”Yes, father. ”

Guihu Luixing lowered Dark Moon on the ground and stood up. She clearly was unhappy having her petting time cut short and made it know by making unsatisfied grumbling.

”Dark Moon! Watch your manners! You are not a pup anymore! All you do is play all day and enjoy yourself being spoilt! You don study or cultivate enough. Even your younger sisters are leaving you behind. ”

Berated one of the foxes accompanying Guihu Luixings parents. It clearly was a male, its voice was husky and even though it was constrained, his aura was otherworldly. His fur was gray and had a metallic sheen to it.

”Don say that Old Tail, your Dark Moon is still a pup, and we don mind it, right dear? After all her main duty is to accompany Luixing ”

The headmasters wife defended the young fox, and seeked support from her husband.

”Of course. Dark Moon is just needs to spend time with Luixing and steadily grow up. ”

Old Tail let out a sigh in defeat while the other fox started giggling. Her voice was silky and charming. Her gray fur was soft and lustrous, shined like silver.

”Dear, just let it be. Our daughter is studying properly and the Young Master hasn started cultivating yet. Let her enjoy this time they have together. ”

Unsatisfied, Old Tail started grumbling just like his daughter did earlier, clearly showing that she got that trait from him.

”You all spoil her too much. ”

”Uncle Metal Tail, you don need to worry. Ill make sure shell study and cultivate properly. ”

Guihu Luixing conforted Old Tail, before turning to his parents.

”Mother, father, let us go. The others should be waiting. ”

After nodding in agreement, the headmaster led the way to the test site.

Tge corridors were long, and the lights were kept to the minimum. It was clear that intruders would have a hard time figuring the way.

As the headmasters house was in a top one of the higher areas in the Ghost Fox Valley, after leaving the building, it was possible to see most of the valley.

The skies were cloudy and gray, as usual.

There was a giant tree coming out of the valleys deepest spot. Its leaves were blood-red. There were many white flowers on the tree.

It would be a beautiful view ifnit weren by the purple fruits that looked like a face contorted in pain and the spectres that could occasionally be seen arout the treetop.

They took the well kept road that led them to their destination.

It was possible to hear otherworldly moans and creepy sounds from every other building. Ghosts and foxes roamed the roads and hallways serving as pattol guards.

The trees, plants and flowers were colourful and vibrant, making for a beautiful visage. But that was a trap. Most of these plants were poisonous to the body or to the soul.

And the ones that weren poisonous, were actually man eating montrous plants.

After some time walking, they arrived at the test site.

It was a massive building that used white stones as its main material, there were rooftops only in the borders of the building, making the center an open ceiling.

The floor was made of black ceramic tiles. The middle ground was soil, the building seemed to also serve as training grounds, as there was a lot of training equipment around.

There were a few adults and many children there. It seemed they were the last to arrive.

”Sorry for the tardiness everyone. ”

”Ah headmaster, don worry about it. Theres still some time left. ”

Answered a ghost. At first glance you would think it was a living being, after all, he looked like a bodybuilder, and was currently doing weight lifting. What kind of ghost does muscle training?

He was a man about two meters tall. His skin, though translucent had a tanned color, his muscles were bulging and one could swear they could hear his heartbeat.

He was teacher Niko. He was responsible for the physical training of young children until they reached Qi Integration realm.

When he was alive, he didn have much talent in cultivation, but unwilling to give up, he kept training his body and used any means he could to bring it closer to perfection.

Even though he died before he achieved his desired results, he was an expert in mortal physique, nutrition, and training. So the Ghost Fox Valley Sect recruited him to train their young ones and they would give him cultivation techniques and resources to suited ghost cultivation, a deal he was more happy to accept.

The headmaster nodded and observed the children. They were the kids born from sect members with ages ranging from four years old to five years old.

The test to enter the sect for outsiders would be applied a few weeks later.

He was satisfied with the children present, they were energetic and curious. He then looked at the adults. They were two elders and a few core disciples. Every child was accompanied by a parent or a guardian, although a few adults served as guardian for multiple children. He then realized an elder frowning hard.

It was Elder Samantha. She was a very respected Elder. A bit crazy, but strong and loyal, and that was what mattered.

”Elder Samantha. ” Greeted the headmaster.

”Oh, Little Shu. You
e here. ”

”Yes, Ive brought my son to undertake test. ”

Elder Samantha couldn help but remember the time the headmaster was about Guihu Luixings age.

”Look at you. When you were a baby, you used to follow me around naked shouting Aunty Samantha, Aunty Samantha. and now you are the headmaster and even have a son this big. ”

The headmaster understandably got embarrassed.

”Elder Samantha, please, that was a long time ago. Anyway, why were you frowning? Is there a problem? ”

Hearing his question, Elder Samanthas expression became sour. She was about to complain when a loud voice interrupted her.

”Kukukuku, Wahahahahaha, Haaaahahahahaha. It finally arrived. The promised day. Ive been hearing the voice from beyond the rift call me in order to fulfill the promise made in another time. ”

A blonde girl made an entrance any chuunibyou would give a 10/10, even though she was too young to be a chuunibyou.


Her performance, however, was interrupted by Elder Samantha, who slapped the back of her head and started berating.

”Meiling! I told you to arrive early. Why did you arrive just now? Where you playing with the ghosts all night again? I knew that woman couldn raise you properly. I don know what my son saw on her… ”

Elder Samantha then started grumbling about her daughter-in-law. That she seduced her son, couldn raise her granddaughter properly and on and on.

Meiling on the other hand started crying.

”Waaaaaaaaa. Grandma hit me on the head. I can feel myself becoming dumber, my unmatched talent diminishing. Nooooooo. ”

The two were making a scene, but oddly, no one was very surprised. They just had bitter looks of embarrassment.

This was a common occurrence on Samanthas family. They couldn help but to make a scene, even though it wasn on purpose… Most of the time.

You could say it was a type of bloodline ability.

”Enough! Aren you tired of embarrassing yourselves at every opportunity? ”

Being the cranky old fox he was, Old Tail was quick to scold them.

Noticing everyone staring at her, Meiling started blushing and hid behind her grandmother.

It was at this time that Nico came forward and loudly claped his hands twice in order to draw everyones attention.

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