Exactly on 26-Tevet-1516 a letter and a uniforms cames to Myra house those things were in the post box outside of the house Sabriel took those and went into Staford house. He put the things on a table in the middle of the hall later, Sabriel called the Staford family into the hall they came there. Mr.Staford – What happened Sabriel why did you call us? Sabriel – A courier arrived at our house today along with letter. As soon as Myra saw the letter & courier on the table, she went to the courier and opened it later she saw three Laetita Mem Black Shirt Sleeve Knitted Pinafore Dresses Myra took one of the three uniform in her hands. Mrs.Staford took the letter in her hands opened it and started reading. Mrs.Staford – Myra, we
e so glad you join to our school you must come to our school as usual on 29-Tevet-1516 of this month you will also need to bring bring your bow when you arrive our school will give you a ”Afternoon Meal ” as well as books do you need, every day a SWEEPING DOUBLE DECKER COBVAN comes to your house and you must come to school in that double decker cobvan. Once you miss that cobvan we won let you in the school. Upon hearing those words Myra started looking for that day. On 29-Tevet-1516 that day Myra got up early finished all her works and wear her school uniform she gradded her bow with her left hand, next Staford family came out of the house together and they were waiting for that double decker cobvan myra mother stand on the left and her father on the right. Myra – Father, you also attended this school. Mr.Staford – I went to school together with your mother. Mrs.Staford – In that school you have to study for almost 10 years, the Savants there give great knowledge to the studentds. Myra – What is meant by double decker cobvan? Mrs.Staford – Something especially a Cobvan, that has two floors combined above and below there are approximately 200 seats are presented. The cobvan is pulled by five horses each horse has eight legs those horses belongs to SLEIPNIR breed they are 70,000 times more power than Carbomonoreto Breed while they were talking Mr.Staford saw that double decker cobvan. Mr.Staford – Myra, that double decker cobvan is here, get ready to climb that cobvan. The double decker cobvan came and stopped in front of her, later she got into that cobvan there are about 10 steps to climb that cobvan five steps Myra went turn back and say BYE to her parents next the cobvan moving from thier house Myra went into that Cobvan a man waas sitting next to Myra that person name is ”Weston Declan Finchminor ” he was born on 26-Elul-1492 his father name is ”Burkhard Morgen Finchminor ” his mother name is ”Pedrina Medusa Finchminor ” his younger brother name is ”Tadeu Faron Finchminor ”. Weston – Are you newly joined beautiful? Myra – Yes, mister. He took a large book out of his bag and put it on his lap. Weston – Whats your name beautiful? Myra – Myra Emma Staford. Next weston gave a coin out of his bag to Myra the coin is incribed 13 on the front and 1 incribed on the back. It is made up of gold. Weston – Take right where there are stairs and sit in a seat. Myra went upstairs and sat in the last second seat there was a seat in front of her nd there was also a table in the middle another may sit next to the seat where Myra is sitting. Myra opens the window to the left and enjoys looking at the atmosphere outside just then a beautiful girl came up to her. Girl – I want to sit next to you. Myra heard that and immediately looked back she felt a little jelous, because that girl was so, pretty her name is ”Gwen Dolyn Pavo ” her father name is ”Edison Cason Pavo ” and her mother name is ”Tinsley Kamiyah Pavo ” her elder sister name is ”Adeeva Cadence Pavo ” she was born on ”9-Tishrei-1503 ”. Gwen – Im talking to you may I sit next to you. Myra – Please come and sit down. Gwen sat next to Myra that time she holding her Escort Bow and her net worth is 4 billion Gold bits. Gwen – My name is Gwen Pavo. Myra – Nice to meet you, my name is Myra Staford. Gwen – Did you just say Staford now? Myra – Yes, any problem. Gwen – That means your father name is Jason Staford right. Myra – Did you know my father Gwen? Gwen – I know him one of the best business man in Glenmark Country. Myra – Will, you be my friend? Gwen – I will definitely be your friend because you didn show your attitude in front of me from today onwards we are good friends. While they were talking Myra noticed two boys a short distance away it included two Ear-Rings made of the most precious metal that metal name is ”Accuse Metal ” that Metal is 5 Thousand times valuable than Gold, Diamond, Silver, that metal is rarely found in the Vernoda Planet for a boy to have that Metal his name is ”Jasper John Squama ” his father name is ”Paul Gordon Squama ” his mother name is ”Meghan Alma Squama ” he was born on ”2-Shevat-1502 ” his bow name is ”Finni Bow ” his elder sister name is ”Elesteria Dacia Squama ” his net worth is 7 billion Gold bits. Myra – Hey, ear-rings boys your attractive I really like those things. Gwen – Myra sit down. Jasper – Thanks, whats your name? Myra – Its Myra Staford. Jasper – see you next time. Jasper was sitting in the 8th seat in the front row along with his friend his name is ”Nufo Lucifer Kendrobranch ” he was born on ”5-Tevet-1500 ” his father name is ”Nicholas Justin Kendrobranch ” his mother name is ”Natalie Leah Kendrobranch ” elder brother name is ”Voskan Seyran Kendrobranch ” his Bow name is ”Bestow Bow ” his net worth is 430 billion Gold bits. Nufo – Does that girl look so pretty? Jasper – Yes, Nufo. Nufo – You have beauty, intellect, and wonderful armor too. Jasper – Your more valuable to me than those. NUFO KENDROBRANCH and JASPER SQUAMA have been best friends since childhood. One girl is sitting opposite to them they didn noticed her she is looking very angry at Nufo that girl name is ”Katherine Mary Gallus ” she was born on ”6-Shevet-1502 ” her father name is ” Thomas Christopher Gallus ” her mother name is ”Jillin Sariyah Gallus ” her bow name is Defend Bow her net worth is 2 billion Gold bits.

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