Mono wars

The Harsh Truth

”Alright, how am I to go about this? Three experienced monos are coming at me. How will a noob like me handle this? ” Gin pondered to himself.

”Alright guys, are you ready for some mindless action? ” Gin asked rhetorically to the audience while looking at an odd position.

”Whats he doing and whos he looking at? ” Adam asked while running towards Gin.

”He appears to be talking to himself, ” Leon responded.

”Fu**ing idiot, ” Emma said in annoyance.

”Be careful, that idiot could be dangerous, he has the eyes after all, ” Leon said, warning his team mates.

As Adam approaches, Gin pondered to himself ”Looks like the big guy is gonna get to me first, Im guessing his ability is enhanced strength. good, Ill use that to my own benefit, ” instead of avoiding Adam, Gin accelerated towards Adam. Adam himself gets ready to throw a punch at Gin but Gin swiftness allowed him to take a jab at Adams right knee before the punch could make impact, hitting a pressure point that paralyzes Adams right leg.

”The hell, I can move my right leg…. Not bad kid but that won stop MY PUNCH!! ” Adam said out loud with a grin on his face as his Fist approaches Gins face, but at that moment, Gin quickly grabs Adams fist, assuming a Akido stance that allows ones strength and weight to be used against them.

”I may act like an idiot, but Im actually smarter than I look. I didn paralyze your right leg to stop your punch, I did it so it will be easier for me to DO THIS!! ” Gin said in a cheeky manner while flipping and throwing Adam at the general direction of both Leon and Emma, leaving them with no choice but to evade, going their two sperate ways, splitting their advances. Even as Adam was thrown, a faint smile can be seen on his face.

”Adam was smiling… That was creepy, ” Gin said to himself with a creeped out face.

”Alright now I can have a little breathing space and handle them one on one, ” Gin thought to himself as he looks at Leon ”I should save the beauty for last, time to cut off the head, ” Gin said to himself as he proceeded to go after Leon.

Gin wastes no time in attacking Leon, throwing punches and kicks, but his kicks and punches were met with the same from Leon, both were evenly matched in martial arts skills, which made Gin to question things.

”Whats up with this guy, hes not giving me any openings, its almost like he knows where his pressure points are, just what exactly is his ability? ” those were the barrages of questions that popped into Gins mind, as his fight with Leon continues, Adam suddenly appears between them, delivering a blow that both Leon and Gin barely evade, a near miss blow that struck the ground, though this blow misses its mark, but as soon as it strucked the ground it creates a shockwave that blows both Leon and Gin away, revealing Adams incredible strength.

”Ok thats not enhance strength, thats SUPER strength, emphasis on the SUPER, and how is he still able to move? ” Gin asked out loud with a dumbfounded expression.

”You know I was right there right? ” Leon asked Adam with an annoyed look.

”Come on boss, I trust in your ability to evade, ” Adam said with a smile on his face while scratching his head.

With Gin being distracted with the conversation Leon and Adam were having, he almost didn notice a kick he narrowly dodges that could have cut his head clean off. The kick that was referred to came from none other than Emma.

Her leg scorching hot, as her eyes gazed into Gins eyes. Gin was suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling of running away. Gin jumps 15 feet away from Emma.

”Talk about if looks could kill. ” Gin said to himself with a nervous tone.

”Whats wrong little boy? do you feel safe moving a few feets away from me? cause that wouldn change anything no matter how far you go, ” she said as she launched her attack.

She stretched her right hand as it began to glow red, the temperature of the entire arena started to rise, a pulse of fire began to form on her palm, but before she could lunch the ball of fire on her hand, Leon quickly grabs her hand, drawing it up as the ball of fire gets shot up into the air, causing an explosion that destroys the ceiling.

The arena dematerializes reverting it back to a regular room ”Test run is over, ” Leon said while looking disappointed at Emma as he let her hand go.

”Was she actually trying to kill me? ” Gin asked with a shocked expression on his face as he deactivates his eyes.

”Sorry about that, its a bad habit of hers, ” Leon replied in an apologetic manner ”After seeing what you just did, you
e definitely in. you gave us a run for our money, ” Leon added.

”Yess! ” Gin said with joy.

”Alright now lets take a look at our competition, ” Leon said as he points at the wall with the remote in his palm, pressing the button on it which splits the wall showing a monitor in the middle.

In this monitor, the names of the team participating can be seen, Gins eyes scrolled through it all but one of the teams name catched his attention.

”The chosen ones? Who would name their team The Chosen Ones? ego much? ” Gin said in a jeering manner while laughing.

”Lets focus shall we? ” said Leon in a serious manner.

”Now listen up Gin, in other for us to win this contest, we
e going to have go through five teams, ” Leon explained ”80% of the teams listed are ones we haven faced or seen in battle before, ” as soon as Leon was done explaining, a female computer voice was heard above them.

[ Greetings! The Underdogs, please proceed to the battle arena immediately, thank you]

”Test run really is over. you ready rookie? ” Adam asked Gin ”Actually Im kind… ” ” Thats the spirit ” Adam said cutting Gin mid sentence while ignoring his nervous face.

”Don I have to put on a suit? ” asked Gin.

” Well you didn get in the formal way and there isn much time to request for a suit not to talk of waiting for it to be done, besides… I don think you need any, ” Leon replied.

On their way to the battle arena, Gin couldn wait to ask a question that has been bothering him since the test run was over.

”Alright guys spill it, I saw the way you reacted to my eyes when I activated it, theres something you
e not telling me. just what exactly do you know about these eyes? ” Gin asked with a serious tone as Leon, feeling hesitant prepared to tell Gin just what exactly they knew about his eyes.

”The eye you wield is called the eye of balance, though we also do not know much about what the abilities of these eyes are, we have only seen one user of these eyes with you being an exception, and that user was feared by many, ” Leon explained.

Gin with curiosity asked who the user was and what happened to the user.

”The user was called Fantomu, Japanese word for phantom. the user was a ninja, the only part of his body we could see were his eyes, ” Leon replied as Gin jumps with excitement saying ”There are real life ninjas? ” Leon continues his explanation.

”The monos that encounters Fantomu usually end up dead or their powers taken from them, ”

”Does that mean I can take other abilities? ” Gin asked while staring at his hands.

”We don know, we haven really seen Fantomu in a battle before, as those who have seen him are either dead… Or useless…. The only person that walked out alive and with their powers after facing Fantomu was Charles and he wouldn talk about the experience, when he was alive, ” Leon replied.

”Wow, my dad was really that powerful? ” he said with a dumbfounded expression.

”You asked me why Im doing this, why Im entering this contest, Im doing this for so many reasons, Im doing this to help my mom out, Im doing this to tell myself Im not useless, Im doing this because I wanna see what my father saw, I wanna see the world in his own perception, ” Gin said with a determined look on his face as he added ”So tell me, what are you all doing this for? ” he asked the trio.

Adam was the first person to respond saying ” Im doing this to get stronger so I can finally knock the sense back into my childhood friend and rival, ”

”Ahhh whats a shounen manga without rivalry? ” Gin asked rhetorically to the audience.

”What are you talking about? ” Adam asked, confused on what Gin just said.

”You won get it, ” Gin replied while smiling.

”You know you
e weird right? ” Adam asked rhetorically.

”Well being normal is too boring, ” Gin replied but then an unexpected person responed to Gins question.

”Im doing this cause Leon is here, wherever he goes.. I go, ” Emma said as Leon showed an expression of guilt on his face.

Gin was shocked, not because Emma has an unhealthy relationship with Leon but because Emma actually replied to his question, a girl who only a moment ago was trying to kill him, a blissful feeling overwhelmed Gin as he proceeded to ask Leon.

”So whats your reason? ” Leon simply smiles and keeps on walking till they finally reach the arena.

Cheering can be heard everywhere with a commentary in the background, the holographic generator replicates a Rocky dry land environment for the arena.

Security guards can be seen very close to the audience, behind the force field. They were wearing special helmets used to protect themselves from telepathic manipulation, and had firing arms weapons.

A glass room can be seen near the top of the dome, in this room, the committees of the MBA watches the battle from above, 5 Silhouette Figures can be seen, The figure in the middle can be seen wearing an illuminated glasses.

At the other side of the dome another Glass room can be seen, this is were the commentary is made.

At the middle of both rooms is a giant monitor that shows the coin toss and scores



The crowd cheers.



The crowd cheers.

”So why are we called The Underdogs again? ” Gin asked.

”Well its actually your fathers idea. We were originally called the A FACTOR, but we kept losing second place consecutively every year since the MBA started. You see when a team shows up every year, its actually a disadvantage cause then everyone would know who we are and what are abilities are, even without doing battle with us, ” Leon explained.

”Charles wasn one to give up even at the face of defeat, he always brushes himself off and tries again, ” Leon added following a long pause.

”You wanna know why Im doing this? ” Leon asked rhetorically ”Its because Charles wanted first place, to show that an underdog can still win with enough effort and Im not going to stop, Ill keep coming back every year till I win this for Charles, ” Leon said with a resolved look, his statement made Gin to find an all new respect for his dad and this odd man who seems very close to his father.



The crowd cheers as the door of the next quarters opens, Gin couldn believe his eyes as he sees Derrick among his opponents.

”Derrick? ” Gin shouted out loud.

”Well! Well!! Well!!! If it isn the little bird, Im surprised to see you here, ” Derrick said.

”Im surprise to see you conscious, ” Gin said in a jeering tone.

”Tch, very funny, just know me and my brothers are winning this match, ” Derrick said. behind Derrick was his brothers, his 3rd Brother, his 2nd brother and his eldest brother, Gin proceeded to taunt Derrick further.

”Why? cause nothing can beat power of family? ” Gin said as he laughed at Derrick.

”Seems like I whooped your ass and you called all three of your big brothers to come beat me up, ” Gins taunting went on for a while as Leon couldn help but notice how cocky Gin was.


The team names begin to roll in the monitor, anticipation builds up as Gin starts to wonder, who will win the coin toss thereby gaining the advantage. can they really win the contest after losing consecutively since the MBA started and will Gin get to see just what exactly Leons ability is?

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