Myra – why get there mother? Mr.Staford – You will know after going there. Later the Staford family came out of the house A mini cobvan is wating for them outside of the house next they climbeb that mini cobvan the cobvan began to move from their house. FAILBRETT VEND is located west direction of the brim state that area is the great place of bows. Finally they reached that vend Myra was suprised to see that vend in front of her. There are grat bow shops on the left and right they walked along without going into any of the shops Myra didn understand why her parents doing that. They went into an abandoned shop on the left that was a last shop the shop was build in 1040 year after that Myra inspected the whole shop thoroughly and found this every item was too old in that shop. An old man sit in a chair he was writing something in a book his name is ”Kamael Caphziel Ragdoll ” his parents name is ”Tihalt Izaak Ragdoll ” (father) ”Fortunata Irnes Ragdoll ” his wife name is ”Valeria Ludmila Ragdoll ” his sons name is ”Balduin Manico Ragdoll ” he was born on ”9-Iyar-1420 ”. Ragdoll – why did you come here Mr.Staford?Mr.Staford – My daughter wants a great bow such a great bow can only be found near you. Ragdoll stand up there are many types of boxes on the cupboard Ragdoll pulled a box out of the fifth set on that cupboard he put the box on his table he stood up opposite to Myra. Ragdoll – what is your name? Myra – Myra Emma Staford Mr. Ragdoll. Ragdoll – come here, and open the box on this table. Myra walked over and opened the box when she opened the box she saw a beautiful batch it was made of gold on the batch is written ”Brisk Bow ” name she didn understood . Ragdoll – well, I choose the great bow this is the gift I gave you day three days later one bow comes to your house. Mr.Staford – how much this bow worth? Ragdoll – 40,000 Gold Bits. Those two beauties was shocked to hear that but he ignored it and immediately pulled out a bag of Gold Bits and put it on the table Ragdoll took their details of where they were staying. After Staford family gone from there Exactly 3 days later a man came to their house that man contain a large box with him. His name is Balduin later he just, walked over to the house and knocked an the door the door was opened by Sabriel. Sabriel – Who are you? Balduin – I came from a shop called Adieu Ultimate Shop of Bows I came here to give a bow to Ms.Staford. Sabriel – Come inside. Balduin went into that house and he pulled the box next to him and put it on the floor next, he sitting in a chair in that hall and waiting for Myra there, is a table in front of him just then Myra came out of the working room to his left he immdiately get up and turn into Myra. Balduin – Are you Myra Staford? Myra – Yes, who are you. Balduin – My name is Balduin I came from the Adieu Ultimate Shop of Bows, the reason I came here is because I handover your bow to you. He sat on his knees in front of the box opened the box and pulled the Brisk Bow out of it Balduin got up and took the brisk bow in his hand and put it in Myras hand. Balduin – This bow isn a ordinary bow its very powerful bow whatever my father does will surely would be a great task. Myra – What does that mean? Balduin – You will know before it? After Balduin left from Viverrin City where she and her parents live in it was the city of Billionaries it consider as a third richest city in Brim State capital of Glenmark contry.

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