Mated to the Ancient Alphas Son

The Second Encounter Part 3

Manny☆ & Keyas♡ POV

The ☆ represents Mannys POV as the ♡ represents Keyas POV, please enjoy!


I was at the Parade with my family, we had arrived to the park early in order to get a good view of the Parade and Fireworks. I sat on my Harley drinking in the scene.. man I missed this while I was away.

Humboldt park was at it liveliest during the Parade. The main area was Division and California Streets, there are two huge steel Puerto Rican Flags there and lots of people love taking pictures under it. I had been riding around in the streets with my cousin Victor and our friend Felix, showing out, burning rubber and popping wheelies. We had Boricua Pride madness going on it was like a drug and we were high on it!

Horns were blaring showing mutual love and respect for each other. The women were fine as hell, some were flashing us lol. And the men were acting a straight fool. The old cats were playing chess outside of the barbershop. They saw my Marines Vet bumper sticker and tipped their hats or some got up and saluted me, I smiled, nodding humbly in reply. And the grandmas had their grandbabies, it was beautiful I loved it! I just wish My Keya was here enjoying this with me, thinking about her made me a bit sad.

The park was where it was popping though, the Carnival was here for a whole week and today was Saturday the last day so there would be fireworks tonight. The park was packed as **, families were here barbecuing, playing baseball, basketball and the beach was loaded with people.

I loved Chicago during this time of year. I started to think about having my own kids playing in the water, building sand castles and having water balloon fights.. I bet My Keya would be a great mother.. I hadn seen her since our first meeting at my uncles restaurant and was starting to get doubtful.

My family had a spot near where the fireworks were to be lit and I helped them barbecue a ton of food this afternoon. They had set up tables, chairs and a tent for the food, we also had a tent where we could change our clothes in.

It was getting late now almost dark, we were parked near North Avenue and California. Felix was in front, then Victor parked between us and I brought up the rear. I was smoking a cigar full of MaryJane holding it between my thumb and index resting on top of my middle finger, squinting through the haze. My mind on My Keya, what is she doing right now and where the hell is she?! Ive searched this whole area thoroughly.

”Cheer up cuzzo, she might be at the Carnival today ok? ” Victor told me. Taking a puff from his joint, looking back at me solemnly.

I had my shades up on my head, so Im guessing my eyes were brown now, I was feeling a bit down. ”I hope so cuzzo.. ” I can take this shit much longer, please Lord help me, I thought slowly smh. And then I felt it, the pull again just like at the restaurant when I had met her. My eyes started darting around in search for her frantically. And after a few minutes I heard Victor let out a long wolf whistle…


From the moment I stepped out of Sarais place, I felt that tugging behind my tummy again. It literally feels like my body is floating. I look down, I see my feet hitting the pavement but Im not in control of the movement, whats going on here?! Oh no, the last time I felt like this was when I seen.. Manny! We hadn walked that far when I heard a whistle and turned to see these 3 men on motorcycles looking at us. The guy in the back was super cheesy. For some odd reason it looked like he was extremely happy to see.. me?



I turned to see who he was looking at and there she was, My Chocolate Princess! In a sexy ass light purple dress and she dyed her hair this sexy ass red color. Fuck.. I wanted to bend her over this Harley and bang the hell outta her!


I was elated to finally see her again, I didn know what to do with myself! My heart started racing and I was cheesy as **, smiling from ear to ear. She was with two other girls who looked like they took a Puerto Rican flag and one turned it into a dress and the other one a miniskirt.. WTF!

I was a little high from the MaryJane and feeling more cocky than usual and was about to ask her if she wanted to go for a ride with me. When I heard Victor ask, ”Hey chickas, yall wanna go for a ride? ”. Her two friends said, ”Hell Yeah! ” and ran and got on Victor and Felixs bikes. Hell yeah Vic, way to go! I cheered internally. But my heart sank when I heard My Keya say,


”Im okay, Ill just meet yall at the Carnival. ”

I was pissed they totally ditched me for some guys! Some friends they are, damn sluts. I was about to walk away when the third guy yelled at me, ”Like Hell You Are! ” As he got off his bike and angrily stomped towards me. I jumped, gasping my eyes darted around thinking that maybe he was talking to someone else, but I set that thought free seeing him stare dead at me.. I froze.

And this guy was tall and muscularly massive, his arms were thicker than my thighs, his legs flexing with each step and his chest.. sweet jesus was at least 2ft wide! I felt sorry for his clothes being stretched to such proportions! He was wearing a bright red sleeveless cotton shirt with a PR flag on it that said BORICUA, that showed off his tribal tattoos running from his elbows up his massive arms along his neck.

He was rocking a huge diamond stud in his right ear, several gold rings, a Rolex, a thick gold herringbone chain and dog tags, navy blue cargo shorts and white Nike Air Force Ones. He looked a-**ing-mazing..


”Like hell you are! ” I roared at her while getting off my bike walking towards her. She jumped and looked at me like a deer in the headlights. Oh hell naw, ”Your ass ain getting away from me this time! ”


”Th.. this time? ” I whispered, who is this guy? I wondered, frowning.


She looked shocked as I scooped her up and sat her on my lap on my bike. ”OMG what are you doing?! ” She said with that beautiful ass voice thats been playing like a song in my mind. I felt that electricity from last time and felt my dick getting harder. Hell yeah your ass is mine!…MATE!

”Im taking you for a ride, Keya. ”


GASPS OMG! He knows my name!? Who the hell is this guy? My tummy was doing somersaults and my toes curled up. When he sat me on his lap, the pull stopped the second our torsos touched, like it was satisfied. Its like that feeling when you
e holding 2 powerful magnets in each hand away from each other and they are desperately trying to meet, and the moment they touch its nearly impossible to separate them.

Was I being pulled to him and.. why? I looked up in his twinkling dark grayish blue eyes, ”Wh..who are you? ” I breathed, looking at him wide eyed and confused, although I was thinking I had a clue..

He looked deep in my eyes and smirked, ”Its Manny, don tell me you forgot about me? ” He narrowed his eyes for a split second, before his eyebrow rose and his smirk deepened and gulp, shiver so did those damn dimples.

”Maybe I need to leave a more prominent impression on you this time so you will NEVER forget me.. whatchu think baby? ”

His voice got lower and deeper with every other word and he was staring intensely at my lips. My legs and lips were quivering and I was dripping **in wet! I was a straight hot mess in this guys arms. And I was burning up and it wasn from this summer heat.


”Ma.. Manny?! ” she stuttered her chubby high cheekbones blushing. Damn she was perfect and finally in my arms. No more dreams, she was really here in my **in arms and I will never let her go. ”Yes baby its me. ”

Gad damnit she smells delicious. I lifted her body up and buried my nose in her neck. She let out a low shuddering whimper. I don know why but, I needed to do this. I took a long, deep inhale of her scent and it felt like the last two months of worry, frustration, stress and loneliness hadn even happen!

”Cuzzo thats her, thats all you right there? ” Victor asked me looking amused, a smirk playing at the corner of his lips. ”Yep, shes all mine. ” I told him while my nose was still nuzzled in her neck, I lick and nip at the smooth skin there and felt her arch her back sharply and felt wetness on my right hand which was cradling her juicy ass. Mmm soaking wet just for me..


Im all his? He really wants to be with me?? Oh my!


”Man about time, the fam thought you were gonna blow a gasket or something! ” Victor chuckled.

”For awhile there.. I thought I was too cuzzo. ” I dragged my head up to look in her beautiful, shocked eyes. ”Do you know how bad Ive been searching for you, Keya? ” She slowly shook her head. I sat her on my lap, I was still stunned that I was holding her when Victor asked me,

”Are you ready to go? ”

”Yeah, Im ready, ” in more ways than you know cuzzo, in more ways than you **ing know. I looked at her and can see her chest rising and falling. I wanted to take her breast in my mouth right here, right now. But said,

”Put your arms around my neck baby. ”

”What? Why?! ” she looked confused, ”Because I don want you to fall off while we
e riding, ” she blinked her little mouth formed an O. I started up the bike and she looked reluctant but quickly put her arms around my neck interlocking her fingers..

*CRACKLE*.. MATE! Grrrrr, ** yes! There it was again I can feel the hair standing up on my arms and neck. I will never get tired of this sensation. My dick was hard again too, I feel it pressing into her ass cheeks, she looked embarrassed and blushed even more. I grabbed her legs wrapping them around me, so that she was straddling me. Thank you GOD for answering my prayers and sending me this perfect lil princess. Shes all mine and Im not taking NO for an answer!


I knew if I put my arms around him he was gonna growl at me again, I just knew it! And lo and behold what does he do? Growl at me! I don understand is he angry or naw?! And why did he smell my neck, weirdo much?! Im sitting in his lap, when his penis starts stabbing me in my butt. OMG! It feels like a babys arm holding an apple.

What do I do? Moving around might send the wrong signal and the last thing I need is to be misunderstood by this giant man.. I mean Manny.. Then he shocks the hell outta me by wrapping my legs around him! Hes not gonna try and do me in public is he? I don know, I don wanna put anything pass this guy. We begin riding and he asks me,

”So you really didn remember who I was? ” He looked down at me with his eyebrow raised, he didn look mad just curious.

”You have hair now and you don have on your sunglasses. ”

I said trying to keep my voice steady, but our privates are literary smashing into each other and I can honestly wring my panties out to dry. Im sure he could feel my wetness, but it doesn seem like he minds it at all.

Jeez this is embarrassing, its only our second time seeing each other and Im straddling him.. wtf. Oof! Oh GOD! Is he tryna hit every freaking pothole? The friction is so intense that if he hits a few more I may have to call his name! And whys he acting like we
e lovers or something?


Thats true I did let my hair grow out and I have a goatee now. ”Where you been girl, I been waiting for you to come back to the restaurant? ”

”I been in s..chool. But I only go to the.. restaurant when my Gr..ammy wants that chicken meal. But.. shes not suppo..sed to be eating it ..because her doctor said, she.. can have food with.. too much salt or shell b..e in the hos..pital again and she h..ates the ” She was having trouble getting the words out.

Oh ok, I see, ”Well if you had came back to my uncles restaurant I would have bought you some food baby. ” I say looking at her. We are driving slowly now because of all the Parade traffic. She seemed like she was in some sort of pain.

”Are you okay sweetie? ” I was concerned about her. She looked up at me panting, her eyes fluttering, nervously biting her lip.

”Do you have to hit.. every freaking bump.. in the road? ” She said breathlessly.

Then it donned on me what was happening to her, she was getting off! I absolutely **in loved it! I think I WILL try to hit every single one now. I grind into her adding to the situation, her back arches and she shivers.

”Mmmmm… Ma.. Manny stop please.. ” she pleaded, her cheeks red. She looked like she was close, just a little more.. Traffic paused to a crawl, music and car horns still blaring it was the perfect opportunity to have her cum for me. She was already soaking **in wet..


I couldn breathe, this friction was insane!

”Manny.. can I sit be.. behind you please? ” I begged him. He was smirking down at me and shook his head slowly. I gasped! He leaned forward, ”You had me searching for you for two whole months and you have to make that shit up to me. ” OMG WHAT!!? My eyes went wide and Im sure I stopped breathing.

Is he.. serious? He has to be joking, no way hes seriously. We hit another bump and I shivered not knowing how much more of this pleasurable torture I can take. Then his smirk vanished and he had this determined look on his face, he put one of his hands on my hip holding me firmly in place and whispered,

”Cum for me Keya ” My jaw dropped I was completely speechless. My eyes slowly darting around at the thousands of people in the Parade.

”Man…. ” I was about to say something but it evaporated from my tongue, when I felt him slowly grind me into himself! My eyes flew to the back of my head, while my fingernails started digging into his neck. My legs were shaking, my toes will be forever curled.. He did it again and again and again…

The people that I was thinking about earlier were far from my mind now. With these overwhelming sensations I was feeling right now, all I wanted was to obey him.. to cum for him.

My eyes were closed tight as I focused on nothing but the feel of him, I rocked my hips faster, meshing our privates together until it felt like we were one being. I heard him egging me on,

”Yes baby just like that! Cum for me, cum for Papi!! ” His voice, his accent, his words had me hotter than a bitch in heat, and for some odd reason.. I enjoyed it, I loved every minute of it! I couldn hold my moans anymore, ”MMMMManny..! ”

”Yes say my name Mami! ”

”Mmmmm.. Mannyyy..! ” I moaned uncontrollably.

”I can hear you baby, Whats My Name?! ” He was grinding into me with such force that I lost my grip on his neck, clawing him trying to find something to hold. I eventually found his forearms gripping them for dear life moaning loudly as we went at each other viciously! OMG stick a fork in me, Im done!!

”MMAAANNNYYYYY! ” I came screaming at the top of my lungs. Shaking and panting uncontrollably in his arms. He groans and came saying, ”YESSSSSS! Keya thats how you cum for me! ” He pulled me into his chest, ”You
e so **ing perfect Princess. ” And kissed my forehead saying, ”Wrap your arms around me so you don fall off sweetie. ” I do and I feel so exhausted all of a sudden, his heartbeat is lulling me into a peaceful sleep..

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