Country Z, was the most prominent country in the world , it was known for its wide variety of businesses and entertainment industries. And jiang roulan biggest dream was to be an international singer, but she could never get past being a back up singer. Jiang roulan family was a average family, she went to an average high school, and went to B university, it only qualified her to be a back up singer.

jiang roulan father had divorce her mother and her mother was sick and she also had to take care of her younger brother. Who was still in high school.

Jiang roulan was already twenty-four years old already, she had to work three dead end jobs. To take care of her mother and brother, before finally getting a job in Su enterprises. Her salary was just enough for her to take care of her family.

” sis Im off to school now, don stress yourself. I can clean the dishes when I get back. ” Said jiang guan,

Jiang Guan was very handsome and thus was very popular in school, luckily for him he took his father height and was very tall. Even at the age of sixteen,

Jiang roulan looked at her brother and throw some few yuan at him, ” Im sure all your girlfriends will skin me if I don feed you. ”

Jiang roulan said teasingly after seeing the stack of love letters jiang guan received during Valentines Day, Jiang guan blushed and said, ” I don like those girls, they are too clingy. I only love you and mom. ” Jiang roulan laughed and pushed jiang guan our of the house,

” Im sure wanwan would be waiting for you, so off to school you go ”. Jiang guan blushed and left the house, jiang roulan tidy the kitchen and put the remain breakfast in a themoflask, for jiang lan.

Jiang roulan had fair skin and long shiny black hair, button nose and freckles. Her slim curves and long legs, made every outfit look good in her.

She rushed to hospital z, which was the hospital her mother jiang lan was staying. ” mom Im here and I brought your favorite ”. Jiang roulan pecked her mother as she placed the flask on the table, jiang lan condition has been good and soon she would be discharged from the hospital.

” lan lan you
e here, mrs Si was just telling me about her nephew just now, ”.

If its one thing these two women were good at was finding suitors for Jiang Roulan.

Jiang Roulan said happily, ” mom! I can find a husband on my own, anyways Im going to be late for work. I see you when I get back okay ”.

Jiang roulan bid goodbye to jiang lan and mrs Si , before rushing to Su enterprise.

Su enterprise is small, company in the country z, words says that the owner is about to sell the company to a bigger one.

” Good morning assistant jiang ” greeted the security.

Jiang roulan waved at the security before entering, the interior was average and small, ” Good morning assistant jiang, the CEO said you should come straight to the office. ”Said the secretary.

Jiang roulan nodded and went to the elevator, Su enterprise only had seven floors and the seventh was the CEO office,

” Good morning sir, you wanted to see me. ”

The CEO was a middle aged man, in his late forties, he was strict and barely smiled,

” jiang roulan take a sit ”.

Said wu yongchao, ” Im guessing you must have heard that someone is about to buy our company, ” jiang roulan nodded, she heard from a colleague.

” well thats true, I am unable to continue working as my health is deteriorating, and i have no children to take my place. ”

Everyone knew about the CEO health conditions,

” so I am selling the company to Han enterprises, and from the money Ill give you your reward ”. Everyone knew that it was jiang roulan that saved the company, from bankruptcy.

” thank you sir but no need, I was just doing my part as an employee, ”

she didn deserve any reward whatsoever, wu yongchao shook his head

” please jiang roulan, my conscience will never let me be, if you don take it ”.

Bringing out a black card from the drawer, he pushed it into jiang roulan hands, ” here their three million yuan in this card, as a token of my appreciation. Please don regret it ”.

Three million yuan that could solve all her problems, jiang roulan finally nodded

” thank you sir, have you already sold the company ”.

Jiang roulan asked keeping the card in her bag, wu yongchao nodded.

” Im flying to country S, to treat my illness and maybe start a new life there. The new boss will come to inspect the company tomorrow, i have told the janitor and cleaners to keep this place in tip-top shape, and as for you. You will be the one to tour the new CEO around the building and tell him all the necessary details ”.

Jiang roulan nodded and left the office, she headed to her desk and started working. She didn finish her work yesterday, so the table was filled, jiang roulan worked for four hours, and only stop when someone placed a container on her desk.

” lan lan I know you
e busy but if you don eat, youll be even thinner ”.

Said Li jian jian, she was the only friend jiang roulan has in the entire company. Jiang roulan stretched her body and opened the container, its was tomatoes and egg instant noodles.

” thank you jian jian, I owe you one ”. Jiang roulan picked up her chopsticks and began eating slowly but gracefully.

” yeah you could also treat me to dinner next time. ”

” I heard that the CEO of Han enterprises is very handsome, they say hes even more handsome than M&J ”. Said Li jian jian with a teasing smile.

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