I searched hard for my laptop and the big file where the contract of marriage was kept. After going to the gym. I straight headed to the office basement where I usually kept my changes of files or tapes for my evidence (practically a copy). My head was empty from all that drink I drank before returning to my house. The basement was empty and my locker was in front of me. I hated the fact that my marriage is all fake. Monica was perfect in those stupid photos but in real she is a goddess. I hate to admit that I hate this marriage even more now.

I found my copy. I started the car and drove to my house almost at a high speed to kill anybody who would show up in front of the goddamn car. The lights were on. Still? Who would have stayed up this late its almost 1 a.m. hopefully the maids were waiting for me to return when I asked them ”is she asleep yet? ” They shook their head and I raised my head towards the slightly open door.

I saw her crying over the phone. Who was talking with her? This is late. And with my fake bride? I slammed open the door when she stopped crying and looked up to me.

”Who was it? ” I ask fists over the anger. Her lips parted but closed again. I didn expect any words to utter from her. Not a single one when she finally told the name.

”Martin. ” My ears were fuming with rage of hearing a mans name utter from her lips. But I didn care less. They were holding some emotional conversation I understand. I threw the file on the bed and said ”read it again. ” I left her room and prepared myself to smash another drink for the night.

I was scared when all I could do is pretend. My whole life. It was like sleep work, sleep work. I finally rested for one week. For those marriage proposals and presentations for the marriage. Monica got her hair and stuff done for the wedding. It was already the time to choose a wedding dress for her. I waited for her to explode from the changing room quick enough.

Her gown was pale white with a shade of blue in it. I liked it. So I paid for it. I drove back to my mansion when she hovered into the kitchen looking a little lost. I spared a glance to her but quickly stepped into the shower. Until the cold water ran through my sculpted abs, shoulders and my back. I remained silent. It was no longer a house for myself, it was Monicas too. But, I felt the house was all mine again. I couldn put myself loving her or giving what she wanted.


The words hammered me over and over restrained me to shove her off and tell her lets start dating. But, Im a nobel guy. I will never earn the respect for which I have trained myself. The water stopped running as I ran my fingers through my hair. A silent knock came by the door. I dragged the towel and wrapped it around my waist. Maybe the maids. The hand looked some kind of familiar when I shoved myself to look in more. WHAT THE FUCK!! It was Monica standing all blushed and flustered.

I shut the door half way and growled to her ”what….what do you want? ” She slipped the file and I grabbed it. I didn want to kneel down and take it for the gods sake.

My towel flipped open and the second I was naked with the wetness of my hair. My eyes followed down and I bent to pick the towel back when I whispered ”sorry, that you had to see something irritating sight of me. ” I waited for a response but there was nothing. I leaned in to see by the door, keeping myself hideous when I found she was long gone. Maybe gone to her room. Or trolling anywhere. I closed the door and relieved a deep sigh.

”Hey son, whats the matter. You usually don call me this late. ” I called my mother after the incident. My whole body was on fire after the beer I drank. ”Sorry, I don think I could hold on to this marriage. ”

”I know Catalina is trying hard to survive the same battle that you are in. The doctor said that they are not sure when she will wake up from this coma. ” My mother was never judgemental. She always swayed me by giving hope. But, now that Monica came I was prepared to hop around the hospital and hug Catalina.

”I will call you back. ” My harsh voice came by and the small beep left my head hanging down bad. I thought that this marriage was a distraction from everything that Catelina did. She danced with other guys, slept with them and got drunk and hit herself on a big cocky tree. Thats some bullshit accident I have ever heard in my life.

Monica didn seem to have her body on the breakfast table. And my phone kept on buzzing with calls for arranging the wedding hall. Part of me wanted to ask Monica to help me with this shit. But either way I am to held responsible.

Monica stepped out of her room wearing a purple maxi dress. My sinful eyes glared at her bare arms as I flinched back and grabbed my toast to serve the appetite. She didn even exchange good mornings. I seized my hand on my thighs to wait for the green light to see her go away to her room so that my tensed limbs could relax for a bit. I shared a glance over her when her full body took charge of the chair and she sat on it while devouring the eggs and the orange juice.

”Slept quite well. ” I broke down to ask her. Her eyes flinched as she nodded. I Rose from my table and grabbed my phone to answer the call. I choked while saying ”I can hire two bodyguards. Leave things as it be. Hour reports must be prepared. ” Alex was a great help. He married my sister Anna. Who is a good artist for the Seattle Seahawks? She sold twenty masterpieces of hers and on the other hand Alex a millionaire, with his two set film and book publications in Finland.

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