My Sweet Lecturer – English Version

MSL - Mr. To Good to be true

This man is so fragrant, clean, and passionate, thats what I can think of right now. I felt his hand pull the door handle behind my back while his body kept pressing my body until I staggered backwards but didn fall because one arm was half raised me. Maybe I feel as light as paper to him for being too thin at the moment.

Mr. Christ dropped me right on a long sofa very gently and kept urging to kiss me, but then it was all over because I didn respond to everything. He seemed to have just woken up from hypnosis and came to his senses, then got up from his position.

He looked at me deeply, then I saw his jaw harden at a glance.

”You shouldn have seen me so late. ” He said in an intimidating heavy voice. My blood flow rippled as I heard the voice as if coming in and feeling my whole mind and making it empty, all that was left was the echo of the handsome mans voice.

My tongue seemed to freeze and it was hard to speak, until the akhinrya that sounded was just a slow hiss, which meant nothing, but the voice sounded back in my ears, and again made my blood flow rustle, an apology from him, ”Sorry for what happened just now. ” It is said.

I got up slowly with all my might and stood looking at him. ”Sorry, its my fault. ” My regrets. ”Thats right what you said, I shouldn have invited trouble. ” My regrets once again. There was no more self-esteem left for me to stand before that perfect man. I passed from before him but his hand held my hand instantly and my lankah stopped because of it. I turned around and looked at him, he looked at me too but we froze.

Our eyes were linked to each other and seemed to strip the intentions of each others hearts. I wanted the mans touch so much, somehow when his fingers touched the corners of my face and then towards my lips, I shamelessly wanted even more touches. ”Please don be stupid. ” I whispered to myself.

While he kept staring and his jaw hardened at a glance, ”I excuse you. ” A moment later I withdrew my hand and walked out of the room. The look in his eyes when he looked at me last time really couldn forget. Unlucky.

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