My Mystery Husband

The mysterious suitor

” He offered me his right hand.

I wouldn have followed him but letting me know I have a choice, motivated me. I stood up and began to walk towards the entrance. He walked silently behind me.

”Anna, please go with my bag; Ill come for it later, ” I whispered into my friends ear.

”Are you going with him? ” Anna asked, frowning her face.

”He said his brother sent him. I want to meet him and if they look alike, Im going to live on the street, ” I whispered again.

”They are definitely going to look alike, Mia. How old is his brother? ”

”I don know, he didn tell me, ” I responded as we fixed our eyes on Mr. Gregory who was trying to open the door of his car.

”Who is going to help you out of that car? ” Anna asked with a worried tone.

”Honestly, Anna, I… don …know, ” I sputtered.

”Mia, are you aware that Queenies royal wedding comes up in December? ” Mom said behind us. We quickly turned and faced her.

”No one told me, ” I responded.

”We didn because you are not needed. What would you do there? I..mean Queenie said you are not her sister. Ill advise you to focus on your marriage… ”

”Why are you telling me then? ” I asked, sighed, and turned away.

”You need to know you are not invited, ” Mom said.

”Oh…thank god! ” Mr. Gregory screamed happily when he succeeded in opening the car doors. He gestured towards the passenger side of the car. Mom grinned mockingly and shrugged.

A sudden urge to make the best out of what people see as nothing came on me. I swallowed hard, lifted my head, and began to walk towards the passenger side of the old wagon. I waved at Anna and hopped into the car.

”Don shut the door yet! ” Mr. Gregory shouted with a smile. I frowned and looked at him. ”Would you help me push the car? ” He said, tilting his head. I got down without saying a word and began to push the car. Anna joined me and we kept pushing until the engine picked up. Anna waved at me with tears in her eyes, I waved back and entered the car. Mr. Gregory drove away slowly. I began to imagine what his brother looked like. ”There is no way his brother would look different. They must have some similar features, ” I said to myself.

”How old is your brother? ” I asked after some minutes of silence.

”How old do you want him to be? ” Mr. Gregory grinned and looked at me. He looks horrible when he smiles. I wondered if his brother looks the same.

”Is he chubby like you? ” I asked.

”No, ” he responded and I heaved a loud sigh of relief. Mr. Gregory threw his head backward and gave out a great peal of infectious laughter. I smiled and looked away. I was so curious about his age, so I began to twist my questions.

”Is he your immediate younger brother? ”

”No ”

”Your elder brother? ”

”No ”

”Is he a divorcee? ”

”No, he has a wife, you are going to be his second wife. ”

”No…way…drop me! ” I said jokingly because I knew he was kidding and we giggled.

”Remember, you can choose not to marry him after meeting him, but I will be happy if you marry him, ” he said with a calm tone and I could detect the seriousness in his tone.

”Alright, ” I said and rested my head on the headrest. Mr. Gregory looked like a nice person and I became a bit relaxed.

It was a long journey to RockRing Estate which was located in the northern outskirt of Phnom Penh.

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