Martial Peak

Chapter 13 – Just you wait

Bang, bang, bang, bang, the sound of the beating rang out. Even though the businesses on this street were run by ordinary people, they currently displayed a powerful fighting spirit that left others flabbergasted. These merchants, more or less did anything for money and were generally detested by others. And now, when they were given to chance to release their stress, how could they be lenient?

This was especially true for Hes Rice Stands waiter. With rag bags in his hands, he relentlessly beat down on the men.

Furthermore, with so many people hitting these men, they couldnt identify who was hitting them. So these people didnt have to worry about the consequences.

There is strength in numbers. Kai Yang only asked for aid, but before he could lift a finger, he was pushed aside by these merchants.

After a while, the beating gradually stopped and you could see the two men curled on the ground bruised all over. The rag bag had also disappeared. Looking at the men, Su Mus heart cried out in pain, and his leg started to cramp. For the men were beaten bloody and their faces so swollen, that even theirs mothers wont be able to recognise them.

(ED: No mercy on their faces, crowd has the same attitude as you, so harsh

TL: Geez, just saying.)

This situation only occurred because the men didnt have enough strength to protect themselves. Although they had swords, one could see that it was only for decoration. If they could use them would they suffer these attacks?

Though on the other hand, how could experts stoop so low as to perform such despicable acts?

Now, even though the beating was finished the merchants remained.

The two Han men with their horrendous faces, and hearts full of fear weakly called: “Su….” Their hands trembling.

Unfortunately, Su Mus expression changed and he loudly exclaimed: “What su, you want this young master to give you *pasty bones?”

(TLN: *Because his name is Su, a play a words with his names meaning)

Seeing this, Kai Yang smiled and proclaimed: “You two scumbags! I dont know have many others you have framed, but its extremely hateful!”

His words words are an exaggeration, but for the merchants present, this seemed like the truth. That waiter who previously held the rag bag spat: “Pei, you trashes. You actually dared to act arrogantly at this rice stand.”

The waiter continued to let out his frustrations, but didnt expect Kai Yang to expand on his statement: “Correct. These types of people should really die. Fellow disciple, why dont you and I each kill one. That will teach them to break the law again and also be for the greater good.”

Hearing this remark, the two people on the floor started to break out in cold sweat and were terrified. They had never expected this frail boy to be so ruthless.

Su Mu just stared at him, trying to figure out whether or not he was joking. But Kai Yangs face held no sign that it was a joke.

To tell the truth, although what the men did was cowardly, it wasnt serious enough to die for. Undoubtedly Kai Yangs punishment was a little too cruel.

Su Mu could only ask: “Brother, isnt that a bit excessive? Right?”

“Excessive?” Kai Yang just shook his head: “If their little lie were to succeed today, then Boss Hes life would have been ruined. How would he maintain a livelihood? This is pushing people to the limits, so how is this excessive? You know, for every person, every action that they do, will have a consequence.”

Previously, when those merchant heard Kai Yangs words, they had also thought this. But hearing his reasoning, they understood the sense behind his words and were conflicted. But the final decision wasnt up to them, so they just stood on the sidelines. But when Boss He wanted to say something, he was stopped by a look from Kai Yang.

“This…..this may certainly be the case, but we cant just casually go killing people.” Now Su Mu was really worried. He didnt think that this disciple in front of him was so ruthless and merciless. Originally he had planned it out quite well; Firstly, those two men would go slander Boss He and then he would go and stop them, saving Boss He. Then they would escape and he would receive gratitude from the Boss thus accomplishing his goal. But he hadnt thought that such a vicious disciple would appear, so easily choosing to kill them.

This was far from good.

Su Mu could see that the two men were pleading him to save them. Within those gazes, were signs of threats. How could Su Mu not understand their meaning?

It was like being tied to the body of a grasshopper. If we are to suffer a tragic end, then you would not come out unharmed. That was their meaning..

At that moment, Kai Yang said: “Brother, there is no other method. Through my experiences, killing is a natural thing. Could it be that you havent killed before? Or you guys already know each other…….so you are unwilling to kill?”

This statement made Su Mus heart jump to his throat. Turning around to look at Kai Yang, he found a mischievous smile.

“Brother what do you mean?” With a cool face he questioned, while thinking whether or not Kai Yang saw through him. He hadnt revealed any clues, so how could he know?

What he didnt know, was that Kai Yang knew of his plan purely by coincidence. If not he would had also been fooled.

Boss He was also smart, he understood the hidden meaning in Kai Yangs words and asked Su Mu: “Little brother, what tune are you singing?”

(TLN: Chinese phrasing of what are you up to/planning.)

Kai Yang had revealed a portion of Su Mus true colours, how could Boss He not be able to see?

Kai Yang just shook his head, he didnt point out anything in particular but just continued to stare at Su Mu: “Brother, I think that you are a courageous person, but you are hesitating. Dont worry, I am here to accompany you and the villagers too. So what are you afraid of?”

“What am I afraid of?” Su Mu laughed out loud, as if reassuring himself, he said: “What am I afraid of? Isnt it just killing a person? Who hasnt killed before?”

It was like he was unwillingly to admit he hadnt killed before, in front of Kai Yang.

In the end, this persons disposition shocked him. Su Mu hadnt stepped down from the challenge.

Su Mu then directed a cold, ruthless intent towards the men lying on the ground. Looking into that young mans eyes, those two men knew they were finished. This round, they were used too thoroughly.

“Brother, lets do it.” Kai Yang continued to pour oil on the flame.

Breathing deeply, Su Mu slowly nodded.

Seeing this happen, the two men immediately knew their end was nigh. So how could they endure without doing anything? Jumping up, they pointed towards Su Mu and proclaimed: “Su Mu, you treacherous bastard. You asked us brothers for a favour, to slander Boss Hes stand so that you could come to the rescue and become a hero. But how do you repay us? Not only are we beaten like pigs, now we have to die for your crimes. You really are trash.”

“You lie!” Hearing his scheme revealed, Su Mu was furious.

“Hmph!” As if their injuries didnt affect them, the men just sneered and the larger man shouted out loudly, informing all: “Everybody, young or old, today my brother and I came out and caused trouble for you. But this was all at the command of Su Mu. He had taken fancy to Boss Hes daughter, but sadly she rejected him. So he hatched a plan to obtain her.”

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