It wasn midnight, when I woke up to my phones message from Martin. Inviting me to the all teachers reunion day! My eyes fell on a weird looking emoji he left in his message *a heart* I stroked my hair and making myself get up from the bed. My eyes were unable to detect the rooms lights. So did I bumped to the side of the bed?

When I took my phone and turned on my flashlight and turned on my lights. A gentle swift of my rooms knob turned me to shiver at the thought of some burglars have turned in themselves. But it was non-other than a large frame, huge looking man with a black night suit stepped in, in confusion he set the glass of water on the side table and asked ”do you panic often? ”

”No. I was just thirsty. ” I lied. I walked around the room with the guilt that I seriously lied to my fiance. When he made a hole to see right through me. I turned filling my glass with water and saw him stepping in.

”Tomorrow my relatives are coming and after that we have bachelorette party. Dress wisely. I will have you go around with Frank. He has great taste at picking dressess. ” He said his hands sliding through the door frame.

”And you? ” I curiously asked after drinking my water. He gave me a angry look and walked out of the room slamming the door. I heard his door slam. My eyes were wet as the tears rolled down.

Later, the morning I woke up and found a beige colour dress lying on the bed with a note. I wore that and went down to greet everyone. When the glorious face came into view the perfect fake-husband. His dress code was all black with a white shirt. He looked like a king sitting on the throne. Our eyes met as he looked up and said nothing instead he spread out his hand to invite me to his sanctuary.

”Miss Moris and Bella…..she is my bride-to-be– ” Julien said while rubbing his cheekbones.

”Don you dare to talk behalf of the girl. Such a bad habit I see.. ” while looking at our gap Miss Moris says and laughs. ”So what you do? I mean to say, what type of toner you use to be so much beautiful? ” Miss Moris asked. Suddenly I felt a light brush of hands on my back where the laces were hanging from the dress.

”Uh….. I am a professor. ” The certain quite room fell apart and God only knows I was at a loss of words to come up.

Bella cleared her throat and tilted her head ”Julien you need to work more with your preety wife…. ”

”We are not married yet, stop accusing me ”

”Woah…easy. I am just pulling your leg. Anyways, I heard that you were a professor so whats next? ” Easy for her to ask and demanding for more questions. I inhale a sharp short breath and my lips parted to speak when Julien stood and walked away I watched his back. Broad and deep arms, when his biceps tensed and we
e leaving a pump for him.

”Well, I look forward to read books of different authors. So, if Im unemployed I could get the allowance for earning money after the marriage too….. ”

”You won this family is **ing rich. And our ladies don work. The gentlemens work for them… ” Julien remarked. Wonderful, I can buy more books suppose. But wait, its really not good to him. I nod to his remarks as they both looks at Julien and asks him few questions. I feel so outdone. A distant people who doesn belong here. Last night I saw Julien making coffee and after tasting it he vomited the whole thing with the dinner.

He is bad at kitchen to be honest. I saw Alexs text pop up on my phones screen. His little text were unchecked from last night. The last text what I read was oo busy to text or call back? I guess new husband and house made quite an impression well, now the text reads oh my god!

i wasn expecting that you will turn me down like this, you little mice…. I blush with the words he wrote down mice…..mice when my imagination was struck by Julien who stood beside me looking all pale.

”They left….but seems like you are too busy to chat with you ex or current lover? ” I glare at him his accent is so clear. ”No…. bestfriend ” ”I see a guy-bestfriend? ”

”Well, princess from tomorrow onwards you are focusing on household things so forget your lover or what so ever he is….. ” Julien Tedd huh? The boss? Yes, I am flattered the way he called me princess from the corner of the room. ”Julien…the thing is can I go to my room? ” I asked. I finally stood up to ask him. He nodded returning his eyes on the table were gifts were stuffed. I happily jump and run back to my little den.

Seeing her running like kid got a birthday present infact an adult who is going to be in her privacy so she can talk with her little boy toy alone and all I get to see her laugh while talking to the person made me want to shove her to my little suffocating room and made her sit and obey me. Why the hell she is talking with other guys. And while I have seen her face without a smile while talking to me? This is some bullshit. I grab on the coat and stroms off to the way to the hospital. Its time for my heart to beat cause I only got one month to see her off before my wedding. Fake wedding.

Sitting in the room crying my eyes off was not a good escape. He is meeting again with the mistress. He is my husband. I have to take care of everything. I chose a white gown for tomorrows wedding and soen make-up set on my dressing table. My eyes are all swollen beacause I texted Alex in a rude way and he took it to his heart and blocked me for his entire career.

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