My Alpha Roommate

Exes, Smol Peepee Guy, and Guns

You know the feeling when your annoying little cousin you didn even know existed, continuously irritates you so **ing much that you just wanna light them up on fire and smile in satisfaction as they burn alive, or, you want to bash their head to the floor and kill them?

Thats the exact I am feeling right now as Scarlet continue to freaking jump on my bed, banging pots and pan together, the curtains opened, direct **ing sunlight onto my face as my head pounded and I felt like literal shit as if death ran me over. How the ** is she not hungover?

”Fucking go away ” I grumped and hid my face into the pillow wanting to die. Pinching up my eyes, I looked up at her trying to focus, and saw her **ing jumping like crazy, I kicked her leg making her fall and she screamed as she kissed the ground and I smiled satisfied, and sighed in relief hugging the pillow to my chest at the temporary peacefulness. I heard her huff and she got up stomping her way to the bathroom. Good, gives me more time to get my much needed beauty sleep.

After what felt like seconds, the door opened making me frown. How was she done so soo-


Gasping I shot up from the bed as I coughed and took deep breathes, wiping the water from my face as I was **ing drenched thanks to Scarlet- who was now **ing rolling on the floor laughing as the now empty bucket lay beside her uselessly. I clenched my jaw and my fists, and calmly gathered my wet hair in a bun and took off the blanket throwing it on the ground, I was still in my clothes from last night and felt extremely sticky and sweaty. My clothes were still heavily drenched making me smirk.

Scarlet frowned in confusion as she sat on the ground looking at me warily, ”Are you o- ” And without any warning I pounced on her like a tiger pounces on his prey and tackled her onto the ground as she let out a scream and tried to push me off her.

”Ewww, Riley get off of me! You nasty sweaty hoe ” Scarlet shouted at me and I laughed at her as I just hugged her tighter making her wet. Lol.

”Aww don you wuv me Scarly ” I pouted and asked her in a fake baby voice and at last let her go while she scowled at me, me poking my tongue at her in return.

”And you didn tell me, you had such a **ing gorgeous dude as your roommate ” She asked me crossing her arms and raising her perfectly filled brows and I shrugged in return.

”Wasn thought it was nece- wait a minute, why the ** are you not hungover right now? ” I asked her with a pissed off look while she smiled widely and twirled around the room.

”I must have done something extremely good in my last life that God blessed me with such an honor, I don get hungover ” My jaw dropped as she smirked and looked at her nails.

This isn **ing fair, God? What type of partiality is this?

Pinching my brows as my headache increased I sighed and stood up making my way to my bathroom, ”I want my room clean when I return and get me some tylenol while you
e at it, please ” I asked her with a sweet smile and she looked at me with a blank face then sighed and nodded.

My muscles instantly relaxed as I stood under the cold water, and ran my hand through my hair, and rolled my shoulders and neck. Fuck, I was so tense. Washing away all the sweat and stickiness, I wished I could just live her forever. Itd be so cool if I had some superpowers or something like a witch. I could just strangle someone with the snap of my fingers. And do some magic and make my body to never grow unwanted hair ever again, or the best, make all my pots and pans do the work themselves and make food just by moving around my fingers. Ah, man its be sooo sick!

This is my worst hangover ever! I swear Im never drinking ever again.

We both know thats a lie.

My inner hoe reminded me of her presence, and I rolled my eyes continuing to ignore her and wash my body with the loofah.

With all this frickin headache, I better have done something iconic or worth laughing my ass off. Thinking about last night, I wonder where Hunter disappeared to last night? What type of important **ing work he has in the middle of the evening? I gasp, what if hes some sort of a mob boss, living here as a cover, and had to deal with some drug shipments last night? And his drug deal went wrong and he went all mafia on him, pulling his gun out like in movies and phew phew phew phew all dead. I pointed my finger guns towards the duck on the ground and pretend as if it was the person who stole all my weed and I was Hunter.

”Phhhhheeeewwww ” I made some immature noises as I shoot the duck and kicked it with my toe making it flew out of the shower. I laughed at my antics and shake my head.

This was probably my theory number 3 about him, I don know, but he is on my radar. Im gonna keep my beautiful eyes on his beautiful culo.

Wrapping a towel around me, I got out of my bathroom and into my closet, putting on my bra with random panties , searching for the perfect outfit, that totally reflected my bitchy mood and gave off a stay-away-or-I-will-kill-you-vibe.

”Peaches, I got this hangover juice for you and you- ” Hunter immediately stopped and paused in his steps as his jaw dropped and he looked at my half naked glory. I froze in my steps, and he kept looking at me, his face turning red.

”Like what you see? ” I teased him and as he snapped out of something, he closed his eyes, placing the juice on table as I looked at him with amusement. He coughed in flustration and turned around. I chuckled to myself and got dressed in my shorts and a hoodie with a knife on it and ruffled my hair messily.

”You can turn around now ” He leaned against the door frame and looked at me with a smirk. Oh, so we are feeling confident now?

”If I didn knew better, Id think you were giving me a strip tease ” He teased me and I chuckled to myself, this dude.

”Good thing you know me then, and even if I was giving a strip tease it wouldn be to you ” I scoffed at the end making him laugh softly and he started walking towards me, and I who was already leaning on the wall, stayed where I was, he placed his hand on the wall, his fresh minty smokey breath hitting my face as I shamelessly inhaled in his scent. Fuck, his scent was heavenly, it was like his smell was hypnotizing me. What type of **ery is this?

”Thats wasn you were saying last night ” He whispered in my ear as my spine arched, and my eyes widen at the thought of me on his thicc lap as we-


”Whatd I do last night? ” I asked with a strong voice not wanting him to know my not so innocent thoughts. He smirked, darn! that smirk, his breath hitting my lips, as he looked at me with a amused and hard face.

My breath hitched as he looked at me with strong emotions in his eyes, ** me for not knowing how to read eyes, as his breath continued to hit my face, my spine arched and I controlled myself and my inhumane noises.

”You should probably finish your juice, and come quick, we
e going out to eat ” He winked at me and left the room as my jaw dropped. This mf hoe-

Well, what was I expecting? Its been like a day since I met this dude. Fuck hormones, heart, and my body, ** everything. I have never felt this type of feeling for anyone for years, and suddenly this hot dude appears out of nowhere and makes me feel all weird and **ing tingly. There is something wrong with him- Oh my God, is this some sort of a sign? Is he my soul mate? My eyes widen as I slap my hand on my mouth, YES, this could be possible.

Picking up the disgusting looking liquid I gulped it down all at once, and choked at the even more disgusting taste, **ing hell is this poison? Does this dood wanna kill me or what? I gargle some water and spit it out but the after taste was still in my mouth. My head felt lighter and it was like my hangover never existed. Wow! The juice was extremely nasty but effective.

I don know what came over me, but I was suddenly very determined and confident. He said to we
e going out right? I smirked and got rid of my loose clothes, and got dressed in a pale pink off shoulder top with light blue jeans short with my white and light pink sneakers, I just ruffled my hair around messily and picked up the front sections of my hair, twisted them and pinned them on the back of my head, grabbing my hair tie and putting it on my wrist, I quickly sprayed on some body mist, now for my makeup. Quickly doing a winged eyeliner, blush, and lipstick, I was ready. I posed clicking a few selfies and heard a whistle from behind. Turning around I saw Scarlet as she whistled again and jogged up to me.

”Gurl, you look so beautiful and pretty ” She made some hand motions making me laugh, I flipped my hair and shrugged, I was just blessed, ya know?

”You also look gorgeous ” She was wearing a red summer dress with flat and her hair in a loose ponytail, she looked so stunning.

We clicked some selfies together, and laughed, she was great company. ”You know Hunter is a very nice person ” Scarlet said to me with a teasing smile, twirling her strand of hair.

”And? ” I raised my eye brow at her while she made vulgar actions and I gagged. It was scary how similar she was to me. We might as well be a same person.

”Just saying, you both look very good together, and don think I didn noticed the tension radiating off from you guys in the closet ” She said to me with a smirk while I turned a little red.

”It was nothing ” I lied to her while she nodded her head, ”Sure , sure, lets just go ” We both locked our arms together and I picked up my phone and some money, which reminded Ive got to find a stable job and live happily and peacefully, I don have to worry about the house rent as my parents pay it for me, so that I don return to their house. They just love me soooo much.

Going out in the living room, I saw Hunter talking on the phone speaking in a different language as his strong muscles shifted. He was dressed a white t-shirt with a blue jacket on top with black skinny pants on his thicc thighs and legs, with a wrist watch and a black shoes. Fuck, he was such an eye candy.

Scarlet nudged me with her arm, smirking at me and passing teasing looks, I looked at him again and nearly shit myself as he was looking at me too with a hard gaze probably checking me out and mah gorgeous legs.

”Lets get going, Im sure yall are hungry ” He said like a true gentleman making me wonder what else he is hiding under all that gentleman persona. There is just something about bad guys that is just so, nice, ya know? They just always turn me on.

We nodded and made our way to the elevator that was thankfully repaired and got in the lift. Was it just me or was it slightly awkward here? I coughed a little and Scarlet **ing pushed me and me being the clumsy bitch stumbled onto Hunter as he quickly used his cat like reflexes and held me by my waist and his warm hand on my thigh that sent shivers down my spine. Scarlet cleared her throat looking around, pretending as if she wasn just drooling looking at us, this sneaky bitch, I recomposed myself and blushed slightly, what is this? Middle school crushes or something?

”So Hunter, tell me about yourself ” Scarlet casually asked Hunter leaning on the elevators wall, as he looked slightly angry. I frowned, what the ** is wrong with him? He was just fine a couple seconds ago. Moody Margaret. I giggled to myself and looked at him to see him looking at me.

”Nothings much, I am just living here temporarily for some important work ” he looked at me as he said it, ”and once its done, I will go back to where I was before I came here ” He said in his deep voice making me loose some brain cells at all this mysteriousness going on. We got out of the elevator and into a different car than yesterday and hopped in. Scarlet and me both sat in the back while he played our personal driver.

I wonder if his important work involves drugs, guns, and mafia. He lived in another city, but now came to live here because some dude either betrayed him, and now he was here for his revenge. But the dude outsmarted him, so now he has to stay for a little while longer in order to search for him and kill him and then he will return back and some innocent person will get framed for what he did. HOLY FUCK! He lives with me, what if he puts the blame on me? Well, I have always wanted to get arrested though. But, I don want to get a life in prison. I heard him laughing to himself. Hes probably laughing thinking about how I am gonna go to jail on his behalf. My life is ruined.

”Wow, thats some useful information ” Scarlet said sarcastically making me chuckle and he shrugged. Scarlet then proceeded to ask him a bunch of random questions while he answered them in one word making me roll my eyes while I nearly dozed off, my stomach still ached a little but Im sure itll be alright once it get its daily dose of caffeine and sugar. We reached a nice looking cafe and I quickly ran inside without waiting for Scarlet and Hunter.

I went up to find a booth and quickly sat inside calling for a waiter. A tall, lean bored looking guy came out, instantly perking up looking at me, he smirked unbuttoned his first few buttons as if I couldn just see him and flexed his non-existent muscles, he brought his hand up to ruffle his light blonde hair he made his way towards me, and smirked which looked like he has a tumor on the side of his face, I didn bother reading his name tag for it was irrelevant.

”Did you fall from heaven? Because I want to ** an angel ” I looked at him a bored expression and tried to figure out the ** he meant to say. Like literally what was this bullshit that just came out of his mouth? It didn even make any sense.

”Sorry I didn injure my head nor my eyes during the fall ” I replied boredly, and sipped my water trying to be nice and keep my inner bitch inside. He chuckled to himself and sat in front of my booth making me glare at him and raise my eyebrow at him.

”Aside from being sexy as **, whatd you do for a living sweetcheeks? Cuz Id like literally pay for you to blow me ” Cringing at the disgusting endearment, I face palmed myself, what was this? High school or something?

”If you know any better, youd stand up right now, and take my order like a good boy because this is a cafe and not some **ing dating spot or whatever, otherwise I will seriously stab your **ing dingly with this knife, and don think Im not because I am and also you don want to test me because I get extra daring and bitchy when I am hungry ” And at last I threw him a death glare. He gulped and stood up, trying to hide his sudden nervousness and recomposed himself smirking again. Did this measly excuse of a –

”Don be a bitch, come on ” He said with anger on his features. The audacity of this mf- Before I knew what I was doing I threw my remaining water on his face cuz he was pissing me off.

”You little bit- ” The measly excuse of a troll started furiously coming upto while I looked up at him with a calm bored expression, time to show my ninja like skills and kick some ass. Ooor in his case, flat ass.

Before he could finish his bullshit that was spewing out of his mouth, he was interrupted by Hunters fist on his face. Damn. Hunter glared at him furiously and I waited for him to turn into a giant wolf and go on a rampage and destroy everything from how deeply he was breathing and how scarily calm he appeared. Calm down, wolf boy.

That boy cried pathetically as he fell down to the ground, and crawled away running sobbing. Hunter sat down in front of me where the boy previously sat. Scarlet, who was looking at the whole situation with wide eyes, sighed and rushed over to me like we just witnessed a school fight.

”Ohmigosh- that was so **ing cool! ” She exclaimed as she sit down beside me and buzzed with excitement. This gurl literally gulped 2 bottles of **ing vodka yesterday and still looked like a beauty. Fuck world algorithms.

Can someone just take my order? I am **ing hungry, Hunter crossed his arms clenching his jaw, he brought his hand up to rub the back of his neck and then formed tight fists. Is he….jelly?

This was going to be interesting.


What do yall think about Riley?

I hope yall are liking the story so far, please do tell me if you do and share your thoughts and opinions 🙂

-With Love, Maia xoxo

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