The screeching of a bird reverberated off of the walls of the dark arena as a gargantuan eagle, made entirely of wind magic, soared across the stadium before crashing down with intensity toward a boy on the opposite side. The crowd was silent as the bird flew, though their silence turned into an uproar upon the attack landing.

Above the arena, a holographic board appeared with the young mans name, showing the amount of Health Points he had prior to the attack.

[Genji Ishiwatari – HP: 900 MP 42]

Within just a second, the scoreboard changed, showing the numbers decrease before it began to violently flash crimson, signaling that he was then entering a critical state. As it flashed, an AI read his score aloud, and the display updated itself with his then-current amount of Health Points.

[Genji Ishiwatari – HP: 200 MP: 42]

As the boy recovered, a man wearing a black suit with bright, multicolored neon accents began speaking into his microphone in front of an enormous crowd of spectators. ”Ladies and gentlemen! These next few turns will determine this years Magic Metaverse champion! Will it be Genji Ishiwatari from South Tsundora, giving the region their fifth win in a row? Or will it be Joshua Bale from New Chelmsford, giving the region their third win within the last five hundred years? ”

The crowd roared in response to his words, bringing an almost grotesque smile to the mans face.

Inside the stadium, similar to the ones where a sport that used to be known as tennis was played, the seats were completely packed full of people wearing various cyberpunk-styled clothes with neon designs. The seating area in the stadium wouldve been pitch black if it weren for the neon lights on the luminous advertisements and the lights attached to the peoples clothing.

In the center of the stadium, there was a black rectangular field surrounded by a neon border that was constantly cycling through the color spectrum. In the center of that rectangle, there was a line separating it into two halves. At the center of each half, there was a young adult standing in a circle, both appearing to have sustained heavy damage as their techwear-styled garments were tattered and their breaths were harsh.

Joshua was an English boy from the region of New Chelmsford, which resided in what used to be known as the United Kingdom. He stood hunched with his fair skin, blonde hair, and brown eyes, as he held onto his right arm with his other robotic one, he was injured but he hadn given up yet. His blue coat with white and red neon lights was nearly shredded to pieces, barely hanging on to his body. He clicked his tongue as he watched his opponent, Genji, begin to prepare for his next attack.

Genji, an Eastern boy from the region of South Tsundora, which is the southern region of what used to be known as Japan, stood with one hand in the pocket of his white coat and scarlet trimmings as he cycled through his move list using his Chronicle.

A Chronicle is a digital magic book, holding the sorceries and incantations that each magic wielder is capable of using. To summon ones Chronicle, the user must simply will it while extending their hand outward while standing inside of a Summoning Circle, prompting the book to levitate in front of them.

Genji was breathing heavily, having sustained heavy damage as well, however, he hid his pain with his confident stance, along with his half-mask and hood covering most of his face. His pride for himself, his family name, and his home of South Tsundora wouldn allow him to show weakness as his hazel eyes shone with determination from beneath his hood.

As he skimmed through the pages of his Chronicle, he scowled in frustration, unable to find what he was looking for. In his vision, he could see his own HP and his opponents, along with other statistics and the timer for his turn. Seeing he was nearly out of time, Genji began flipping through more sporadically until his eyes showed a clear reaction.

If he wasn wearing a mask, his confident smirk wouldve been seen by all as his eyes locked onto the Attack Spell in front of him.

He had found it.

The winning move.

The technique that would end this battle once and for all and crown him as champion.

[Ice Dragon: Frozen Bite of Death – 40 M

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