My Mystery Husband

Our first awkward chat

Now, Im legally married to a drug dealer, what next, ” I asked myself as I fixed my eyes on the estates privacy fence with golden string lightning, giving the whole estate a cool ambiance. I shifted my gaze to the string lights on the trees that turned the whole place into an illuminated oasis. I was ecstatic but increasingly nervous. Logan is every womans dream husband. He is handsome, slim, and tall with a deliciously appealing physique, but I hate illegal businesses; especially drugs.

I went back to bed after locking all the doors and windows, however, sleep eluded me. I kept staring at the top of my bedroom, wondering why my sister hates me so much. It was not my fault that none of my plans had ever worked.

In the early hours, I quickly had my bath and dressed up properly. I took my time to make sure I look decent. I did not want to miss breakfast as I missed dinner. Since Logan considers those who reject his food as enemies, I needed to prove to him that I was not his enemy neither was I his friend.

I stepped out of the house and headed towards the mega-mansion. The doors began to open and close as I stepped into the right spots.

The building was so complicated and I didn know where the banquet hall was. I saw a long hallway and began to walk in that direction.

I heard voices and I tried to ascertain where the noises were coming from. I stopped and leaned on the door of the first room to eavesdrop. My leg stepped on the right spot and the door opened unexpectedly. I fell inside the room. I tried to stop the door from closing, but I couldn . I tried to open it, it was as though I was trying to pull down a concrete wall.

I stared at shirtless Logan who was lying on a bench, lifting a dumbbell above his chest. My wandering eyes moved down to an outline in between his leg, fear gripped me and I continued trying harder to escape. I needed to get away from him because his bodyguards were not there with him. My fear increased when the door refused to open making my hands and legs tremble. I felt he set a trap for me and I fell into it.

I quit trying when I got tired and turned to face him. His tempting attractive male physique and rippling muscles quickened my pulse and I began to breathe noisily.

Logan brought his hands down and pointed at a door that was at the extreme of the room with his eyes closed. I wondered how he knew I was looking at him. I tiptoed to the door he pointed at and it opened immediately I stepped on the red mark. I breathed a silent thanks and decided to leave the house before I walk into another trap.

”Good morning, Boss Lady, ” a voice said from behind. I turned and saw Ethan smiling at me. I was still terrified so I faked a smile.

”Im Ethan, ” he said, smiling wildly. His bewilderment was so apparent as if he was seeing me for the first time and I found it quite weird.

”I know, we met last night; didn we? ”

”Honestly, I didn see your face very well; the light was dim. I didn know it was you! ”

”Do you know me? Have you seen me prior to last night? ” I asked dwindling my eyes.

”Yeah…I… mean no! ”

I tried to figure out what was wrong with him and why he was so excited and acting weird, but I couldn . Last night, he talked to me with resentment, and this morning he was excited to see me.

”I guess you are looking for the dining room, ” he said and I nodded.

”Come with me. ”

I walked silently behind him. He tried to engage me in a conversation, but I ignored him. I was still surprised by his weird behavior.

Ethan led me to the gorgeous dining room where I had my lunch yesterday. The table was neatly and properly arranged with breakfast on it. I pulled out a chair and sat down. My mind continued wandering as I admired the beautiful sight before me.

”Relax maam, here is your house. Im going to assign two maids and a mother to you; please, always allow them to do their jobs. ”

”Two maids? ”

”Yes ”

”Okay; what is the job of the mother? ”

”She is your personal adviser on marital affairs. She is going to teach you how to make your husband happy and give him… ”

”I don need her. ”

”Oh yes, you did maam. ”

”Do I look like a teenager to you? ”

”Ohm…are you saying you can… ”

”Im not ready for whatever! ”

”Boss Lady…. ”

”Ethan, Im not ready and I don need her teaching. ”

”Would you at least allow me to complete my sentence? ”

”Okay, Im listening. ”

”The boss doesn beg for something, he gets what he wants; you need a mother. ”

”Will he force himself on me? ”

”No, but… ”

”Well, Im going to go teach him how to go down on his knees and beg for what he wants; I don care who he is or the amount of wealth he controls. ”

”Considering….never mind…Please, allow them to serve you. ”

”Considering what? ”

”Don worry. ”

”Did he tell you to assign a mother to me? ”

”We know our jobs here and we carry them out without reminder. This is my job, maam. ” Ethan grinned and bowed. ”He will be with you shortly, ” he said before turning to take his leave.

”Who? Your boss? ” I asked standing up from the chair.

”Your husband, ” he responded.

”No, please take me to the banquet hall, ” I said, moving away from the table.

”You know you shouldn be in the banquet hall, ” Ethan said with a low tone.

”Here is my house; I can also choose where I want to be, right? ” I said. Ethan grinned with a shrug and began to walk away.

I followed him to the banquet hall that was at the extreme of the long hallway.

”Boss lady, please disregard some of the things I told you last night. If I had seen your face clearly, I wouldn have said them. ”

”What are you talking about? Have you seen me prior to last night? ” I asked again.

”No, ” he shook his head without looking at me.

”Then what are you saying? ”

”Never mind, ” Ethan bowed and walked away.

”This is strange, ” I said, shrugged, and walked into the hall.

All the domestic staff were there already cracking jokes and laughing so loudly. The voices I heard were actually coming from there. I wondered why Logan allowed his domestic workers to make such noise. Does it mean he was not harsh on them? I asked myself.

My presence was followed by uproar as they celebrated a new member. It was obvious they did not know I was their bosss wife. I smiled and waved at them. They were really fun to be with. I pulled a chair out and sat beside a chubby girl who fixed her eyes on her phone.

”Hi, good morning, ” I said. She looked at me, sighed and concentrated on her phone. Her face was twisted as if she was mad at me and I found that weird too.

Soon the maids that worked in the kitchen began to come in with assorted dishes. A nice aroma filled the dining room.

”Table manners, please, ” Gerald, one of the domestic staff said. Silence filled the room as we ate silently. I was not supposed to be there, but I was comfortable with them. Probably, because they were low-class like me.

I came out of the general dining room and found out there was a back door, I turned and began to walk towards it.

”This way maam, ” one of Logans bodyguards said behind me. I looked at the tall man and in the direction, he was pointing and hesitated.

”The boss would like to talk to you, ” he said.

A cold knot formed in my stomach instantly and tensed my nerves. My mind began to wander, bringing in negative thoughts. I don know why I suddenly became afraid of him. All the while he was bothering me with armed bodyguards, I was not scared of him. Now, I felt he was on a revenge mission and I had no one to save me from him. Who would rescue me? The family that sold me to him? I asked myself.

”Where is he? ” I asked the muscular bodyguard that stood before me.

”Come with me, maam, ” he prostrated.

There was a crazy mixture of hope and fear in my mind. The freedom his domestic workers enjoyed made me believe he might not be as ruthless as I was told. That gave me a little hope. However, his choice of business and decision to get married to a poor alien with no identity kept sending waves of fear into my heart.

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