Jiang roulan walked slowly with a neutral expression, and give him a hug before saying, ” this hug is for all the candy you bought me, since you have a new family we are not need anymore. Daddy don you feel guilty. ”

After saying that jiang roulan walked back to her mother said, and then she pointed to the three kids, ” i never hold a grudge when you poured soup all over me, or put gum on my sit, you always said that we were the ones who took your place right, so now we are leaving. ”

Jiang lan looked at jiang jian one last time before saying

” you can come and see them if you wish, but I doubt with them, you wouldn even remember you have other children, but I have one wish to make. ”

Jiang jian nodded and said ”anything. ”

” no matter what, you will let lan lan and guan guan retain their position as first and second master and missy of this family, and second you will tell the world that they are your illegitimate children. ”

Cheng yi face twisted with malice when she heard what jiang lan said, what she wanted saw exactly what that ugly woman forbade

” alright laner I will do as you said, besides my mother will kill me if i do otherwise. ”

Jiang lan nodded and left the house with jiang roulan and jiang guan, and they never stepped foot again.

” guan guan come and eat dinner, stop sulking like a depressed elephant. ” Said jiang roulan with a teasing smile.

” Im not sulking, Im just thinking. ” Jiang guan defensed

Jiang roulan nodded and sat down to eat.

”Guanguan don bother about the people from the jiang family, we are not related to them. ”


If jiang jian heard this, he would be turning in his house.

” lan lan Im more handsome than that jiang shuxuan right. ”

Jiang roulan nodded and said ” a hundred times better ”.


He already knew that

Picking up her phone, it was tian Qing Qing.

”Hello Qing Qing, whats up ”.

Tian Qing Qing was one of jiang roulan best friend

Tian Qing Qing: lan lan you have to come to xinjin hotels right now.

Jiang roulan: why? What happened.

Tian Qing Qing: i can tell you, you need to see it for your self.

Jiang roulan: alright Im on my way.

After ending the call, jiang roulan stood up from the table.

” something came up, Ill be back in a while. ”

Jiang guan nodded and continued eating.

Jiang roulan flagged a taxi to xinjin hotels

She met tian Qing Qing outside

” Qing Qing Im here and whats going on ”.

Tian Qing Qing did not say anything and just dragged jiang roulan to room 27ab,

” what are we doing here ”.

Tian Qing Qing placed her hands on her lips, signaling her to keep quiet.

” just listen. ”

When jiang roulan placed her ear on the door, she heard the most shocking sound


Ah si faster faster

Ah si i love you

Ah si after this you will marry me right

Anger swelled up in Jiang roulan body as the kicked out the door.

Si bai and another woman, were entangled together. Sweat dripping from their body.

Si bai had a shocked expression

” lan lan what are you doing here. ”

Jiang roulan clutched her fist tightly

” its over between, Si bai. Don come looking for me, since you slept with another woman and said you love her. Then i have no use. ” Rushing towards the table she grabbed the scissors and cut her waist length hair.

” I am ending the decade love with you, right here and now ”.

After that she dropped the scissors and left the room.

” Qing Qing thank you for showing me this, good job. I wouldn have believed if you told me. ”

Tian Qing Qing hugged her friend, and patted her head. ” its okay don cry. ”

Jiang roulan shook her head ” Im not crying, my heart just feels numb. Hey follow me to the salon, I miss my jet black hair. ”

Tian Qing Qing laughed and said ” yes lets turn you into a queen ”.

” miss you said you want your hair black and then straighten it right. ”

Jiang roulan nodded

Two hours later


So beautiful

” maam you are so beautiful it, for being so beautiful I have a gift for you. ”

He signaled one of the stylist to bring the item

”Here you go miss, wear this to work tomorrow, and don forget to come back next time. ”

After bidding tian Qing Qing good bye, jiang roulan flagged a taxi back home

Its was already late and jiang roulan did not expect guan guan to be awake

She took a quick shower and forced herself to sleep, as she had to get up early

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