After One Week-

Covered with huge mighty trees, the beast and monsters roamed freely in the forest. With the name Monster Forest, one could already comprehend its meaning.

Monster Forest – A forest covered with huge dense trees. Dangerous monsters roam freely as the forest is their house. The rank of this monster on weakest is Tier 2 and the strongest is unknown.

No one has ever discovered all of the forests. Heck, no one could even dare to say they had even covered 10% of this forest.

Since the outer layer of this forest where Tier 2 to Tier 5 monsters roam is 1000 Km. And no one could even know how much area the inner layer cover. The monster forest is a world of its own.

Only the outer layer of this forest exists in this world, the inner layer is a completely different world. The person who has taken a step inside this forest never dares to deny the fact that the forest has its own world.

At the entrance of the forest, a figure stood staring at the forest with full confidence. His white silver hair moved slightly with the wind. He had a small smile formed on his face, and his eyes were full of excitement.

The figure was of a young boy who is no one but Allen. He had a big backpack that reached up to his butt, and as he moved the bag jumped slightly. But due to its weight, it didn jump too much, making it easier for Allen to walk.

Sweat formed on his face. He swiped his head with his hand and entered the forest.

Allen was not a fool, he had come here with preparation. While spitting some blood, he exhausted his saving and bought 2 healing pills. He didn buy a mana pill, he had a little bit of confidence in his mana.

He also took a knife and some monster-cutting weapons to take out cores and skin, and other useful things to sell after killing it.

Because killing monsters gives a huge amount of money, since their value is so much in the market. Many hunters of the different classes come here regularly to kill monsters hoping not to meet dangerous monsters that sometimes leave the inner area of the forest and stumble upon the outer layer.

”Whew! Finally reached the monster forest. ”

Allen smiled brightly while breathing heavily. It was his dream to explore the monster forest since one could gain some blessing here if they are lucky.

Even if not for blessing, they could huge amount of money if they just find rare and valuable minerals or plants.

Allen walked inside the forest. Just as he stepped inside, he raised his guard immediately. He attentively listen to the forest, concentrate on the road, and was prepared to cast the spell immediately if he encounter any monster.

Since he practiced magic spells for one week straight, he found out that his mana was never-ending.

Even after casting spells for 12 hours straight, he didn feel a slight bit tired. Because of that, he didn even need to form a mana pattern. His mana has already gotten used to the mana pattern of those spells he has learned.

Now, it will only take 1 second for him to cast a spell. Not all mages could achieve this amazing feat.

Allen walked while looking here and there. he examined his surroundings and observed the environment.

Everywhere his vision went, he could only see trees that are so tall that he have to lay on the grass and then look up to see the end of the tree.

The smallest tree in this forest would be 250m, while the tallest even crossed 3000m.

”! ”

Suddenly, Allen halted his step and took a stance. He was ready to cast his spell anytime.

He heard the steps of something, gradually coming closer to him. From the reverberation, Allen could only guess that there are 2 or 3 monsters coming at him.


The bushes moved and produced a swishing sound. Three figures jumped from the bush and landed near Allen.

With the appearance of a tiger, the monsters stare at Allen.

Sharp claws that could cut stone as butter reflected, their black fur made them look evil. And their size, 2 times bigger than of an average tiger shocked Allen.

He felt afraid, but he quickly strengthened himself.

The dark aura coming from the monsters body was enough for Allen to deduce that they were Tier 2 monsters.

”Roar! ”

The biggest Tiger monster, which was slightly bigger than the two beside him, roared happily. In its eyes, Allen was prey and his flesh was their food.

Tigeon, the name of the monster that walked toward Allen.

”Energy blast! ”

Without waiting for the attack of the Tigeon, Allen quickly cast an energy blast. A blue ball condensed energy fired at the Tigeon.

Those Tigeons saw that. They were not fools. They had a little bit of intelligence, generally more than normal animals.

They quickly jumped and scatter into three places.


The area the energy blast exploded turned black and a small pit formed.

Tigeons eyes widen. They let out a small roar and jumped at Allen.

”Telekinesis! ”

”Windblast! ”

He immediately cast two spells. It took full two seconds for the ball of wind to float around Allen and three seconds to form a connection with the surrounding.


The gust of air blasted in front of the Tigeon that jumped at Allen. The force of air flew away from the Tigeon and hit the tree.

On the other hand, the two Tigeon that also jumped at Allen from two directions stopped midway. They literally floated in the air due to the telekinesis.


Allen snapped his fingers. And as he did that, the two Tigen flew backward, and at a high speed, they crashed into two trees respectively.

”Grr!! ”

Three Tigeons scowled. While trembling they stood. They figured out their strength Allen, so they didn attack carelessly. They were waiting for a chance to escape if they could, or wait for other monsters to show up.

But they didn have that much luck. Allen stare at Tigeons with a merciless smile, that made the tigeons shiver.


They whined and shrank.

”Pyroblast! ”

With a ball of fire bigger than the size of the palm, Allen tossed the fireball at one Tigeon.

”ROAR!! ”

It roared painfully, the echo of its painful sound reached the depth of the forest.


Just after some seconds, the Tigeon exploded into pieces. But fortunately, its core didn get that damage and landed on the ground in one piece.

Looking at the core, Allen sighed a breath of relief. He didn expect that the body of the monster will explode this easily.

But he did suffer a bit of loss, since the skin, flesh, and meat of the Tigeon are famous and could be sold for some money.

”Hehe… ”

Allen with a creepy smile stares at the remaining Tigeon who trembled at the sight of Allen. They were quivering.

They looked pitiful and miserable. Their fate was already sealed the moment they encounter Allen.

”Energy blast! ”

”Wind Blast! ”

With two spells firing at Tigeons, it was determined that those two pitiful monsters died at the hands of Allen.

Well, it wasn a huge deal. News of humans killing monsters and monsters killing humans was so common that nobody even paid any attention to it.

Allen scavenges useful things from the body of two Tigeon. They both died quickly, and no roar of pain echoed in the forest.

But the previous roar had attracted some unneeded attention, but Allen didn care. As long as there weren any Tier 4 monsters, he was confident enough that serving here wouldn be that hard.

After two minutes, Allens backpack gobbled down 4 kg of meat of Tigeon, its flesh, and skin. Also, three cores were put in the backpack quite carefully.


Allen felt the aura of monsters coming toward him. He could even hear the steps. 5… no 8 Tier 2 monsters and 2 Tier 3 monsters reached near Allen.

Allen gulped down… His pupils expanded at the sight of those monsters. However, he wasn scared.

Instead, the feeling of excitement surrounded his heart.

With monsters surrounding Allen, the scene looked like the battle of the movie where the hero is surrounded by the villains.

And the battle began!

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