Part 2.

On the table, there are stacks of sheets of paper that I need to correct. Broadly speaking, admin duties include important things.

Duties to manage property portfolios, management assets, carry out administrative activities, procure new facilities and make reports as well as coordinate with parties related to ongoing tasks.

Miss. Caterine gave me tasks specifically for correspondence, such as: making office agendas or meeting schedules as well as archiving and recapitulating data. While the important task of company documents, he is holding.

As an admin position, high work loyalty is needed. Because the admin holds important secrets in the company. Being serious about work, Miss Caterine approached my desk.

”Cla, the results of the data recap, take it straight to Bosss room, okay! Lets sign it right away. Because soon we will have a meeting with Boss! ” he ordered.

”Y-yes, Miss, ” I said.

I swear, for a month working in this office, this is the first time I have been ordered to enter the Boss room. And Ive never known at all. Sooner or later, I have to do this.

I immediately arranged the data sheet neatly. Then put it in the blue folder. Then I tidy up my clothes and appearance.

”Bosss office, its on the third floor, ya, Cla! ”

”Yes, Miss, ” I said.

With an uneasy feeling, I left the room and headed for the elevator. When I got to the elevator I pressed the number three button, luckily there were two people in the elevator. Otherwise, it must be scary to be in the elevator alone.


Arriving on the third floor, I looked around for the Boss room. Theres a room in front of the door that says ”Director of Marketing and Operations. ” Maybe this is the room that Miss Caterine meant earlier. By reading the prayer in my heart, I slowly knocked on the door.

tock… tock…

”Come in! ” said a voice from within.


My door is open. A man with minus glasses, was sitting behind the desk. He stared intently at the computer screen, ignoring my presence.

”Sorry, sir, I want to deliver the results of the data recap for signature, ” I said.

”Yeah, I know! Put it on the table and wait in the chair! ” he said proudly.

I looked at the face of the man in front of me, oh my … it seems this man nudged me earlier. Cold sweat started to wet the shirt I was wearing. Even though this room is very cold, like in a refrigerator.

”Hey, don daydream! Ive signed this, get ready! We
e having a meeting with the Board of Commissioners! ” he said, lifting his head.

”Hah… you!!! ” he shouted. Me and the Boss

both shocked. He narrowed his eyes while


e the one who bumped into me in the room absent?! ” he said in a deep voice.

”Sorry, sir! Im sorry, ” I immediately rushed out of the room. Almost left a blue map on his desk.

Once outside the door, I breathed a sigh of relief. It turns out that the one I hit this morning was a CEO at this company. Im not doing it on purpose anyway. Hes the only one who walks without his eyes, just wandering around.

Thankfully I was able to immediately escape from him. Otherwise, the arrogant CEO would have been interrogated. I quickly got back into the elevator to the second floor. Luckily the elevator was busy, so it didn bother me.

”Loh, what are you doing, why is his shirt so wet? After seeing a ghost, huh? ” asked Miss Caterine in surprise.

”No, Papa, Miss, ” I said slowly.

”Hm, I know! It must be your first time meeting that handsome CEO, right!? ” he said.

”Ahh, I don know much, ” I replied.

”Just so you know, okay! Ive had an admin assistant twice. But neither of them feel at home working in this office, because the CEO is fierce! ” he explained.

”Are you cooking, Miss? ” I asked surprised. ”Really, just like you!

Get out of the Boss CEO room, the shirt drenched in sweat! ” he teased.

”Is it really not like that, if you meet the fierce CEO? ” I asked curiously.

”Yes, no! Why are you afraid, the CEOs age is still below, Mis! At least your age or a little later! ” he explained with a laugh.


In my heart, I confirmed Miss Caterines words. I don even know the name of the CEO, even though Ive been working for a month. Later at the meeting I will investigate who he is, because I am starting to wonder about his arrogant attitude.

During the meeting, I couldn focus on the content of the meeting being discussed. Thankfully Im just an assistant, her job is only to accompany while Miss Caterine takes notes of all meeting results.

I keep observing the CEO and some meeting participants. One of them is the board of commissioners. He is the parent of the CEO. I know because they are sitting side by side. His name is Surya Hutomo. While on the CEOs right chest there is a bed bearing the name Calvin Hutomo, they sit side by side.

This is the first time Ive been invited to a meeting, this is the CEOs request. Its because of my position as Mis Caterines assistant so I have to understand about this company, thats the reason. The meeting time of two hours, just passed.

e the new admin assistant, huh? ” asked Mr. Surya Hutomo.

”Yes, sir, ” I said, bowing. We passed each other when we were about to leave the meeting room.

”Have you finished college? ” Mr Commissioner starting to freak out.

”Not yet sir, currently writing a thesis! ” I replied politely while lowering my head.

”Work diligently and thoroughly, who knows you might become a permanent assistant here! ” the message

”Yes sir. ” I nodded my head and motioned for him to leave the room first.

From afar the CEO stole glances at me. He must be curious about what we
e talking about. Hm, only the father friendly, want to say hello. So, how come this child can be so arrogant, ya? ”Cieee, who just said hello to the candidate mother-in-law! ” Miss Caterine teased.

”Aiih, whats the matter, Mis? Thats so slanderous! ” I replied giggling.

Actually, my heart is cheering in my heart, who doesn want to be the daughter-in-law of a famous businessman and the wife of a handsome CEO. There must be someone out there fighting over the woman who wants to steal the CEOs heart.

”If there is a meeting scheduled tomorrow, do you want to come or not? ” asked Miss Caterine.

”If its allowed, I want Miss! ” I said excitedly. There must be another handsome CEO there, I thought.

”Alright, its almost break time, you tidy up all the files on the table! After that we have lunch in the cafeteria! ” invite him.

I hastily cleaned up all the work sheets that were scattered on the table, then arranged them neatly. After that we went out to the elevator to go downstairs to the cafeteria.

To be continued ….

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