I remembered the day when I looked up to the internet and searched her profile to know her better. The comments of all low-life assholes made me vomit all over my PC. I took a sharp breath almost at the edge of loosing my shit.

When some of the comments ran through the screen

Coment 1: her mom left her ages ago *crying emoji*

Coment 2: her dad is sitting near a **ing Picasso*laughing emoji*

Coment 3: and we all know how a whoresworks these days.

I turned my PC off and set my coffee mug aside the plate. I ran without facing the outcome. But now its different, I am marrying the same girl. Nothing changed in her behaviour she barely even uttered a word to me. Earlier the day I saw piles of books scattered all over the king sized bed. Lowly she was reading. Her eyes were swollen from the lack of sleep with only a dim light on beside her bed.

I didn seemed to understand her psychic behaviour when I stepped in and she tilted her head up trying to find courage to make the bed spacious. I sat on the arm chair faced her, legs crossed and arms locked and felt that my muscles were groaning from the tightness of the shirt and pressure. I finally said ”what are you reading? ”

She raised the book to her half face making me watch the front cover of the book The mistakes understood I didn have a clue what she was reading but I have seen so many teens to read that book when I usually visit bars, or cafes. Only nerds could sit with their eyes open for coffee and reading a damn book.

I pictured her room. The night dresses were neatly folded and kept aside. Her luggage was still unpacked. Her hands were pale. Her lips were plum and of a baby pink colour. Her hair was braided and her eyes were fixed on me. Telling me to come near her and comfort her. My hands balled into fist. Belive me Monica. Im restraining. My behaviour over opposite sex has always been high or admirable. Atleast Im passionate about physical therapy.

Her hand swirled to curl the side hairs of her head which were falling over her shoulder. I looked away as I stepped and said ”sleep. Don be late tomorrow. My mother and sister will accompany us at evening. ” I saw her eyes become realxed into some kind of surety. Someone gripping me to stay put on my feets instead of going towards her cupping her neck and kiss her forehead. But, I hate her. My heart controls only response of Catalina who is still battling with a **ing coma.

On a push chair, I observe Monica sitting dressed in a white gown and her hair open. The light make-up on her cheeks as if she applied very carefully so that people would never notice. I sit beside her leaving a small gap between us as the heat produced and my arms tensed up with a urge to hide. My mother was sitting across us. She beautifully eyes the large gap between us and her eyes sits just on my face.


”I suppose today evening we are heading to the west event. The hall is pretty big. And the kitchen is marvellous. Were you supposed to stay there? Juli? ” What the **? My mom just called me by my nickname.

”Mom? ” I groaned to her address. Glancing over at Monica. She sat with a straight face. Remember, Julien NO STRINGS ATTACHMENT. I observes my sister with dark scowl as she take a huge bite of her almond cookies.

”Didn your husband already left the belongings in another room? ” I ask.

”Shh….he is probably having calls. He is busy. Alex is always busy. So he buys me this to make me happy. ” Anna was happy. Im realxed to her intro over her pathetic husband. I spin my eyes towards my mother, and asks ”Luca told me, about you guys. ”

My mother frozed as she stammers ”who….who told you? We guys are completely understandable to each other unlike you guys. Sitting so far from each other. ” Boom! Heres the bomb blasted.

Monica, kept her gaze pinned on the fruits that was served for my mother and sister. I took a brief moment to understand the situation and placed a hand on her shoulder. Something kept her busy but she jerked off as if I was untouchable. I shifted myself a little close and took the paper plate in hand and placed on her lap. Few grapes and strawberries were there.

”So, guys I will stay here for today and mother is going to the villa straight. I don know if Alex would like his own space or not. I will check on him. ” Anna started walking when Alex stepped in bumping into her.

”Good lord heavens! Can you wait for a minute here alone? ” Alex stares down at her. I can bet that Alex wasn built like I was because once he was my bestfriend. Kind off. We shared bath and dinner tables often. So, yeah! He married my sister while having his ears filled with with rumors that he married some psycho.

I turn slightly, my arms hits the light stand and I watch my mother get off the chair and going in the direction of my room. Practically to the kitchen. The room blankets in complete silence, looking at the chubby couple doing their sort of jobs.

”I will go to my room ” the honey coated words were enough to make my lips curl into small faint smile. When I jotted up and Monica was looking the tinest person to be living here. Even Catalina was a few inches to my shoulders.

I nod to her as I take a step closer and bent to whisper into her ears ”forget everything my mother told. Do your job instead. ” My words were of concern. And would never give a damn what she thought about it or against it.

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