Martial Peak

Chapter 25 – The incense burners magical effect

Treasurer Meng looked up and saw Kai Yangs face held both anticipation and nervousness. He couldnt help but become cautious too. Softly and gently he opened the bag, squinting his eyes at the contents inside.

It was about the size of a bowl, dark-red coloured, shaped like a mushroom, like a fungus. It really looked unordinary, with a heaven and earthly type aura.

“Ke…….keke……..” Treasurer Meng couldnt help but cough a couple of times.

Nervously Kai Yang looked at him and questioned him: “What thing is this?”

Treasurer Meng looked at him queerly, and instead of replying, he asked: “Where did you find this?”

“Inside a cave in the mountain. There was also a first realm demonic beast guarding it. But instead of me being killed by it, it was killed by me, so I took it with me.”

Treasurer Mengs heart jumped out: “You met with a demonic beast? Didnt I tell you not to go past the safety boundary?”

“I didnt go past the safety boundary. I didnt know why it was in the safe zone area around Black Wind Mountain either.” Kai Yang replied in grievance.

Treasurer Meng sighed, he had thought something like this must have happened. It was just he was afraid that with this childs strength, defeating a demonic beast, even one at the first realm must have been a very arduous task.

This pitiful one, at such a young age he has already suffered so many untold hardships while in Black Wind Mountains for only three days. And this work had only earned him sixteen contribution points. He even met with a first realm demonic beast, an encounter in which he nearly lost his life. If he was to tell him that his thing was, this things was…….ah this is too wrong, too wrong.

Anyway, this old man rarely does a good deed, just think of it as karma.

When Kai Yang saw Treasurer Mengs face changing, yet Treasurer Meng not replying, it made him somewhat anxious. Just as he was about to ask him again, Treasurer Meng picked up the teapot and drank from it. Afterwards, he squeezed out a smile and said: “You little brat, your luck isnt bad!”

As soon as he heard this, the worry in Kai Yangs heart immediately dissipated. He was worried that when he went to ask, this thing would end up being worthless, that would have been embarrassing.

“Treasurer, what is this exactly? How many contribution points is it worth?” Rubbing his hands together in expectation Kai Yang asked.

“Oh………this thing is called a blood mushroom! It is a rare medicinal ingredient, it is an ordinary……..” Before he finished what he was saying, he looked at Kai Yangs falling face and hurriedly went to correct himself. “No no no, its an earth grade lower level herb. En, its really earth grade lower level! Thats right!”

Such a firm tone was used that Treasurer Meng nearly fooled himself into thinking that it was true.

“Earth grade lower level?” Kai Yang was pleasantly surprised: “Treasurer Meng are you sure you didnt see incorrectly?”

Straightening his face, Treasurer Meng replied: “You must be joking. In this old mans life, he has inspected many women…..keke, inspected many herbs. This pair of experienced and knowledgeable eyes, how could they possibly be wrong?”

“How many contribution points can it be exchanged for?” Kai Yang was only interested in this.

“Lets make it twenty.”

“Thats so little.” Kai Yang was somewhat disappointed. Even though its ranks wasnt that high, he thought it was at least high enough to make it worth at least twenty to forty contribution points.

“Its not too little child.” Treasurer thought to himself that he had given him too much already. He then found a good reason for this: “Even though this blood mushroom that you found is an earth grade lower level herb, it is too small and its age isnt that high. So thats why its only worth twenty contribution points.”

“Oh.” Without refuting he accepted: “Then twenty points it is.”

Nodding his head, Treasurer Meng recorded down the transaction down in his account book again.

This trip to the mountains had already satisfied his goal of obtaining the Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and the Dead Jedi Tree Grass. Apart from that, it had earned him thirty-six contribution points. If he added his already obtained points, then he has a total of forty-eight contribution points. Kai Yang momentarily felt himself become rich and powerful.

Although this trip into the mountains earned him quite the contribution points from the herbs, it had delayed and wasted precious time to cultivate. He had also needed luck to find the herbs and the whole trip had made him very tired. Kai Yang decided that other than as a last resort, he wouldnt do it again.

(ED: How did it waste time to cultivate… he only needs to do it for 30 mins in the morning and he managed that just fine in the mountains…..)

The reason why he was collecting contribution points, was to aid him in his cultivation. Between these two things, contribution points and cultivation, Kai Yang still knew which was more important; he didnt lose sight due to greed.

Now he has collected a decent amount of Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower. He had collected around thirty-forty of them in the cave, however the amount of Dead Jedi Tree Grass he had managed to collect was very small. He only had around five-six of them. If he really wanted to cultivate with them, then he must exchange some points for them at the Contribution Hall; he was well prepared for this.

With his plan in mind, Kai Yang said: “Treasurer Meng, please give me ten Dead Jedi Tree Grass herbs.”

Old man Meng looked at Kai Yang and wondered why he needed these herbs, however he didnt ask any questions. He only sat and stated: “Ten ordinary grade lower level herbs, ten contribution points. Are you sure you want them?”

Scrunching up his eyebrows in suspicion, Kai Yang asked: “Thats not right. Didnt you just say two herbs needed to be exchanged for one contribution point?”

“The buying price is the buying price, while the selling price is the selling price. They are not the same.” Treasurer Meng smile was especially wide, the demeanor of a businessman was coming out.

Furious, Kai Yang pointed towards Treasurer Mengs nose: “You are completely trying to buy at a low price and earn a profit. To reap a profit, this is too shameless. Did you let a dog eat your conscience?”

Waving his hand old man Meng replied: “It is not I who wants to reap a profit, but these are the prices assigned by the Main Gate. This is unrelated to me. All the prices within the Contribution Hall are unaffiliated with me, this old man is only in charge of selling and buying. How else do you think the Main Gate is able to provide for all three thousand of you disciples?”

Kai Yang was stunned, for there was some sense in his words. Afterall this was a business, without any type of profit by Sky Tower, how could all three thousand disciples in the Main Gate survive? Even if there one were suspicious that it was for a profit, at the end of the day, no one was forcing you to buy them. No one was forcing you.

“Then, do you still want the Dead Jedi Tree Grass herbs?” Seeing Kai Yangs face full of pain caused Treasurer Mengs mood to soar.

“I want them.” declared Kay Yang, as he clenched his teeth together. Sooner or later he will need to use these herbs and since he had decided not to go find them in the mountain, he can only buy them.

Turning around, Treasurer Meng went to the back hall and soon returned with the Dead Jedi Tree Grass. Kai Yang counted the number of herbs while Treasurer Meng recorded the transaction down.

“Humph!” After eating such a big loss, Kai Yang turned around and immediately left the hall unhappy.

“Please come again when you have time.” Treasurer Meng called out warmly from behind.

Come often to be killed by you. Kai Yang finally knew where Mengs nickname came from.

Three steps, two steps, Kai Yang frantically rushed outside. On his way out, a figure rushing outside nearly crashed into him.

These two peoples reactions were fairly fast, Kai Yang stopped immediately and so did the other person. A sweet and pleasant fragrance drifted over to Kai Yang.

Lifting his head, Kai Yang saw a pair of clear moon-like eyes staring at him, but he couldnt see her face clearly. This was because this person had their face covered with a veil.

This was a female. Although he couldnt see her face, judging from her skins condition, she wasnt very old. She was probably his senior.

Nodding his head and apologising, Kai Yang then turned his body to the side; clearly signalling for her to enter first.

The opposite party looked distracted and suddenly turned red. Seeing this made his own gaze become evasive.

Seeing her flushed face, Kai Yang thought that this senior was quite shy. Swiftly he averted his gaze, as to avoid offending her.

Xia Ning Chang was embarrassed to death.

She didnt expect to bump into Kai Yang in front of the Contribution Hall. When she saw his face, she immediately thought of her……

And recalled his……..

Suddenly her face became red and her temperature rose. Hastily she rushed into the hall, she didnt even dare to lift her head up.

Seeing this scene was somewhat laughable, for such shy females were quite rare. Although there are many females disciples in Sky Tower, they were martial practitioners and were therefore more open-minded than normal. For someone like her to become red just from looking at his face, it was no wonder she wore a veil.

This senior was a little bit cute, it was just why was her bodys fragrance vaguely familiar, like he had already smelled it before?

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