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It was some hours passed midday and Aurora called a gathering to her acquaintance outside the pack building to address them. They all assembled in a well-arranged consecutive line with vast poses making the hundredth warriors look coordinated due to how they practiced their tradition in the Lock Hearts pack.

Lock Hearts pack was one of the most effective packs in Austin, Texas. It had an enormous number of shifters of both adult wolves and pups. They were up to three hundred and they were ruled peacefully by their powerful and caring Alpha Cowell with his companions including Aurora, the brave commander of the pack fighters.

Even when Aurora was looking minor, the toughest wolves and pups honoured her as their commander. They all hearkened to her and no one dared to defy their duties because she was a female wolf.

As she ascended onto the altar located at the front of the pack building where decrees were made and given, instruments and chorus was played to give her a birthday ceremony as they did to other leaders of the Lock Hearts pack on their birthday. She was a commander and she had no choice but to let it flow.

The wishes finally stopped when Aurora stood on the altar, her warriors facing her. Her hands crossed to her back like the way royal kings do while her legs spread five meters away from each other and her acquaintance did the same. Then, she started with incredible authority in her tiny voice yet, audible for shifters to hear with their potential. ”Thank you, everyone, Im indeed grateful for your wishes. The goddess blesses and protects the pack. ” She prayed and an Amen! was chorused.

She continued, ”As you, all know that fifteen rouges came into our territory and a fight erupted causing eight of them dead and the remaining brutally injured_ ” She paused to watch their expression and as expected they were all looking elated with smiles curved on their brim. She loved the sight. ”Thankfully no one from our pack got killed and those that were wounded had healed themselves back. ” She implied and returned the wink her best friend shared with her.

She moved away from where she stood and began moving around the levelled altar as she discussed. ”The rogues who are still alive will be questioned by the king by sunrise tomorrow, so for now, we have no idea what their wrath would be. ”

”They should be killed! ” Some warriors screeched, earning a chuckle from her. It was funny to see that the shifters weren going to spare the rogues since they knew their King might want to. Alpha Cowell was a true King. ”The king will decide. ” She enunciated and the murmur died out. That was the sovereignty she got over them. ”Going for a run today? ” She asked and a yes and
o came out from the large crowd. ”Fine. ” She pronounced. ”Ill be going for a run tonight and if you want to join me, we could learn new skills in the academy. ” She disclosed and delighted howls were heard around.

”So, for now, go home and prepare for training and be there before me so you won miss a point. ” She told them. ”Thank you so much again for the wishes and I look forward to seeing those who will attend the academy later in the day. ” She said and waved goodbye to them while their hails filled the whole pack. As she was about to climb down from the altar, she remembered there was an announcement she hadn given out to them. She veered back immediately to her position and everywhere was quiet again since they knew she had something to say.

”I met with the King hours ago and he said I should relay this beautiful information to you. ” She voiced and made a slight cough. ”Beta Craigs son is back! ”

Uproar. Exclamations. Screams filled the pack again as the wolf cheered in excitement. Their Betas son was back and the news made their day. The packs best friend was back after five years of leaving.

She made a gesture with her hands to stop the holler but it took long before they ceased since the wolves were very much excited. She was too. Although she wasn sure if she was going to recognize him, she could tell how well he had treated their pack before he left.

She smiled and they chuckled but she had to continue her message. ”Alpha Cowell said hell be introduced properly to the pack by tomorrow after the rogues punishment. ” She relayed and another wail came out which she didn stop because she was through with her allegation.

She finally glided down from the altar and made her way past the crowd as the expanse was being opened for her pass through.

Aurora walked through the crowd and she finally reached the end of the passage. Instantly, the shifters formed back their line and turned to face her again. They bowed their heads in loyalty and the pack fighters began to dismiss them since that was their usual way of evicting after orders. King Alpha and his companions, after finishing a speech, evacuate the altar before any shifter was allowed to move away.

When the fighters were all gone and everyone was back to their normal duties, Aurora clenched her hands with Fennicks hand as she began to run back home. She still needed to celebrate her birthday.

Sage stood and watched the pack fighters from his house terrace which was some distance away from the pack building. He heard everything Aurora had said and was glad to see that she was happy when announcing his arrival and hoped that one day she might accept him as her mate if she knew who he was.

He smiled at the beauty, elegance, and authority she possessed from the distance but his smile dried out when he saw Fennick wink at her and she returned it. His anger grew worse when Aurora hit his butt and he did the same. Was he dumb?! How could he touch her that way?!

The pain of seeing them together almost flung his wolf out. He and his wolf were so furious and they imagined gnawing at Fennicks chest until they ripped out his intestine.

He only needed to wait till he introduced himself, then Fennick would be gone from her if he didn want to see his death early.

He turned away into his room, restricting his wolf from coming out. He wanted to go for a run but he was exhausted. All he had to do was rest a little while, maybe he could join the troop at the academy.

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