ME & I

Server Opens At Midnight

I checked some of her previous posts, but couldn really believe what I perceived. This girl, who was by no chance me, was stupid enough to believe some dark website and performed a shady ritual which included making this circle with her own blood to summon a hero for whatever reason she had in mind.

Now at first glance youd think what bullshit is this? But seeing, I really got here and I was lying on that circle and everything is strange here & my mom loves me here, this seemed the only explanation. I was still a bit hesitant though. I have trust issues you may say.

To be sure, I checked the internet & found that the most used search engine was something called Google. First time I heard it but thats not proof of anything. I did some searches like, First president of UN, World Wars, Global Warming etc.

All the results conflicted with my knowledge.

Lets not be so suspicious here.


If I waste my time in denying or doubting my situation I can get in trouble. I have to accept things fast to avoid trouble.

”Looks like Ive been transported to some alternative universe. ”

That was the truth of the matter. If I am wrong, I d find out eventually. For the time being lets play along.

First lets stop this psychopath from dying. Not that I cared about her one bit. Even if she was me, the stuff I saw on her laptop was beyond creepy. I rather keep my distance. But saving her is a necessity since my hearts so big.

”The ritual l was a flop, guess Ill just die. ”,

shed written this in one of her posts. The circle may not have worked instantly but she should have been a little patient. I got here eventually didn I? If I tell her I was here she might cancel her plans.


A notification popped in-

I played it to find she was gonna do a live show of her suicide.

”Is she for real? ”

Posting something like that without not caring what would happen if her parents were to see this. Theyd have a cursed memento for the lifetime.

”All she wants is likes. ”

I knew that was the case because she kept posting so much attention seeking stuff…well lets talk about that later.

”What should I do? ”, I giggled.

I wasn panicking at all for some reason. It was all too unreal for me. I barely believed anything and in this playful feeling I made a post, just like she had done, to tell her that I am her. I waited for the exact same moment while she was about to jump for dramatic effect.

In her life video her face twisted into confusion and a few seconds later. I received a VC on the laptop. I picked it up and waited for her to speak. At first she did the same but then.

”Are you the real deal or what? ”

Her voice was also similar but not entirely the same.

”Didn you see the proof? ”

”Some basic photoshop & hacking skills are required for that, are you a stalker or what? ”

”I dunno what photoshop is but I assure you I am real. And I am terribly angry too, so please come here at once. Id like to clear things up. ”

”w.. ”


I disconnected the call before she could speak anything. I never liked when people did not trust me. It was her who called me here. She better take responsibility.

I closed the laptop and started waiting for her.

She better hurry or Id fall asleep.


My eyes opened to a clacking sound. Someone had opened the window and was climbing up. I got a little scared and hid under the blanket. I covered my face too. The person jumped in and closed the window. I heard a click of some kind too.

”Hey you sleeping or what? ”

I heard the same voice and perceived that my guess was correct. I pulled off the blanket and looked at the person sitting on the chair beside the study desk. A teenage girl with short hair and large glasses on. Her figure on the thinner side & dressed in a tracksuit. Her eyes were also locked on me. Suddenly a smile formed on her face as if she was done with her suspicion.

”I can believe that shitty circle really worked and boy looked at you, aren you a cutie. ”

Her voice was half happy and half amazed. She looked genuinely surprised.

”We have the same face, I daresay. ”

She stood up and approached me walking rather clumsily. Stepping on stuff & clothes alike.

”Oh no that is not the case, believe me, your face looks so lovely and this well kept hair is so.. ”

She came too close to my face and almost touched my hair but I reflexively put the blanket in between and got behind it.

”I don think touching each other is a good idea, who knows the world might.. ”

”Purge? Your universe also has that theory huh. Guess some things are everywhere. ”

She took a few steps back and then suddenly jumped on the bed. Her face landed on my chest. I impulsively shoved her away but ended up touching her.

”eeeeeek. ”

I scream but she covers my mouth with her hands. I struggled a little but hey, the world didn purge.

”Don believe everything you see on the internet. ”, she stroked my hair lightly.

”I don want to hear that from you, anyway could you get off me. I am super angry at you, you know. Its no joking matter.

I shoved her aside and gave an angry look.

She started getting up slowly but then collapsed again.

”I came here running to see you know, I am tired. We will talk tomorrow. ”, she said, closing her eyes.

”Hey wait… ”

She had already fallen asleep. Whats with this situation?

I am to sleep in this messy room with my creepy alternative self in another universe.

”I hope I wake up from this shitty dream. ”

I said as I adjusted myself in the little space shed left for me.

”Sheesh! Atleast take off your glasses before sleeping

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