Ever since I was a child, I dreamed that my life would be like a fairy tale princess.

The prince of my dreams, will find me through my lost shoe or save me from danger by fighting dragons or wake me up from my long beauty sleep by kissing my forehead.

But fulfilling the dream requires qualification, which I don have.

To be honest, till date I have not developed any kind of friendship let alone a love relationship with any man.

Because I haven seen the prince I dream of yet.

I woke up early in the morning and left for my work.

My name is Shaina Hamid. I live in New York City. I work as birthday presenter in a five star hotel. Many domestic and foreign guests come to our hotel, some of them have birthdays. To wish that birthday person a happy birthday, take some gifts and chocolates from the hotel and wish him a birthday.

A colorful dress was also given to me by the hotel as a Birthday Presenters dress. Even if I don like the dress .

Its a little late today, Im going to wish a guest on the 32nd floor who is born today. The manager scolded me a lot for being late.

Coming to the thirty-second floor, as soon as the elevator door opened, I went out, and at that moment, I collided head-to-head with someone.

I saw a well-dressed smart old woman, I said sorry madam.

The old smart woman smiled and said in a British accent, its fine, dear.

The old woman is a British woman. I liked his humble demeanor very much.

I saw the gentle old lady, observing me from head to toe. You might be wondering what the girl is doing here wearing so many colorful clothes.

I saw the funny look of the old lady and explained to her that I am actually a birthday presenter. My job is to wish all the guests of our hotel on their birthday.

I am in the childrens department. I mean I wish for children.

The old woman said, what a shame.

Such a beautiful girl like you does not suit all these joker clothes at all. You should learn how to dress princesses.

Because that dress will suit you better.

I said to myself that my life is far from a fairy tale. Being a princess is not possible for me in this life.

Thank you madam for your nice compliment.

The old lady entered the elevator with a beautiful and gentle smile.

And Im going to my clients door to make a birthday wish.

Knocking on the clients door, a woman opened the door, said what do you want?

I said today is your childs birthday so I brought him some gifts to wish him on his birthday.

The woman said, no need to wish, go with the gifts, now my son is sleeping. As I handed over the gifts, the woman slammed the door on my face. I am walking towards the elevator again, thinking of leaving this job. Because there is no honor in this job, how can you feel like a joker? As soon as I entered the elevator, I saw a purse bag on the floor of the elevator. I saw this bag in the hand of the old woman. I picked up the purse bag and looked inside, bundles of euros and dollars were stuffed inside the purse. I said to myself, I need so much money. I thought in my mind that I can do many things with this money including paying my house rent arrears. But I won do that. Because I have no right to anything else.

It would be desirable for her to return it.

As soon as the elevator came down, I walked out into the parking lot through the hallway. If I find the old woman here, I will return her purse full of euros and dollars.

Luckily, I saw the old lady standing in front of a black limousine talking to her driver.

As I approached the old woman, she was surprised to see me and asked, whats the matter?

I said you left your purse bag inside the elevator.

I was returning the purse bag to the old lady, at that moment the old lady said, there are many euros and dollars inside it.

I said, thats why I came down quickly to return your bag to you, if you had left, it would have been difficult for me to find you.

The old woman kept looking at me for a while, it seemed that she was trying to see everything inside and outside me.

When I was coming back, she asked me. Where are you staying ? I said, South Bronx. I thought I was able to stay in all these areas of poor house girls like me. Its been two months since I got out of university with a creative writing degree. But I still couldn find the job to suit my qualifications. I was eagerly looking at the old womans fancy limousine car. Riding in such a expensive car, I have no ability to touch the distance. The old woman introduced her, and said my name is Rose. Whats your name? I said, my name is Shayna Hamid. Granny said, Shayna, will you ride a car with me?

I said I don need a ride, but thanks for inviting me to the ride. But the woman did not leave me, saying that if you were to ride with me, I would be very happy. I could know about your life. I said, you have nothing to interesting me about my life. Yet the old woman did not leave me, saying that I could be your friend. I can invite as a friend to ride with me. At the force of growth, I entered her fancy limousine car. Upon entering, I could see that the hidden camera was hidden in the car.

Inside the car there are small chambers, there are various types of drink bottles and drinking glass. There is a television screen and on the head of the car, the seats designed like a sofa are quite comfortable and if you wish, you can travel by spreading your hands and feet in the seats. The driver wanted to know where to drop me. I gave the address of my moms bakery shop. Just leaving the car, Rose asked me, ”Well, Shayna, are you happy with your life and work? ” Young girls like you have dreams of doing a lot. I said yes there is a dream, but they are not fulfilled. Rose said can I know your dream? I said, everything in life is just like this. Rose held a sweet smile on her face and said, ”Why is nothing going on in your life? ”

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