Part 3.

”Cla… hurry up! Enter the queue for the elevator! ” Miss Caterine pulled my hand.

”Yes, Miss, ” I said half running. Arrived at the elevator door, already waiting for some

people coming down for lunch.

”Miss … lets move to the elevator over there, lets go! ” I asked while pointing at the elevator on the right.

”Okay! ” Miss Caterine followed behind me. As soon as the elevator doors opened we got in.

”Heyy, hold on! Don close the elevator! ” say

a voice behind us, I turn to the origin voice, degg… that athletic man is already stand with me.

Suddenly a cold sweat started pouring down the shirt I was wearing. Seeing this situation, Mis Caterine immediately greeted the CEO boss politely.

”Please come in, sir! Would you like to come down for lunch too, sir?! ” asked Miss Caterine.

”Hmm, yes, ” he said curtly.

After that brief pleasantries, we were silent to each other, coincidentally there were only three of us in the elevator. Maybe other employees are reluctant to share the elevator with an arrogant CEO.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this CEO stealing glances at me. He scanned inch by inch everything in my body. Currently Miss Caterine is busy replying to messages on her cellphone.

The elevator door opened, we invited the CEO out first. With steps arrogantly he walked out of the building. it means lunch outside the office not in the canteen.

”You don have to be so concerned about the handsome CEO! Then you can sleep, ” Mis Caterine teased, shaking her palms in front of my eyes.

”Ahh, this Miss has been making fun of you all this time! ” I protested while wiping the sweat from my forehead.

”After all, you
e cute! Every time you see it

CEO, his shirt is always wet! Really you
e scared, aren you? ” Miss Caterine was curious.

”Not really, Mis! Im just afraid of being fired if I make a mistake. ”

”You know, Miss, I work while studying. Sometimes I don focus because Im tired after work! ” I explained.

”Yeah, really. You have to be good at managing time between college and work. Because both are important, because both are your future. ”

The CEOs car had already left the parking lot. Its really nice to be a Director, you can have lunch outside the building. Go to any place he likes. Just now the CEO left the office, came a sexy woman dressed up. He reprimanded Miss Caterine, then asked where the CEO was.


The CEOs car had already left the parking lot. Its really nice to be a Director, you can have lunch outside the building. Go to any place he likes.

Just now the CEO left the office, came a sexy woman dressed up. He reprimanded Mis Caterine, then asked where the CEO was.

”Excuse me, I want to see Mr. Calvin! Where is he? ” the woman asked me.

”Oh, sorry, Miss! Mr. Calvin just came out for lunch, ” I replied.

”Oh-shiitt! ” the woman immediately grunted. ”You
e a new employee, huh? ” investigate.

”Yes, Miss, ” I replied.

”Cla… lets go to the cafeteria, weve been waiting for a while, how come we
e talking here! ” Miss Caterine pulled my hand while keeping the cellphone in her skirt pocket.

”Yes, Mis, ” I said and jogged behind her.

”What are you doing with that woman? ” Miss Caterine is pissed.

”Who is that woman, Mis? ” I asked, keeping track of his steps.

”Shes a seductress! Mr. Calvins ex-girlfriend, ” he explained.

”Oh, in my ex-wife, ” I said quietly.

”No, Mr. Calvin is still young. I already told you that he is younger than you, ” he explained at length.

”Well-ah, come on, eat! Weve been discussing about him all the time! ” I said.

Me and Miss Caterine ordered two servings of green chili chicken rice plus two glasses of iced lemon tea. Less than ten minutes, the order has arrived, we eat voraciously.

This time for some reason my appetite was so hot. When I have a lot of work or thoughts, Im not usually like this. Im currently busy writing a script.

It takes a special time to complete the final task. Sometimes when I get home, Im tired and very sleepy. No more time to hold papers to type on a laptop. Its true what Mama said, don let my studies be neglected because of work.

After all, what can you do, if you expect results from Papas store, its not enough. Not to mention Bro Roy, who often takes money at the shop.

Since Papas gone forever, my sisters character has changed drastically. He was often drunk and rarely came home. Papas old car rarely go home. Papas old car was pawned because he lost a gamble.

”Hey, Cla, why are you eating while daydreaming anyway? ”

”Eh-oh yes, Im sorry, Miss! ”

Miss Caterin interrupted my daydream, she was surprised, why now I often daydream. I explained to her about my sister, who often troubled Mama. He arbitrarily asked for money to treat his girlfriend.

”Come on, our break time is over! ” remember Mis Caterine. After paying for the food we ate, Miss Caterine and I left the canteen.


When walking towards the elevator, from afar I saw in front of the entrance, there was a noise. I stopped looking in the direction of the voice. It turned out that the sexy woman and the arrogant CEO were talking, it seemed they were arguing. Miss Caterine poked my arm and whispered, ”CLBK! ”

”What is CLBK, Miss? ” I asked curiously.

”Old Love Is Not Over! ” she said, giggling and covering his mouth.

I heard them arguing, because we were only two meters from the front door.

”You better go home now, Elsa! Don be ashamed to hear people! ” expelled the CEO.

”I don want to go home! Before you accept me again! ” replied the woman indignantly.

”Our relationship is over, Elsa! ” said the CEO

it firmly.

”You alone left me, for another man! You forgot! ” shouted the CEO in the womans ear.

The woman called Elsa is direct fall silent. He took out a small tissue from the bag branded, then wipe the corners of his eyes wet one. She started sobbing.

To be continued ….

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