I woke up late, and realized someone had walked into my room because I found a glass of milk that was still warm as well as a piece of sandwich. There was a piece of paper folded in it.

”Have a good day. ” Thats whats written on the paper, and I think its Christs handwriting, because its so similar to what I read when I worked in a coffee shop.

I picked up my phone and I read a short message from him. ”Today Im going to Ohio on business, you can stay as you please. Even if you no longer want to live in the Dorm, you can assume its your own home. ” Write it.

I quickly pressed the call button, but when I tried to contact him, his phone was off, maybe he was on the plane. I sighed deeply, how can any human being created by God be so perfect, his level is handsome, he is rich, intelligent, and so attractive, what is worse is that he is too good to be real.

”How can he have all that perfection? ” I murmured in annoyance. I inched closer to the tray containing a glass of warm milk and took a sip, even if it was just him pouring from the box and he was heating, somehow it felt so special to me.

Not only did he give me a place to live, he also made me feel loved, I don even care. What I feel right now is, the two simple things that are in front of me, a glass of warm milk and a handmade sandwich are the tastiest breakfast Ive ever eaten in the morning of my entire life to this day to this day.

After enjoying my breakfast, I inched downstairs to clear the dirty dishes he used to put down two pieces of his handmade sandwich and then went back to my room to take a shower and pack. It is impossible to very ignorantly myself to stay in the stately home while the owner of the house is not in place.


I left the house as soon as noon, of course with the new laptop, clothes, and mobile phone he lent me. I went back to dorm because in the afternoon I had to go to uncle Bentos coffee shop to work. I don know what happened to me, during my four-hour shift, I made a lot of mess in the tavern and it was quite troublesome.

”Rest, maybe you are tired. ” Uncle Bento said with a look that I could hardly describe. Between pity or upset me because some orders were wrongly made and customers complained to him directly.

I bowed listlessly, ”Im sorry I made a lot of uncles mess. ” My regrets.

The old man tried to smile with the rest of his energy after the long and exhausting day he passed. ”It doesn matter, I understand you. It seems that you are thinking a lot. ” He was still so wise and tried to forgive me. ”You work part-time in this place, you also have to think about your school and your other duties. I can forgive some of the little mistakes you made today. ” His words were thoughtful and it made me feel even more unwell.

I shook my head full of regrets. ”No, Im really sorry for being careless. ”

”Go home and rest. ” He said he gave me the last smile.

”Im sorry uncle. ” I said.

”Go home and work well tomorrow. ” He said again.

I finished half my shift and went home. I don know why Mr. Christs kiss made it difficult for me to concentrate, wherever and whenever the shadow was so real and made me fall apart. I was carrying a tray of two cups of coffee and suddenly the shadow appeared, making my feet stumble and the whole coffee spilled out. Even when I filled the cup from the coffee maker machine, the whole contents spilled out and hit my feet and hands, until I had a wound on my hand.


A week passed and I became hesitant to come to Mr. Christs house to continue my duties. He didn even give me any news or ask me how I was doing during the week. After all, the tome I made in summary won give him any benefit either because Im sure its just his way of giving me a job to give me money without having to sell myself to him. The man was too good to be true, he was even like a fairy tale when I remembered about him, like it wasn real. Even after I chatted with Zevanya seriously, my eyes and thoughts just opened.

”He probably wants something from you. ” That was Zes comment as soon as I told him everything I went through at Mr. Christs place. Of course not all in detail, including when I walked into his room and the embarrassing incident. I just told Ze an outline, how good our lecturer is.

”Tapia pa? I don even have anything he might want from me. ” I said desperately.

Zevanya was silent. ”He gave you a laptop, he also gave you a mobile phone, and asked you to make a summary of such a thick book and give you an unreasonable wage in my opinion. ” Zevanyas eyes suddenly rounded. ”He is very generous, wants to give you a lot of things you don have, so he is looking for an excuse to be able to give you things and money. Maybe in his eyes you are the most concerning student. ”

And true, what Zevanya said is absolutely true. He was just sorry for me, he gave me all that because he was really generous and I couldn accept any of this. I thought I was really useful to him and was working for him with my skills. Maybe my email about the summary of the book was never even read at all.

”You are right. ” I answered. ”Maybe he is sorry for me. ” I said I agreed with Zes opinion.

The girl nodded, ”If she wants a relationship of some kind of friend with benefit, she can look for a classier one from a pitiful college student like us. ” Ze said back and I nodded in agreement. Eventually our conversation led to an agreement that Mr. Christ was only putting mercy on his poor student, and there was nothing more than that. But for some reason every time I remember that look, I feel like she wants me like Im the grown woman in front of her. But is that possible? Or is it all just my wild fantasy?


The next day I went back to work. This time I have to be more careful if I don want to lose my job at uncle Bentos tavern. After all, the lecture at the beginning of smester did not quite grab my attention, everything went smoothly except for one thing, about the charming lecturer. He made me almost crazy thinking about it.

Fortunately, today everything went well, the customers were satisfied and all day uncle Bento smiled profusely. I also got a decent extra tip, at least enough to buy dinner for me and Ze. He was waiting for me when I just finished with my shift.

We walked towards the Dorm while enjoying the burgers we bought on the way.

”Thank you for treating me. ” Ze said.

I smiled, ”Today I got a pretty decent tip. ” Answer.

”What are you going to do today? ” Ze asked.

”I don know. ” I shrugged. ” You are alone? ” I asked.

Ze rolled his eyes, ”Derex will pick me up, maybe we will hang out tonight. You want to come? ” Ze asked.

I shook my head, hanging out to the club was not my taste. I didn even hit loud music and alcohol at all, so I thought Id do something else. Tapia pa? After thinking for a moment, it suddenly crossed my mind to return to mr. Christ and returned all his unreasonable gifts. ”I will come to his house and return all his things. ” I said suddenly.

Ze seemed to almost choke on the burger in his mouth, ”Are you sure? ” he asked in disbelief.

I sighed deeply. ”I don know, I just can accept all this as a form of mercy. ” I answered. ”I do need all those facilities, but I can accept something I shouldn deserve. ” I tried to explain what I was thinking, but I think Ze understood me enough.

Ze nodded, just as at the last turn of the block towards our dorm, ”OK, do what you believe Bell. Only you know what really happened. ”

”Yes. ” I agree, because there is a part that I hide from it. The part where I enjoyed Mr. Christs kiss, as his body squeezed me, when his soft, warm lips crushed my lips.

”Bell . . . ” Ze surprised me, because I somehow felt that I was enjoying the real touch of warm soft lips accompanied by the scent of the mans fresh breath.

”I think Ill borrow your bike. ” I said distracting as soon as we got to dorm.

”Hurry back. ” Ze replied.

”Sure. ” I said as I put the last piece of burger in my mouth before walking towards the bike park, where I had to find Zeds bike soon disappeared before my mind became more chaotic.

I borrowed Zes bicycle to go to the big house. With nervous and mixed feelings, part of me questioned whether my decision was right or would it cause me problems?

Should I pretend not to realize everything and still have all the facilities he needs regardless of ego and my pride?

After all, why if there is a rich man who puts mercy on me, I am indeed a pitiful creature with a life that is no less miserable and needs to be pitied.

OH…. My brain fights with myself. I pulled the handbrake and stopped the bike until it caused a pretty loud squeak. I sat on the bike with both my legs propped up the bike. I saw the rangsel I put in the front basket, the hinges contained laptops, mobile phones and inside there was a virtual account that contained quite a lot of money for me. I even had to spend weeks working part-time to earn that money overnight.

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