This morning I accidentally came to campus very early. After the orientation period which was quite stressful passed, my enthusiasm burned for my undergraduate education.

”Morning Bell… ” greeted a curly-haired young girl I knew during orientation. She is Stefanie. She is a year younger than me, I am currently twenty while she is still nineteen. Even so, in terms of courage, Stefanie was much braver than me. She even seemed very comfortable with our new campus environment.

”Hi . . . ” She approached me. The girl always looks stylist with the matching clothes she wears. I smiled and she gave me a short hug. Her cheerfulness is clearly seen from the wide smile that almost always adorns her face and also her eyes that sparkle every time she says something. Unlike me, who tends to be quiet and introverted.

Within seconds of our brief hug, Stefanie was buzzing as we walked down the hall, ”Thats crazy, after days of torture we can finally live a normal life. ” she said.

I smiled, ”Yep… I can wait for our first class. ” I said.

Stefanie pulled my hand so we stopped and pulled away for a moment, she whispered as she put her face to the side of my left ear, ”I heard a rumor that one of the lecturers in this faculty is very cool. He is a rich businessman who dedicates his time to caring in the world of education. So he is both a practitioner and an academic. ”

I wasn really that interested, but Stef would obviously object if I said it, so I tried to balance the conversation, ”You sound like you know a lot about that professor Stef. ” I said casually.

Stefanie smiled proudly, ”Ive even googled his name. And you know, there I found so many photos of that handsome lecturer and also his profile filled with various achievements. Honestly, even though he is quite old for me, but he is very charming. ” Stef said flowery, her eyes even shining because she admired him so much.

”He will be our lecturer, Stef. ” I say. ”I mean, we shouldn admire much older people. ” I don know, Im at a loss for words to say what I mean. Theres probably nothing bad about an older man, I actually like a more mature figure considering Ive never had a fathers love. But I also don plan to be attracted to the opposite sex regardless of age. All I wanted to do was study properly, graduate as soon as possible and be able to work to make money.

Stefanie smiled, ”You know, this is ridiculous, but he is my biggest reason why I chose this faculty. Of course apart from that dictatorial father, who always forced me to continue his business, even though I had absolutely no interest in business. ” Stefanie said.

”You yourself, did you have the same reason as me when you chose this faculty? ” Stef asked suddenly, making me feel a little awkward but I finally shook my head.

”I chose this faculty because I got a student loan to study in this department. ” I said honestly. Thats the only reason I chose that faculty for my studies. When it comes to handsome lecturers, I can even easily access google because I don have a smartphone. The only telecommunications device I have is an old cell phone that can only make calls and send text messages.

”So you
e really a smart girl who wants to master the business system by way of college? ” Stef asked and that made my brows furrow.

”I just want to get a degree that can get me a job that pays enough to pay for student loans. ” I said. I don know, Ive never really had dreams that were too lofty, because I was afraid that one day I would wake up and reality wouldn be as beautiful as my dream.

”Oh don be too serious. During the lecture period, there are still many other interesting things that we can find here. ” Stef says change the subject.

”What do you mean? ” I asked confused.

”You see that guy over there, hes really cool isn he? ” said Stef. I think he falls into the category of a true teenager. ”I think hes from the same faculty as us, lets find out. ”

”I thought you were only interested in the professor you were talking about. ” I said teasing her.

”Oh, hes too old for me actually. So if there was a younger one of course Id go for the second option. ” Stef smirks and I roll my eyes.

Stefanie is a spontaneous person, and without hesitation she led me to where the young man in the plaid shirt was standing listening to music with headphones.

Our feet kept going and as we passed the man Stef was pointing at, she turned his head towards us. Stef was totally crazy because she actually rolled her eyes to tease the young man in plaid. I immediately pulled Stefanie away from that place before things happened that I didn expect.

”Oh, you
e interrupting my flirting. ” Stef said.

”Hes our senior, and I don want you to mess up. ” I said.

Stefanie chuckled, ”Don be so stiff, Isabella. ” The temptation. ”Enjoy the view, try flirting with one of the boys and if you succeed then you will have a happy college life. ” She suggested.

”Oh yeah, are you going to stay in the dorms. ” Ask Stef.

”I think so. ” my nod. I can live anywhere else now. Because my scholarship package includes living expenses and living in a dormitory.

”I will also live in a dormitory even though our house is also in the middle of the city. ” The answer.

Her sentence was quite surprising to me actually, I knew she had a house in the city center. Stefanie is also the daughter of a rich family, ”Why? ” I asked curiously.

”I don like living at home with my stepmother. ” The answer. ”Shes only three years older than me. Thats crazy, isn it? ” Stefanie asked with a bitter smile. ”She married my father only for the sake of her wealth. For her maybe my father is like a sugar daddy who can give her a lot of money and wealth. She is a stepmother, but sometimes I feel like she is my stepsister. We often fight to get my fathers attention. ” Stefanie said.

”Im sorry for that, ” I said quietly.

Actually I feel my life is much more bitter than you Stef. You even have the latest smartphone, a car that you can drive wherever you want. You have a rich family although now you have to live with your stepmother. What about me, I never even knew who my parents were.


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