My Mystery Husband

Legally married

”Hi, Mia ”

I felt a shock ran through me. I stood there blank, terrified, and very unsettled. Surprise siphoned the blood from my face. I opened my mouth to talk but words refused to come out.

Logan crossed his long legs, tilted his head and fixed his expressionless eyes on me, I shamefully lowered mine.

I could not believe my family set me up and left me at the mercy of my enemy. I believe people like him are not on matrimonial websites. Logan was the man that had been bothering my life. He was also the reason why Liam, my fiance dumped me.

The incident happened four months ago during Liams fathers companys corporate anniversary celebration. The family threw a party to celebrate the firms continual existence after twenty successful years.

The company also intended to diversify its marketing strategy by promoting its corporate identity, touting past accomplishments, and strengthening relationships with customers and investors.

Logan graced the occasion with about fifteen armed bodyguards. Liam was mad at his dad for inviting a drug baron that was not a business associate to the occasion.

I was sitting at a separate table with my friend Anna when one of his bodyguards tapped me and pointed at his table. I looked in the direction he pointed at; a hand waved at me, I turned my face and gave out a noisy sigh. His eyes were fully covered with black Mykita Rad Hourani sunglasses, I couldn see his face clearly.

He walked up to me after some minutes and introduced himself as Logan. He also removed the dark sunglasses and I recognized him immediately. He had been sending me messages on social media. When I blocked him on all social media platforms, he resorted to physical confrontation to the extent that I lost my job. I don know why he chose to ruin my life. He knew I was engaged already, so I felt he wanted Liam to dump me.

I gave him the craziest slap ever as soon as he removed the sunglasses, almost wrecking the companys party. He stood up, wore back his glasses, and walked shamefully back to his table.

Liams father went to his executive table and apologized to him. The family got angry and told me to leave the party hall. Liam called our engagement off the next day. I apologized to Liams family, and they accepted my apology but won accept me back. I braced up and hugged reality. I never loved Liam, all I wanted was a home I could call mine.

”Logan,… Im…sorry, please forgive me, ” I stammered with my head lowered. He kept quiet and fixed his eyes on me. His unique gray eyes were flat and undecipherable as an inscription carved on a stone. I waited impatiently for him to talk to me, however, he punished me with silence.

He took a deep breath after some minutes and my ear flickered in a display of impatience.

”Apology rejected, ” he said with a lowered and cool voice that sent some shivers all over my body. I close my eyes to blink back a tear.

”I want something from you, ” he said, whirling his chair to face the monitor.

”What do you want? ” I asked with a flat tone. Logan ignored my question and fixed his eyes back on the monitor, directing men that were wandering in a forest. I looked at the monitor, I could swear I saw someone that looked like Liams father among the men in a forest.

”Ill talk to you later, ” Logan said, waving at me. I turned to leave the office.

”Bernard, ” he called.

”This way, maam, ” one of his bodyguards gestured towards the exit. The bodyguard led me to the elevator.

The elevator door opened and we stepped off at the back of the skyscraper. I was startled by the sight of a white massive mega-mansion that stood before me. The high-tech building spews superfluity and maximizes adornments and comfort at every angle. The big compound was surrounded by short trees, giving it an intimate aspect.

Bernard waddled towards the building and I did the same. The doors kept opening and closing until we got to the executive lounge. He offered me a seat and turned to leave.

”Bernard, please, wait, ” I said. He halted.

”Please, what am I doing here? ” I asked calmly.

”The boss will be with you shortly; I only followed his instruction. ”

”Thank you, ”

”You are welcome, ” he responded and walked away. I went back to the chair and sat down, waiting for the boss. I quickly lifted my gaze when one of his domestic staff appeared in the doorway.

”Your food is ready? ” She announced. I was hungry, but everything was like a dream to me, thereby making me lose my appetite. I looked at her and shook my head.

”Our boss regards people who reject his food as enemies. ” The young girl said. I stood up and followed her immediately. I was tired of being his enemy already. I wished we could be friends.

She led me to a squeaky-clean dining room, a small table, and two chairs. The dining room was small, but it was the most beautiful I had ever seen.

I stood still and admired the room for some minutes before drawing one of the chairs out of the dining table. The meal was quite tasteful and I justified it. I remembered Anna who was probably waiting for my phone call. I had no phone to call her and tell her the situation.

I stood up and walked back to the executive lounge. I kept looking at the entrance and my heart skipped each time I looked. I kept wondering what he needed from me. He is quite young and doesn look like someone who needs a wife so desperately to be on a matrimonial website. ”What did he need from me that made him bother me so much? ” I asked myself. I believed my family set me up, probably to join his drug business and send money to them as Queenie does.

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