amazed at the mess made inside the room. Nothing was where it should to except for the bed. I carefully made my way to the bed & made sure it didn have any blood marks.

”If I don figure out what was happening soon, I might have to clean this mess myself. What a pain. ”

I looked around curiously to find something that would give me the clue to begin my investigation. And I found the perfect thing.

A laptop. I had to lean a lot to the right while holding the wall for support to acquire it.

Lets see A gaming laptop huh. First time I have seen something like this. It had a face lock for the lazy people. One could fool it with a photograph or so, but in my case my own face happened to work just fine. Does this mean it was my laptop? How come I don remember anything?

I started checking. The storage was password protected so I couldn get in but I managed to open the browser. About 143 tabs were open. Damn gaming laptops are sure something. Most of the sites were..what do I say.. pornography. I am a pornography addict too huh? Others were forums and online chats. Then finally I found the thing I needed.

A SNS blog. The latest entry had a picture of some bridge. Surprisingly, I was also in the picture. The time stamp was 13 mins ago. How can I be at two places at the sametime? This glasses girl, is she a fake…or was I the one who was fake.

The most eye-catching thing was the caption though. It read.

”Found the perfect place to die.

Hope the fish don eat my eye. ”

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