”She is so beautiful ”, Marc thought, ”how can a person be so enchanting ”. Marc smiled and asked Luna, ”tell me about your family ”. Luna tucked her hair behind her ears and said: ”well there is nothing much to tell, my fathers work always kept him busy and away from us, he is in the surgical instruments business and, my mother was a dermatologist ”. Marc hesitated ” was a dermatologist? ” Luna kept silent for a moment but since she felt she could talk to Marc about anything because of his dreamy eyes that kept promising Luna to feel safe around him, she told him, ”she left us to get married again, its been 11 years now. My father never loved her, so he was not even bothered by her absence, but it affected me deeply… ”, Luna stopped talking and saw Marc looking into her eyes, ” you should have stopped me, Ive been talking for hours now ” Marc took her hand, caressed them gently and said, ”I could listen to you talking for months if you don mind ”. Luna laughed and took her hands away, ” so tell me something about your family now! ”. Marc leaned back with his hands on his face, ”ahh! there is nothing to tell you. I grew up in an orphanage, and when I turned 18 they threw me out. After 5 years I went back with some money to donate, but there was no orphanage. The neighbors told me that they went out of funds. As I was going back to my apartment, I saw a young girl sitting on a broken toy bicycle outside the building, she had no idea who she was or who were her parents. So I took her with me, and that is how I made my own family, me and my sister Quincy Cavendish.

As Luna was about to thank him for sharing such an intimate story with her, the flight attendant said, ”please fasten your seat belts we are about to land ”. Luna smiled and said, ” well it was nice meeting you ”. Marc hurriedly asked her, ”maybe we can meet for dinner? tomorrow, 8 pm sounds good? ”. Luna thought, ”tomorrow I have to be at the auction, God I finally met this amazing man who is asking me out and Im busy ”. ” I sincerely apologize Marc but I have to be somewhere ”. Marcs face had this painful look, ”ok how about the day after tomorrow? ”. Luna felt helpless since she was only in Paris for one day, ” Ill be in new york by then ”. Marc took a deep and breath said, ”I was hoping to spend some time with a wonderful person like you. But it seems like our fate wants us to be apart from each other ”.

As the plane landed, Luna looked at Marc wanting him to stop her but he took his luggage and left. ”Why is this happening to me? I should have asked that lady to sit in her seat, I shouldn have said yes to her ”. There was a sudden rage in Lunas heart. ” I hope this ring is as amazing as Cleopatra herself ”.

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