A gentle breeze blew across the face of a young man.

Inside the Mighty Mage Academy, located in the Great Magician Kingdom, he walked alone on the busy street.

Students dressed in light white robes, which looked dazzling because of the high-grade materials that were used to create it, walked with their respective groups, chatting with each other.

A bright smile hung on their face, as the pride of being a mage reflected in their face.

While walking, the students eyes fell on the young man.

The young man dressed in a monotonous white robe looked pale in comparison to the gorgeous mage robe of other students.

Obviously, he wasn a mage. Or, he wasn considered a mage.

His appearance even made the low-talented students have some pride on their faces since the figure in front of them was much worse than them.

Students laughed softly, looking at the figure while ridiculing him.

”Look, its Allen! Today also, he is a Tier 0 mage. ”

”Really?! He has been in this academy for 3 years, and he is still a Tier 0 mage! ”

”I feel bad for him, his father is a Tier 6, Warrior. Despite being the son of a talented man, he is trash… ”

”Let alone his father, his mother is also a Tier 6 Archer. Even being the son of two talented individuals, hes trash! ”

”Well, I have heard that, if he remains Tier-0 mage for two more weeks, he will get kicked out from the academy. ”

”Not only that, to remain here, he has to become Tier 3 mage in two months, or else he wouldn be able to take part in Mage Tournament, which will result in being restricted. ”

”Tier 3 mage in two months, don joke. I could guarantee that it will take more than 10 years for him to even take a step in tier 1. ”

”Who knows, if his luck hit jackpot, he would directly become a Tier 3 mage. ”

”Haha, that was a funny joke. Id rather believe a magic weapon falling from the sky than expect him to become Tier 3 mage in two months. ”

The laughter of students filled the air of the road. Hearing their sarcastic words, Allen couldn help but sneer.

It would have been normal for him to be untalented if he was normal.

But Allen is a transmigrator. He transmigrated to this world three years ago, when the original Allen was a freshman in this academy.

He tried his best to become a mage. He even thought that he would have a bright future like those protagonists, he read in novels and mangas.

Alas, life didn go as he wanted.

He didn even understand how to cast spells let alone control his mana.

Allen didn have any talent in magic. He couldn even control his mana, let alone cast a spell.

Accumulating magic power was already a huge deal for him, but using magical power to form magic was a task on a different level.

Naturally, Allen who didn even know a thing about magic couldn become a mage.

It took two years for him to build his understanding of mana, spells, and magic. After that, he could finally cast magic.

But, he had to start from Tier 0, the very beginning of the mage which everyone starts from. It only took one month or two months for people to break through Tier 0 to Tier 1.

Geniuses don need more than a week.

But it had been 1 year and still, Allen is a Tier 0 mage. In the history of humankind, no other mage has been in Tier 0 for more than 3 months. And here, Allen has broken through world record by a huge margin, which couldn be called an honor.

Like always, with an emotionless face, Allen ignoring the words of other students walked toward the back of the academy, where a huge ground is located.

This ground isn used by many people, since nobody wants to waste their time coming here when they have a training ground right in the Academy.

For one year, Allen came here to practice his magic spell. A Tier 0 spell Spark.

Spark, like its name, suggested, Allen could only produce a small fire spark that couldn even be used to light a cigarette.

But he did not give up. Like one of the students said, Allen, came here to practice his spell always, hoping to break through to Tier 1.

If he could break through to Tier 1, his magic spell Spark would also become Tier 1, generating a big spark. B

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