Next they reached the ground floor Temeluchus went into her office room and started searching for the book which is belongs to Myra Mr&Mrs. Staford both sit on a bench on the ground floor and wait for Myra. No, matter how much money they have always try to stay simple life the rustlers who worked in that Ellito Orphanage they were amazed at the their method Mr. Staford net worth is 18 Billion Gold Bits. Later, Myra walked from the fourth floor to the ground floor and she brought her things along with her Mrs. Staford got up and approached Myra. Mrs. Staford – Did you get all the things you need? Myra – Yes, mother. Mrs. Staford sit on her knees in front of Myra kissed her. Mr. Staford – Show your love after we going home. Mr. Staford never seen his wife like that Temeluchus came there and give the book. Temeluchus – Myra, you are going to start a new life be a good girl. Those Rustlers walked out of the orphanage as they were walking it felt like a family to Temeluchus, Eventually they reached home Myra was stupor to see that house because Myra counldn see that kind of house. Myra – Father, are you rich? Mr. Staford – Yes, but small change in that is US now you are also a member of this family now your net worth is 18 Billon Gold bits. Next, Staford family went into their house together after going inside, Myra was surprised to see the scene on the left and right side of the living room there are most expensive furnitures immediately Myra ran over and sat on one of the furniture to the right side. Mr. Stasford – Myra went and saw how many rooms there were in the house. Myra – Yes, father. Mrs. Staford – Your, room is located on the right upstaris which is the last room. Immediately Myra got up from there and went upstaris looked where her room is after Myra is left Mr&Mrs, Staford they are talking each other. Mr. Staford – Madam Temeluchus give a book right? Mrs. Staford – yes, Jason. Mr. Staford – Give, the book to me. Elizaabeth pulled out the book from her bag and gave it to Mr. Staford after the book Mr. Staford went into the room to his left and closed the doors. There was no workers at that day Mr. Staford made the room specially for him. Mrs. Staford on the other hand went into the kitchen and started cooking Myra reached her room she felt happy to see that room everything in that room was made up of an expensive wood called Carbomonoreto this wood is found only in the ”Palisure Forest ” there are four types of chairs. There was a large bed in front of her adjacent to that bed were two tables left and right Mr. Staford who went into that room hasn come out yet Mr. Staford examining the book given by Temeluchus after a thorough examination of the book. Mr. Staford discovered that was two papers at the end of the book were GULED each using his intelligence he split the two papers what is written in those papers is ”Myra, please forgive me I don want to change you as Evil Goddess this your father God of Destruction I really love you, so much please raise her nicely ”. That is written in that book Mr.Staford had a suspicion that it was written by a male (or) female there is no name of the person who wrote it.

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