doesn , love humbled him. He has a soulmate and he is obsessed with her, ” Ethan smirked.

”Obsession! Is that why he locked her up in his bedroom? ” Ethan shot me a cold stare and faded his eyes.

”Ill be right back. ” He took the meal and left. His face was quite mean. I began to wonder what he would say to me after serving his master.

He came back to the kitchen after some minutes. I stood up from the chair. I wanted to hear what Logan said about the meal and I also wanted to know why the sudden look of resentment appeared on his face when I asked the unexpected question

”What did he say? ” I asked.

”He is not there yet. Just fix your ear on that inter…. ”

”Prrr, ” The intercom blasted before he could finish up the sentence. We exchanged glances and my heart skipped. I was expecting him to stand up, but he kept sitting.

”Go and explain to him, ” I said.

”No, you prepared the meal, go and explain to him, ” he grinned. I became a little bit afraid.

”Ethan we had an agreement! ”

”Yes, and I kept my side. You cooked and I served, ” he shrugged.

”Who owns the explanation? ” I asked with my eyes wide open.

”The cook, I guess, ” he said, demonstrating with his palm.

”Prrr, ” the intercom blasted again.

”Ill be right back; just stay here, you owe some explanations. ” I followed the straight hallway that led to his dining room. My heart skipped again as soon as I set my eyes on him. He fixed his eyes on the food on the table, pretending he didn know I was standing beside him.

”Good evening, ” I greeted. He lifted his gaze and lowered it without responding to my greeting. He was about to hit the intercom the third time before I spoke.

”I made the dinner for you, ” I muffled, looking away as he fixed his gaze on me. He took his thumb off the intercom.

”Im sorry, I said with a creamy tone to get his eyes off me.

”Wow..okay, lets eat then. ”


”You heard me, ” he said again with a peaceful tone. His voice won stop giving me goosebumps. I love hearing his voice and I won stop pretending I didn hear him clearly to make him repeat himself.

I hesitated because it was a small dining table with just two chairs for husband and wife and the chairs were very close to each other. I noticed the hatred I had for him just disappeared since Mr. Gregory told me he was not a drug dealer.

”Sit, ” he said pulling the chair out. I adjusted my short gown and sat quietly, putting my two hands in between my thighs, and staring at the food on the table. A sudden feeling of emotional vulnerability took hold of me and began to control me. I thought I was a strong girl, I never knew I was weak and vulnerable. It looked as though my soul needed his protection.

”Relax, its just you and I, ” he muttered with a charming smile. His words really helped me and I relaxed a bit but did not stop making pathetic faces for him like a drowning soul who needed to be saved. He took out a small portion of food and passed it to me.

”Thank you, ” I said, grabbing the cutlery. The meal was quite tasty, but I wasn enjoying it because I was eating with uneasiness.

I stole occasional glances at him, he wasn uneasy at all. He ate peacefully and calmly.

”Do you like the dresses? ”

”Yes, thank… you. ”

”You are welcome. ”

There was a prolonged and general silence in the room.

”Why… did you marry me, ” I asked after contemplating for some minutes. My speech tempo was involuntarily slow and calm. Logan smiled and cupped my chin tenderly in his warm, slim, and long fingers. My pulse skittered alarmingly, lurching madly.

”Why did you agree to marry me? ” He asked, fixing his gray eyes which have flecks of gold and brown into mine. I lowered my eyes. I couldn tell him I had no place to go that was why I accepted his marriage proposal.

”You should spend more time with your husband than you spend with Ethan. We need to know ourselves, ” Logan said, sounding a bit jealous again. I kept quiet because I had an unfinished discussion with Ethan and I was going to spend another time with him. I desperately needed answers and he just replied my first attempted question with a question.

”I really like your company, but I noticed you don like mine. Im going to try my best to make you feel free with me, ” he muttered after wiping his lips.

”Remember we are celebrating our marriage tonight and its going to be a memorable night. ” He stood up to leave the dining; I looked up at him, and couldn believe I was his legal wife now.

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