We entered the classroom for the first lecturer. The first impression, I look around, some students were busy with their new friend, some were reunited with their high school friends and left me sitting alone reading the book that I borrowed from the library a few days ago to prepare for my first subject. While Stef was busy stalking the Instagram account of the BEM chairman, grinning to herself.

We had to wait more than ten minutes to find out who our lecturer was. Because after waiting ten minutes with unresolved noise, all the students suddenly fell silent when the lecturer in a blue shirt and jeans entered our class.

All eyes were on him and look admired him. He looks charming, with smooth brown hair and deep dimples when he smiled, a tall body, and a sharp nose, he is such a perfect creature.

”Good morning, and welcome to my class. ” The opening sentence seemed to bewitch all the girls in the class, while the boys seemed normal with the charm of the lecturer.

”My name is Christopher Hudson, you can call me Chris. ”

”Hi, Mr. Chris … ” Greeted Lolita, the most coquettish student in our class as she raised her hand. She seemed to be wearing a short pink dress which was more suitable to be worn to a party than to campus. Understandably because our campus is a private campus, so the matter of clothing is not a big problem.

I turned to Stef and she rolled her eyes. I think Stef was embarrassed because there were rivals who both idolized the lecturer. And unfortunately Lolita is really charming with blonde hair, perfect light pink lips and blushing face. Her chest is also proportionate to her beautiful body.

”Hi . . . whats your name miss? ” Asked the handsome Lecturer.

”Lolita Shayk. ” The answer is flirtatious.

Mr. Christ raised his eyebrows with a smile ”Wow… you
e Irina Shayks sister, is that right? ” He joked.

”Maybe we have a common ancestor, thats why Im as beautiful as she is. ” Lolitas smile widened again, but her gaze clearly had other meanings.

”Can I ask you something, Sir? ” Lolita asked in her spoiled voice.

”Go on your question, miss. ” He said in a deep voice and sounded very dignified. I even had to rub my neck because somehow hearing his voice gave me goosebumps.

”How did you become both a practitioner and a handsome academic? ” The temptation is flirtatious. And for some reason it put a slight smile on Mr. Christ, he even seemed to be scratching the ends of his eyebrows maybe he thought the question was really naughty or something.

”I will discuss why I became a practitioner and academic without explaining the ”handsome ” words. And the answer is simple, because I love both. ” The man said with a death stare. I was obviously very uncomfortable when our eyes met accidentally. He looks normal, but I can be that ordinary.

”Another question. The real question that you want to ask me. Ask what you want to ask, class. ” he said as he walked over to the table and leaned himself against the table, making it look like he was sitting but not actually sitting on the table. His arms are folded across his chest and his expression is anesthetizing me, I don think I can even take my attention away from him. And somehow I became clumsy as soon as our eyes met.

”You, I guess you have a big question on your mind, miss? ” He pointed at me.

”Me? ” I was clearly nervous about it. ”I have no idea sir. ” I shudder, clearly not ready to talk about anything.

”Come on, ask me something. ” He said as he continued to stare at me, oh God I feel like Ill stop breathing in seconds if he keeps looking at me like this.

”Um… ” I racked my brain, trying to find a rational question that seemed meaningful to ask. ”How can you divide your time between business and teaching sir? ” My question is very normative.

He smiled. ”I love my job, and Ill do everything I love with all of my heart. I have a regular teaching schedule and I consider this a vacation, leaving the business world for a while and meeting young people like you who are still very innocent. But I believe one day, one of you or maybe more will be my partner of business or mybe my enemy. ” He said with his gaze focused on me, I lowered my head and only dared to look him in the eye through my eyelashes.

”So whats your name? ” He asked while looking intently at me.

”Isabella. ” I answered quietly, glancing at him briefly.

”Thanks for your question, Miss Isabella. ”

”Your welcome, Sir. ” I nod shyly.

”Any other questions? ” He opened another opportunity and of course Lolita did not waste the opportunity.

”Are you married sir? ” asked Lolita in her characteristic flirtatious voice.

Mr. Christ smiled to himself. ”What a curious question. ” he said. ”Soul I answer this one? ” He threw in the forum and all the girls answered in unison ”Yes!!! ” I just smiled spreading my eyes around, even though I also screamed in my heart.

”Isabella, do you think Im married? ” Mr. Christs question was aimed at me and again I wasn ready to accept it.

I shook my head doubtfully. ”May not yet. ” I answered casually, actually it was more that I hoped he wasn married.

”How do you know that? ” Mr. Christ asked more.

”You don use the ring on your finger ” I answered again.

”Good analyze. ” He said then walked to the middle of the class. ”In the business world, we must also be reliable analysts in reading all opportunities. Because for business people, no opportunity will come twice. All opportunities must be utilized as well as possible. Analysis and instinct, all play a very important role in determining future targets And you, Miss Isabella, You
e a good analyzer. ” He smiled at me.

He is very intelligent, even when the class strays far from what he is discussing into the very personal realm, he can get the flow back on track. And without directly answering Lolitas questions, she was able to silence all the most personal questions in this class.

”Its a good warming up. I want to make my class feel very relaxed but also make sure you understand why you chose this major. Some students go into majors that don actually fit with them, and this is the big mistakes they ever made. ”

”Mss. Shyank, give a reason why you chose to major in business? ”

”Simple, my father is a businessman and he needs a successor. ” The answer is arrogant.

”Is that all? ” Mr. Christ and some of the children shouted in the affirmative. Leaving me bowed in shame.

”You . . . whats your reason for getting into this major? ” He asked another student.

”My father is a banker, I think I will continue his profession. ” He answered in a simple way.

”Good. ” Mr. Christ smiled.

”You. ” Stefanie was appointed.

”Like Mss. Shyank, I too have to carry on my family business. ”

”And you Miss Isabella? ”

I really don know what to say, looking down for a few seconds, I feel like I want to disappear from this class in an instant, but everyones eyes are on me. Oh God.

”I . . . ” I took a deep breath, sooner or later people will know who I am. Besides, I have nothing to hide. ”Im an orphan, I don have parents, let alone a family business. ” I added without daring to look at Mr. Christ. ”Im a recipient of a scholarship majoring in business and will do an internship after finishing college, if I do a good job maybe I will be appointed as a staff in that company, and with the salary, I could pay my student loan, ” I said honestly, and I lifted my face to look at Mr. Christ when he said my last sentence.

”Good . . . So everyone has a goal, everyone has a reason. Keep your reasons until you finish your education and can achieve your goals. ” he said. He didn even judge each students answer, he discussed it in general. And it made me admire him all of a sudden because he didn see me any different from my friends who had to pay a lot of money to study at this place while I was free. Two hours seemed to go by so fast, that he finally stopped at the conclusion.

”If you have any other questions that haven been answered in this class, you can email me. Ill leave my business card on the table. ” said Mr. Christ.

”Thank you sir. ” Lolita replied with sparkling eyes. The class was over and all the students rushed out of the classroom after Mr. Christ left the room. Leaving Stef and I standing in front of the bulletin board to choose the extracurricular that suits us.

”I want to take theater extracurricular, ” Stef said.

”Wow thats so cool. ” I said still looking up at the other options.

”What about you? What kind of extracurricular you want to take? ”

”Why did you take so long Bell. ” Ask Stef.

”I don have any hobbies Stef, and that makes it difficult for me to choose extracurricular lessons, ” I answered.

”Tell me why did you choose the theater class? ” I asked, because I needed an example.

”Theres Nicholas name on it. You know the charming boy standing over there? ” Stef smiled at me.

”Whos Nicholas? ” I asked confused.

”The blonde haired man standing at the end of the hall. ” Stefs smile again while turning her gaze to the boy whos standing with about three of his friends talking about something.

”How do you know the mans name is Nicolas? ”

”I found it here. ” Stef showed a social media account with photos of the man.

”Oh God . . . ” I shook my head in disbelief.

”Maybe Ill take a college magazine class or something, ” I said simply.

”Ok, its up to you. By the way, how about we go to the club tonight, celebrate our first day on campus. ”

”Sorry Stef, but I have to work. You know I can be a student at this campus because of a scholarship. ”

”Ill treat you. ”

”Thanks, but I have to work. ”

”Ok, tell me when you
e off work. ” Stef could accept though he looked a little disappointed.

”Certain. ” I nodded.

We parted ways after Stefanies personal driver came and took her away. Even though I was offered a ride, I felt I could go home alone on foot. After all, self-indulgence is the most forbidden thing in my entire life.

Arriving at the hostel, I rushed to take a shower and change my clothes, not much time left for me, because my part time job was waiting.

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