Running off with joy on his face, Allen arrived near the academy. He stopped immediately and took a deep breath, so he wouldn show his achievement of breaking through Tier 1 to other people.

He just wanted to increase his strength as quickly as possible and as quietly as he could. He wanted to completely destroy other parties if they came to bully him.

As one has said, Great Achievement attracts unnecessary attention and risk. If his achievement increases quickly, many doubts will surface among other people. At worst, they would directly attack Allen and force him to spout if he got any magical items.

As always, his face showed a carefree expression that ignored everybody, and he again step inside the library. The library is divided into three parts – Outer area, Inner Area, and Core Area. That is only on the surface and only for disciples.

Secret library rooms are also built secretly around the library for teachers and principals. Noone could enter there even if they want, and no one dare to take a step inside, since they wouldn even get to know what cut their legs before falling.

Ignoring the gazes of students that were staring at him while he was entering the library. He searched for some low-tier battle spellbooks and took those books to the corner of the library to isolate himself from other students.

[Everything About Energy Blast]

[FireBall or PyroBlast?]

[WindBlast SpellBook]

Three books in hand, Allen looked like a scholar more than a mage, everyone even thought that he isn going to learn magic. Instead of using it, he will guide others.

Like a teacher, who himself can learn about every profession but guides students to their desired profession, A.K.A a magic teacher.

He flipped the pages of the book and studied intensely. His eyes were dead focused on the book, everything around him has vanished. The background became blurry, and noise became background noise that he didn care about.

Learning about the basics of each spell, it took nearly 5 hours for Allen to grasp the magic spell. It is honestly a feat, as only a genius could comprehend the magic spell in some hours. Some people even of Tier 2, may take some hours or even a day just to comprehend Tier 1 magic and learn it.

As said previously, Learning magic isn hard, but comprehending that means learning everything about the magic pattern and using your control to guide the mana in that pattern is hard.

Allen stood again, however this time, the sun had set. The sky dyed orange, and clouds disappeared. A figure of the moon could be seen slowly appearing in the sky and some brightest stars twinkled alone in the huge sky.

Since the library hadn any light source, the brightness in the library decreased. Librarian, a middle-aged man with an average figure, who looked a little grumpy stood stretching his arms.

He looked outside through a window and realized that its been a little late. The time to close the library has arrived, so he looked here and there, searching if there are any students left or not.

His eyes examined the library and found Allen standing.

Oh, this student was reading until now!

He walked toward Allen hoping to converse with him, but before he could reach him, Allen rushed out of the library.

D-Did he just run from me?

Dumbfounded, the librarian couldn help but look at Allens shadow which disappeared as he took a turn.

I will talk with him next time, then.

He decided and also left the library. But he couldn chase Allen since he had to lock the library door. The library is one of the most valuable assets of the Academy. Books whose value is even greater than that of a country are safely guarded here.

Thousands of magic formations are engraved, and after the librarian left the library, the whole magic formation activated. And even if a fly enters the library accidentally, not even a second would be wasted, before the fly shreds into parts.

On the other hand, Allen ran under the bright moon. The darkness covered the whole sky, beautiful stars twinkled radiating their glow.

Allen had a wide smile formed on his face, that made him look a bit creepy. Nevertheless, he was so happy and excited, that he lost his sense of time.

He could keep his calm even in the most unexpected situation, but can hold his joy and excitement when it is something beneficial to him.

Naturally, when he could finally increase his strength, how could he not be happy. In this cruel world, only the strong will survive.

Reaching the ground at the back of the academy, Allen grasps his breath. Huffing and puffing, he bent down and put his hands on his knees.

He took a deep breath and focused on the ground again.

”Telekinesis! ”

He chanted feeling the mana and forming it into a pattern. It didn take more than 10 seconds for his hands to glow, forming a connection between him and his surrounding.

He had got used to telekinesis, so he could cast it with more ease than previously. Not everyone has a huge amount of mana, heck it could be even considered infinite, but he thought he can jump to that conclusion.

But if everyone could cast magic as many times they want, even an idiot would get used to casting the magic with ease. And Allen was somewhat called genius, how he wouldn have grasped the path of the mana.

He raise his hands first, and particles of dust flowed. He tried separating grains of sand, but it wasn as easy as floating a huge amount of sand together.

He had to carefully spread the mana into the grain of sand, so it could hold the grain of sand.

Allen successfully grasps a grain of sand. When he was about to move it from the group, he failed and lost his overall control. The sand fell to the ground again, without producing any sound.

”Hah! I have still a long way to go. ”

Allens voice was full of vitality, he wasn depressed like earlier. He had finally found a way to change his fate.

”Now for the other part… ”

Allen changed his position. He jumped from the ground and landed on the grass. He closed his eyes and visualize his mana path.

Carefully, he draws the mana out through his mana vein from the mana heart. The mana flowed through the vein, and he carefully path out the mana. After two minutes, the mana reached his palm.

”Pyroblast! ”

Allen shouted. Heat generated from his palm,

and the temperature increased. A small fire appeared and floated on Allens palm.

He felt the connection between him and the fire. Using his mana again, but just drawing out, he controlled the fire.

He fires out the fire on the ground, and a small explosion occurred.


With a sound that reverberates around the forest, the fire on the ground quickly extinguishes without leaving a trail. Since there wasn any fire conducting material and no material that would catch fire, the fire didn get to spread itself on the sand that was continuously extinguishing it.

”Phew, succeed! ”

”Next… ”

”Windblast! ”

A gust of wind flowed around Allens palm. The wind compressed together and formed a ball. He fired the ball at the tree, specifically towards the leaves area. He had already learned his lesson casting Telekinesis.

If his power capacity exceed his imagination and was powerful enough to destroy the tree making it fall down. Allen couldn imagine how much hard for him to clean the mess.

Even if he has telekinesis, it is still a tier 1. He naturally couldn just hold the tree. The current strength of telekinesis is just somewhat. And the tree in this forest weighs even more than ten elephants.

Even the boulder he created using his telekinesis, didn exceed the weight of an elephant. And his telekinesis could only hold anything up to the weight of one elephant.

So, he didn even want to think of clearing the mess he has created. And if people found out, it would only bring more trouble.

Presently, the wind ball reached the branches of the tree at incredible speed, and blast as it touched the branch.

The wind force created from the blast was strong enough for the branch to break off and fall down. A huge amount of leaves near the branches flowed into the sky due to the wind blast.

”With this much strength, I could make ordinary humans fly in the sky with just one blast. At most, even an elephant would fly with this much force… ”

After that, it was the turn of the energy blast to be tested.

Wasting 3 minutes just to path out the mana, Allen targeted the ground again.

Blue energy formed in Allens palm. It looked like electricity waiting to zap anything. The ball of energy got thrown on the sand at low speed. And as it touches the ground…


An explosion bigger than of pyroblast happened on the ground. The sand that touched the energy got thrown far away, and the force of the explosion clear the sand around 30m area.

A small pit formed on the ground, with the sand turning dark near the pit.

Allens eyes widen looking at the mess. He frowned but immediately used telekinesis to gather the sand that exited the ground due to the force of the explosion.

He covered the black sand with other sands. After five minutes, the ground looked the same as before like nothing has happened to it.

”Yes! I am now capable of going to the Monster Forest! ”

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