That is the world of Vernoda people who lived in that world are called be Rustlers they don know what is Electricity is they even don know what is Fuel powered vehicles are almost that world is divided into 13 parts. Glenmark is one of them that country has a uniqueness where most of the Gold is found in that country half of Rustlers are richest people ”Jason Staford ” is also one of them he was born in ”6-Tishri-1484 ” in Viverrin city Brim State. He was a Gold Murchat his father name is ”Tuomo Viho Staford ” his mother name is ”Matilda Evy Staford ” his younger sister name is ”Fabrienna Eldoris Staford ” his family were killed by Lord Nemophilist. His wife name is ”Elizabeth Ana Staford ” Jason has endless wealth but he didn have childrens he was very upset about that thing Elizabeth made a decision that she wanted to adopt someone and went Jason to share her decision. That time Jason was standing by the east window in his room looking at the childrens who are playing outside next Elizabeth walked over to Jason and observed from the behind WHAT JASON WAS DOING? She saw the scene what Jason saw she was so devastated in her mind. Mrs. Staford – Sorry, Jason. As soon as he heard those words Jason turned back and looked at Elizabeth and said. Mr. Staford – You need not apologize to me. Mrs. Staford – Jason, I need to talk to you about one thing. Mr. Staford – What? Mrs. Staford – Im lost my belive that we should adopt a Girl. Mr. Staford – Really, raise a girl. Mrs. Staford – Yes. Mr. Staford – I wanted to talk about this but Im fail. Mrs. Staford – You, have no objection? Mr. Staford – No, tomorrow Ill bring a beautiful girl for you and get ready to play with her. Next day morning a COBVAN came to the house of Staford (cobvan means horse cart) the whole Cobvan was made up of VETERUM WOOD that wood is sturdy wood in the Glenmark the vehicle was large and had comfortable chairs to seat about 80 people. The vehicle runs with the help of 5 Horses those five horses are belongs to Carbomomoreto Race these horses are 10,000 times stronger than normal horses. Mr&Mrs. Staford rushed out of the house where they were staying and climbeb into the cobvan the conductor approached those and asked. Conductor – where to go sir? Mr. Staford – To the ELLITO ORPHANAGE. Then Conductor gave them tickets and left from there the Cobvan departed from there were only four Rustlers in that Cobvan Elizabeth happiness has gone out of control. That orphanage were located north direction Atrat City exactly 45 minutes laters they reach that orphanage Mr&Mrs. Staford out of the cobvan. They were greeted by 50 Rustlers in front of them later Mr&Mrs. Staford went into the office room together Temeluchus Mayfly stood up when she Staford family. Temeluchus – Im so glad your here please make yourself comfortable. Next Staford family sitting in the chairs opposite her. Mrs. Staford – I think we should adopt a girl. Temeluchus – I really liked your idea one minute. She took a book from a dusk under her table and put it on the table. Temeluchus – That book contain the names and details of girls and boys decide for yourself which Girl you want? Mrs. Staford took the book and started reading the names of girls in her mind she came to the end of the book just then Mrs. Staford saw a beautiful girl when she saw the girl she started feeling like her daughter Mrs. Staford showed the photo page of the girl to her husband. Mr. Staford – This girl is so beautiful I really like her. Mrs. Staford – Where are the details of this girl? Temeluchus immediately picked up the book and saw that girl photo. Temeluchus – Please, excuse me both of you this girl isn good for your daughter because she doesn talk to anyone. Mrs. Staford – No, problem when I seeing this girl made me feel like my daughter I want her. Mr. Staford – Think once, Elizabeth. Mrs. Staford – There is nothing more to think about it she is just my daughter. Temeluchus – Mrs. Staford, if any problem comes up I don care. Mrs. Staford – Okay, Madam. After the three get up and go closer to the girl room that girls room is on 4th floor room no.170 eventually Temeluchus opened the door next those three rustlers went into that room together at that moment the girl was sitting in a chair and she was thinking. Temeluchus – Myra, what are you doing? Myra – I was thinking if I should live (or) die. Those guys were shocked to hear that answer. Temeluchus – Myra, you must live because your parents came for you. Myra – I have no parents and you find me outside of this orphanage. Mrs. Staford – what you said is true but you want the love of parents at this age, Tell me what would be good if their love grew without knowing it? Myra – I don need anyones love just get out. Mrs. Staford came walking and sat on her knees opposite to Myra and hugged her. Mrs. Staford – I love you, Myra. Whenever I saw your photo I decided that your my daughter please accept me under your mother she was so happy to hear that. Myra – Mother, your really nice. Mrs. Staford – Now, your name is ”Myra Emma Staford ” Mrs. Staford stood up and put her hand on Myras head and said. Mrs. Staford – You make a good decision and pack everything you need we will be waiting below. Next they came out of the room and walked to the ground floor. Temeluchus – I can belive this many people came to adopt that girl but everyone looked her and feld fear. how did you do that? Mrs. Staford – That secret I will tell you later, how old Myra right now? Temeluchus – 10 years old. Mr. Staford – That means her life is going to change after 3 years. Mrs. Staford – Im so glad Im going to be a mother. Mr. Staford – Im happy too, do you know any thing about Myra parents? Temeluchus – No, but there is a book which is belongs to her but all papers in the book were empty only one paper had her name and date of birth. Mrs. Staford – What is the date of birth Myra? Temeluchus – 6-shevat-1502.

before i die i complete this book there are 7 book avaliable.

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