A bodyguard stood before me and I couldn see Logan and the lady he was hugging clearly.

”Boss lady, your room is ready now. ”

”Thank you, but I prefer the small house. ”

”A new staff just moved in there; are you going to stay with him? ”

”What? ”

”This way maam, ” the bodyguard said pointing at a vast curving staircase that was about twenty feet away. I walked silently behind him. He led me to the first level of the house and to a glorious bedroom with a higher level of sophistication and glamour. It was as though I was walking into an old-world sanctuary.

All my things had been arranged in the walk-in closet. I sat on the soft bed as I admired the gorgeous bedroom. Two girls joined me and kept smiling, I forced a smile too.

”Im Nellie and she is Rosa, ” one of the girls said, pointing at the other girl.

”Im…. ”

”Boss Lady, ” Nellie interrupted. I rolled my eyes and grinned.

”Are you guys off to work? ” I asked.

”No, no one works here on Saturdays and Sundays. We are here to serve you, but if you don need our services now, we will go to the recreational room and play games, ” Rosa said.

”Play games? ” I asked pulling my brows together.

”Yes ”

”Do you guys enjoy such privilege here? ” I asked, seizing every opportunity to know who Logan truly is.

”The boss cares about his business and his mystery sweetheart. Since he doesn work on Saturdays, he is going to spend the whole day in his room with her.

”What? He has a wife? ” Nellie looked at the door to make sure no one was there.

”So we heard. None of us has seen the mystery woman; she doesn go out with him. ”

My eyebrows shot up in surprise.

”She is his sex slave and not his wife, ” Rosa whispered with a low voice. My eyes widened more.

”Where is she? ” I asked with anger knotting in my stomach already. I couldn control the tears that had begun to stream down my face. I hate the word sex slave I believe no means no!

”In his bedroom. I never believed the story until heard her voice through the intercom last night, ” Nellie said.

”You did? ” I asked and she nodded.

I stood up and moved away from the girls. I couldn imagine what the innocent girl was passing through. Tears fogged my eyes.

”If this will be my last mission on Earth, so be it. I must set her free! I will raise my voice if I fail. The world must come to her rescue! ” I screamed. ”I wonder why none of you have ever tried to help the poor girl. ”

”Are the boys aware of this? ” I asked after some seconds.

”Yes, Ethan is fully in support of whatever he does; he is his partner. ”

”And Mr. Gregory? ”

”He is cunning. The girl is really suffering, ” Rosa said.

”You can set her free. No one except Ethan and Mr. Gregory has ever entered his room. ”

”Who cleans his bedroom? ” I asked trying to figure out how to penetrate his bedroom already.

”Ethan, ” Rosa replied.

”He is such a wicked soul! Im going to talk to Ethan tonight. How could he? ”

”Ethan is always in the kitchen, you can find him there. Please, do not call our names, the boss will show us no mercy if you do. ” Do you need anything? ” The girls asked in unison. I shook my head with hard and resentful eyes.

”First Lady, our boss is kind and ruthless. We have been working for him for over a year and we have never had problems with him because we maintain our lane. Please, do not implicate us. We are off to the recreational room; hit the intercom button if you need anything, ” Nellie said. I waved at them and fixed my teary eyes on the crystal clear lake that could be seen clearly through my window. The girls left happily; I became weary.

I stood still, staring at the lake as I tried to get rid of the anger I had in my heart. The bedroom door swung slowly after a gentle knock and I heard the sound of approaching footsteps but I refused to look back. I began to wipe tears that had refused to dry up.

”My dear, ” Mr. Gregory called. ”Your husband wants to see you, ” I lifted my bloodshot eyes slowly and stared at him. He took a step forward, with worries written on his face.

”What is it, dear? ” He whimpered.

”Why did he marry me? ”

”He married you because he wants to marry you, ” Mr. Gregory grinned, exposing his brown teeth.

”You told me he is married… ”

”I was joking. ”

”No, you were not! Tell me the truth. Where is his wife? ”

”Listen, I see Logan as my son, and right now, I see you as my daughter. I will never deceive you. Be close to him and youll get answers to your questions. ”

”How will I move close to him when he is far from me? He is with a woman right now! ”

”No, you are the one that is far from him. For more than ten minutes, he sat at the dining table waiting for you but you didn show up. Ethan told him what you said. You couldn eat with your husband! He called you this morning to spend some time alone with you; what did you do? You chased him away with silence. You couldn talk to your husband! Logan is not as bad as you think. He proposed to you and you accepted his proposal wholeheartedly. He didn force you to marry him. Im yet to see the crime he committed that made you hate him so much. You had the chance to say no and you can still walk away, but I wouldn want you to do that because he is what every woman needs – he is caring, ” Mr. Gregory said.

”I met him three years ago in a small coffee shop where I worked as a barista. His constant pestering was the reason why my boss sacked me. He is also the reason why my fiance dumped me! ” I said loudly and looked at him, expecting him to be surprised but he was not. It was obvious he knew his boss was a torn in my flesh.

”Did you try to find out why he was bothering you? ”

”No ”

”Why? ”

”Because I hate him! ”

”Why did you hate him? ”

”He is a drug dealer and I hate illegal businesses. ”

”Logan is not a drug dealer. ”

”I don believe you. ”

”I have no reason to lie to you. ”

”What kind of business does he do? ”

”He is your husband, move close to him and find out. ”

”Alright, ” I whimpered after some seconds and began to wipe my tears.

”One more thing, dear; you need to learn how to hear people out. Don sit and conclude, okay? Find out what they want from you and give your humble answer, ” Mr. Gregory said with a gentle tone. I became ashamed of myself because he was right. I hardly give people ear and always dwell on my conclusion. I need to work on my mind. Maybe this was one of the reasons why Queenie thinks I am the most confused human on Earth.

I regretted ever snubbing Logan up there. I was ready to get rid of my timidity and shyness and talk to him.

”Where is he? ”

”Come with me. ”

Mr. Gregory led me to Logans exclusive lounge. His bodyguards and two gorgeously dressed ladies were all over him again and I lost hope and chance to talk to him.

A pretty lady that was sitting on a separate sofa in the lounge, smiled at me immediately I walked in. However, my eyes were on Logan who sat on a sofa with his eyes fixed on one of the pretty girls that engaged him in a serious conversation.

The lady on a separate sofa handed me a bag containing clothes. I took it and greeted her before turning to take my leave. I was unhappy Logan did not look at me. He did not even notice my presence. If I had known, I would have sent one of my girls to pick the dress.

”I will appreciate it if you try one or two. I want to be sure I got the right size, ” the lady that gave me the clothes said. I stood still and shook my head.

”Why? ”

”Whoever ordered the clothes is omniscient; he knows everything. I believe the clothes are going to be my perfect size, ” I faked a smile and shot Logan a cold stare. I wanted to draw his attention, but neither he nor the ladies looked at me.

”Thank you, ” I said to no one in particular and left sadly.

I dropped the bag on my bed when I got to my room and was sad for some minutes. I couldn believe seeing a man I got married to just yesterday talking to another lady made me so jealous.

I began to examine the clothes with a sad face, however what I saw lighted my face a bit. The clothes were perfect sizes and exactly what I would go for if I had the money. I checked the labels and dropped the clothes on the dressing sofa bed. Each of them was outrageously expensive and he ordered five. I felt honored and I hung the dresses on the clothes hanger after admiring them one more time. I went through the shoes and accessories, and my lips curved unconsciously in a mixture of joy and sorrow.

However, my joy turned sour again when I remembered the gossip I had with my girls, and the snub Logan gave me down there.

Logan told me to give Ethan a wide berth, but I made up my mind to defile his order. I must talk to Ethan tonight and decide if I would celebrate the marriage with Logan or not.

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