Manny☆ & Keya♡ POV


He puts his fingers in my cleavage yanking my dress from me, my body jerking forward from the motion. WHAT THE HELL?! Did he just.. rip my freaking dress off? My hands flew to try and cover up whatever I can. But his hands flew up gripping mine, just as fast to stop me, he was frowning, so was I, like dude really? He shook his head his eyes darkening,

”Dont you ever hide your beautiful self from me, Keya. ”

He says so softly it almost sounded like he was saddened by my actions, his eyes were brown. I wonder how he truly feels about me. Ive never had a guy really care about me before. Carmelo just wanted to screw me and although Steve wasn my boyfriend he wanted to do the same thing! I don want to only be used like that, there has to be more that these guys want from me than whats between my legs.. right?

I sigh and allowed my hands to fall, Ive never been ashamed of my body, even when I was over 230 pounds, before I joined the football team. Though now I do look much better in my clothes.. hmm speaking of my clothes, ”What the hell am I supposed to wear home now, Manny?! ” I yell, frowning and pouting at him a little peeved.


My Chocolate Princess.. shes so cute when she pouts. Ill show you what you will be wearing, when you go back to VISIT your grandmothers house. Because now that I have you I am NOT letting you go ANYwhere, you are home baby!


He smiled his eyes shifts to a brilliant shade of baby blue. He holds my hand leading out of the bathroom towards my closet and opened the door turning on the light and what I saw left me speechless.

There were clothes hanging on fabric hangers, some folded on the shelves, shoes galore and lots of bags from various stores like Macys, Victorias Secret, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Nordstroms, Abercrombie & Fitch and more! I was in shock, happy appreciative shock. Everything I did was in slow motion, my hands went to cover my mouth slowly, my eyes looked around at MY clothes slowly and I slowly walked deeper into the closet. ”Is this all mine? ”

”Yes! I, uh didn know what size you were so I got several different options. ” He nods, his eyebrows rose assuredly, ”I kept the receipts just in case you wanted to take anything back if it didn fit. ” Manny said nervously rubbing the back of his neck. He was so handsome and thoughtful I can believe that he bought me all this stuff!

”Aww, hes so thoughtful! ” Jael gushes, I pictured her having watery anime eyes clutching her paws together in front of her chest right now, sighing contentedly. Shaking my head, hmm I wonder if Manny has someone talking in his head also? I sideways glanced him, damn hes fine, how did I get so lucky to have a sexy ass boyfriend like him?

”Im sorry I yelled at you. Um and you bought me this stuff because..? ” I trailed off wanting to know his reasons, though I had an inkling. Something along the lines of possibly staying here with him, Im guessing. I glance back at him as I go around touching and admiring the clothes. They
e lovely and it looks like I have some shoes that match with them.

”Ive been literally praying that Id find you. ” He sighs running his hand through his hair, looking at me intently. ”And I knew that eventually I would, so I started buying you gifts. Do you like them, Mami? ”

He stepped into the closet blocking the whole doorway. He seems extremely interested in my answer so I told him the truth, ”Ive never had anyone just buy me such nice stuff before. I love it, all of it and I really appreciate it, thank you, Manny! ” I say grinning biting my lip.

In two strides he had me in his arms, his lips meshing into my own. He moans as I wrapped myself around him instantly. I don know how to tongue kiss but man hes amazing at it! I try to do what hes doing, but he starts sucking my tongue and it feels so good I moan and my legs begin to shake.


I know she told me yes already, but what that prick Steve said ( ”Shes mine, Cabrón ”) had me doubtful and I never want to be doubting my future wife. The only way I would know for sure that she would belong to me and only me; to know beyond all doubt was for me to make love to her. And to claim her over and over again until she knew that SHE IS MINE! I hear that damn voice growl out,

Yes! Finally she will be Ours!


After a long while he breaks away we
e both panting, I stare into his dark grey eyes, he looks so sexy and serious saying,

”Ive been dreaming of this since we met, I wanna explore every inch of your body baby. But I need you to be MINE FULLY, mind, body and soul! ” His eyes turned black when he said mine fully and his voice sounds guttural.. that was spooky as hell! And I already told him I was his girlfriend so what did he mean?

”But I am yours, Papi. ” I say trying to convince him that I was. He shakes his head, ”If you are, then why did that Steve guy say that you were his? ” He was pissed, he spat out Steves name like venomous poison. He what?!

”I am NOT his and I never have been! Steve is delusional and disgusting and has been harassing me since I met him in school last year. Every chance he gets he says the rudest nastiest things to me and hes always grabbing and sucking all over.. ” I wish I hadn said that because he was really pissed off then. He growled almost as loud as he did earlier, I felt the room vibrate! I closed my eyes, whimpering.

”Why do you let him touch you, YOU ARE MINE! ” He was furious and hurt but I felt him holding back his anger, his eyes kept changing between green and brown.

”I don Let him touch me. But.. it feels like I don have the power to stop him, my body just freezes and I can fight him! Its not that I don want to, its like I Can .. I don know why.. ” I say sadly, feeling weak and defeated.

It was true I had no idea why I froze up whenever Steve was around me. I dropped my head to rest on his shoulder. Nesting my nose near the crook of his neck, he smells like Cedar, freshly cut grass and honeysuckle. Man I need to find out what his bodywash is. I see where I scratched him earlier, crap. I need to heal him, since I was little Ive been able to heal people by praying to the Father, its an awesome gift. All I need to do is touch it and pray!

”Manny, can I help you with these scratches on your neck, I didn mean to do that earlier? ” I ask looking up at him, hopeful. He nods and leaves my closet.


I can feel her getting nervous as I walk us over to our bed and sit down with her straddling me, theres a large 3ft tall mirror in the headboard. I turn looking in the mirror at my neck. I see some red marks, I smirk knowing therell be more soon then look at her, ”Sure, Mami, Lick my wounds! ” I tell her arrogantly smirking.


”Did you say.. lick them? ” I don know why this shocks me, but it does he is such a kinky guy. He nods, ”Yep! ” He looks amused, ”Okay.. ” I moisten my tongue and lick his right side first, he moans, placing my hands lightly on his shoulders while I pray quietly, ”Father thank you for allowing me to heal, Manny, in your name, Selah. ” I sit up and smile.

He looks over in the mirror and is surprised to see that the wounds are gone, he turns to me, ”What the.. how did you do that? Its gone! ” ”Since I was little, Ive been able to heal people by touching them while praying to The Father, its a really cool gift! ” ”Thats a great gift, baby, do my other side! ” He says excitedly. And I do, then he lays me on the bed under him, while he looks at the left side of his neck impressed. Im panicking being under him like this. Sweat starts pouring out of me everywhere!


Dayum she is a legit healer, it doesn even look like I was scratched! I love her even more. I look down at her shes hella nervous, but I have something to show her and then my dreams of devouring her will finally come true.

”You are absolutely beautiful naked ” she smiles shyly, then something comes to mind, ”House rules. If its just me and you here alone, we
e not allowed to wear clothes. Maybe some lingerie or some ** me boots and a thong for you and boxers for me, but thats about it. And we can never sleep with clothes on, do you understand me! ” I say firmly, I thought she was going to be upset and start cussing me out but to my surprise she said, ”Okay, Im not a big fan of wearing clothes inside the house anyway. And I haven slept in clothes in years! ” She shrugs. Im speechless, I never thought that someone as perfect as her existed for me. I want to tell her that I love her, but I don want to freak her out. I nod, ”Cool! ”

Im looking at her lips and she says, ”Aren you breaking your own rules.. or do they only apply to me? ” She pursed her lips, her eyebrow raised amused. I chuckle, ”I actually have something to show you. ” I sit up peeling off my shirt and her eyes go wide with lust then amazement.


GASPS! O.M.G! Did he really..? ”You got my name tattooed on you? ” I excitedly shrieked, he has MY KEYA tattooed on his abs in Old English font, curved kinda like how Tupac has Thug Life tattooed on his abs! Wow he is really crazy about me! I am starting to fall for this guy hard! But I guess I should tell him my real name. ”Um Papi, my name is Rukeya. ” He blinked blankly then smiled, ”Thats cool but you are still My Keya, I feel a bit overdressed. ” He chuckled standing up and took off the rest of his clothes.

He was admiring me in all my natural nakedness as I was doing the same thing to him. Then climbs on the bed, back in between my legs saying, ”I was interrupted earlier, but now my sister can save you, ” Im a bit nervous now, he really is like 13 ”! And its not even hard yet! His eyes were dark gray, he lowered his face to line up with my pussy smirking, ”now where were we? ” And he ate me out like a Thanksgiving turkey! And I didn fight him, heeding Jaels words I just enjoyed it.

He only lifted his mouth up to ask me ”Who do belong to Keya? ” To which I continually moan out, ”You Papi! I only belong to you! ” I screamed his name so loud I felt the whole damn city of Chicago knows it by now! Multiple orgasms later its morning I didn have a voice or the strength to move. I don know when I went to sleep but I was awakened by his head between my legs again, what is he doing to me!? A tray beside me consisting of eggs, beef bacon, hashbrowns, waffles, oatmeal and fruit with some tea. I can definitely see me loving this scene everyday. Waking up with My Papi!

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