My Mystery Husband

The genesis of the crisis

I was mowing the lawn in our front yard when my sisters convoy drove in. I resisted the urge to look at them. I am the adopted daughter and the maid of the family and she is the biological daughter and the future Queen of the Kingdom. She detests the sight of me, so we don talk to each other.

”Mia, what happened? ” A message came in on my phone after about an hour. I looked at the sender, it was Chole, a lady in her late forties that lived across the boulevard.

”Nothing, Chloe. ” I forwarded a reply, looking in the direction of her house.

”Then why did you sign up on Matrisure; begging men to come and marry you? For Gods sake, you are twenty-three! ”

”Chole, please calm down; what is Matrisure? ”

”Its a matrimonial website! Please delete the pictures; your hair is so unkempt and people are laughing at it! ”

”Queenie! She is at it again! ” I yelled, took my hand off the mower, and ran towards the grand foyer.

”Queenie, did you just create a profile for me on a matrimonial website? ” I asked my sister who sat on one of the sofas, keeping her knees and ankles tightly together and slanting her legs to the side. Queenie was betrothed to Prince Montero, the heir apparent to the throne of Cambodia when she was thirteen years old. The Queen took her when she turned sixteen and taught her how to be the Princes wife. Having lived six years in the Palace, everything Queenie does emits royalty.

”Oh…you have been visiting the website yet it never occurred to you that you should create a profile; aren you old? ” Queenie asked, without looking at me.

”I haven been visiting the site, my friend called me now. Did I tell you I need a husband? ” I asked, raising my voice slightly up.

”Mia! ”

”Mom, please, stay out of this, Im talking to my sister! ” I yelled. It was as though my words ripped Queenie off and she stood up and walked majestically towards me.

”Mia, you are a fool! You are so dumb…gosh! I have told you several times that Im not your sister! You were used as collateral, mom never adopted you! Your lazy mother used you as collateral! Please, stop addressing me as your sister. I am smart and intelligent, I can have a dumb mule as a sister! You are too ugly and dirty for my liking! ” Queenie screamed at me. I licked my lower lips and looked away.

My family will never stop reminding me that I was used as collateral. I don know what they meant by that. I knew I was adopted, but being used as collateral; I knew nothing about it. I feel bad each time they remind me that I am a stranger in their midst. I don know my true identity and it makes me feel as though I am an alien and bitter toward my birth parents that couldn raise me.

”Please, remove all my pictures you uploaded on the website; I will get married when I see the right man for me, ” I said with a sad tone.

”When, Mia? You are twenty-three years old all you do is sit and eat all the food I send to mom and dad! When will you start appreciating them for raising you? If raising a child is easy, your biological mother wouldn have given up on you! You are leaving this house whether you like it or not! ”

”Would you stop citing my biological mother? ” I yelled at her.

”No, I won ! She gave birth to the most confused human! A dull brain! ”

”Mom, please, warn her, ” I said, looking at my mom.

”Shut your dirty mouth up! ” Mom stood up and pointed a finger at me. ”Queenie has been here for more than an hour and you saw the royal convoy yet you didn come to show some respect! The whole nation bows to her! People give her a standing ovation whenever her presence is announced at any function! Im yet to see the reason why you shouldn ! Well, May I remind you that this mansion belongs to her? The royal house gave it to her on her thirteenth birthday. She has decided that you are leaving this house and her word is final. ”

”She wants me out because I didn bow to her the way you and dad do? ”

”Yes! ”

”Have I been bowing to her? ”

”No! And she can take it anymore. Mia, you are leaving. ”

”Fine, Ill leave, but I…need time to look for an apartment, ” I sputtered with my face lowered. What I needed wasn really time but money.

”Your stay here is over! A suitor called me thirty minutes ago, he is coming tomorrow morning to take you away. He has also transferred a huge amount of money to me now, ” dad, who just walked into the lounge said with a wild grin. They see Queenie as god and do only what she says.

”You sold me off? ” I asked, tilting my brows in surprise.

”No, someone cleared your debt! Listen, Im not transferring the money back to him. I

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