Inside the Library filled with a huge amount of books of spells, theories, and other magic-related things, Allen flipped the pages of the book with the name Telekinesis.

Telekinesis is a space-type spell, that consumes a huge amount of mana peruse.

The mana it consumes is so vast that even Tier 3 mage can manage to use this spell for more than 1 hour continuously. Similarly, only mages with Tier 8, and those mages who have a vast amount of mana from the beginning could dare to use space-type magic casually.

[Ding! Spell – Telekinesis learned]

[Current Level: 1 (Tiny bit of understanding)]

Allen didn care about the notification a bit, he only took a glance and focused a little bit on the understanding part, but he was too fixated on the book. He wanted to raise his understanding of Telekinesis as fast as possible.

Learning spell isn that hard, but controlling the mana and guiding it in a specific way is hard. As you level up, you get more used to the mana, and guiding low-level spells to form magic becomes easy. But, the difficulty of guiding the high-tier magic becomes hard.

Because nobody wants to waste their time way too much on a single spell, and on a spell that consumes way too much mana, naturally not many people wanted to learn space-type magic, let alone choose them as their attribute.

Learning the spell is one thing, but making it an attribute of there was on the next level. Why? The answer is simple, once you learn your first spell, and it is compatible with your body, it will become your attribute.

And once you get an attribute, guiding your mana towards the same attribute type spell becomes easy. But, no one wants to waste their time making space magic their attribute, since it will only hinder their cultivation, and space-type magic isn that power at an early stage anyway.

Only at Tier 5, the space magic becomes way too powerful, you can say that it even becomes your cheat. Teleporting becomes easy, you get your own dimension, but the price of that spell is also a cheat. Only consume all of your mana to teleport once, or exhaust all of your mana to enter the dimension that is even smaller than a one-room apartment.

Back to the topic, Allen finished reading the book, and as his eyes left the book, he saw many students staring at him. Some with pity, some with mockery, and some just bit their lips to hold their laughing.

He could already guess what they are thinking…

Why the trash is in the spell library?

Since nobody knows he has broken through Tier 1, everyone naturally thinks that he is just here to pass time. Some even think that he is here just to read the expensive book that can be bought with money.

With an emotionless face, Allen exited the library. His lips tremble, and he barely manages to create an emotionless face. Since…

I am too excited to test the spell!

Allen bit his lips to stop himself from laughing at those students who were looking at him with pity and a sneering gaze.

Soon he left the building and arrived at his good old ground filled with nothing but sand.

”Haah! Lets try… ”

Taking a deep breath, Allen raises his hand. He focused his mana on his palm, guiding the mana from his mana heart toward his hand through the mana vein.

He slowly and cautiously guided the mana, so his mana couldn stray from its path. If even a single mistake occurred, it would literally damage his mana veins, which could cause him serious damage. And worse, he couldn become a mage in his entire life.

”Telekinesis! ”

With a sound loud as a roaring of a lion, Allen cast his very first Tier 1 spell.

Allens white hands glowed dimly. He could feel his mana connecting with the sand grains on the ground. With his will, the sand floated.

Floating sands started to gather creating a slightly bigger ball of sand. He fused a little bit of mana to push the sandball at great speed. His target was the tree a little bit farther from the ground.


The ball of sound hit the tree. Looking at the tree, Allens pupils stretched. He couldn believe what he saw.

A hole was formed in the middle of the tree where the sand hit. He did know it could cause some damage to the tree, but to this extent. He was simply bewildered by the damage.

Why wouldn he be shocked, it was his first time using the spell. Even some experienced mage takes some time to get used to the spell, and for telekinesis, some mage couldn even throw the stuff they carry heavily.

So, in a point, Allen was somewhat a genius.

Allen quickly closed his agape mouth, and gain his composure.

He used the telekinesis spell knowing that it could cause him to fall unconscious due to deficiency of mana. But he was slightly surprised that he didn feel any exhaustion, heck he was still full of energy.

Did I really get infinite mana?

Even if the situation was simply shocking, Allen didn lose his temper. He thought for a while and again used the telekinesis.

First, he again slowly gather the mana in his palm with a pattern of telekinesis and made the sand float again.

However, this time he gather more sand. The more stuff he pulls using his skill, the more mana he will lose.

But even after creating a boulder of the sand, Allen didn think he is even tired a bit. The sand floating on the ground was so huge, that its shadow covered the whole ground of 2 km.

Looking at this scene, Allens mouth was open wide, his eyes widen and his lips formed a huge smile. He couldn hold his excitement, and so he threw the sand at the sky and stopped casting the spell.

The sand hovering in the sky lost the energy that was keeping them together and fell on the ground like rain. Expect drops of water, grains of sand to fall on Allens body.

Allen didn mind a bit, he even used his Telekinesis spell again to clean the sand off his body.

”Status! ”

With an excited voice like a child who just got his favorite toy, Allen called his staus with glittering eyes.

[Allen Kin]

[Strength: 10]

[Aligity: 5]

[Stamina: 7]

[Mana: INF]

[Skill(s): (Spark – 1), (Telekinesis – 2)]

”So, my stamina increased by 1. And… What is the 1 and 2 beside the spells?

Allen clicked on the number to get the answer for his question.

[Spark – 1]

[Tiny bit of Understanding – Can raise the skill understanding]

[Telekiness – 2]

[Somewhat Understanding – (Level – 2) (20 / 1000)]

Allens eyes widen looking at the information in front of his eyes. His eyes frowned as his gaze fell on the Spark, can raise the skill understanding, but he ignore it. He wanted to learn another spell for now, since he have discovered…

”I have a huge amount of mana! ”

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