Her loving brother Daniel…but she call him Danny. The dearest of all who was only reaching the age of five within the two weeks of time.

Suddenly, the hall turned silent. Vilian felt everyones gaze on her and her brother. She turned behind and gave them a nervous smile and looked at Danny and said, ”Danny boy, we have some guests today. Father would love your presence and I know the small monster in your tummy might be shouting right now for food. Don make him await. Go little one, have your breakfast, okay? ” Saying that she patted his head and ruffled his hair earning a cute growl from him for he didn like anyone ruffling his hair. He went with the same excitement again towards his father. Well, little kid isn he… Hehe… thought Vilian, and just shrugged her shoulder and leaving the hall.


Mornings have always been busy for Astrel since the day the company has turn to his side. Be it a Sunday or a Monday it would be the same old fuzzy busy routine.

He woke up at 5.30 .a.m. sharply, as his body was used to it and felt the difference of the surroundings which weren much familiar to him. The interior designs were totally the opposite to his liking which he had been used to, for the past twenty seven years. As he remembered, having a busy schedule today to complete he immediately spotted and went straight to the bathroom. Freshening up himself he came out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe. A new set of cloth was placed on the bed for him which was prepared by Malcolm as per his order. Wearing his usual black formal suit he looked himself through the mirror standing idol Infront of him. Without bothering to dry his hair which was dripping with water falling over his shoulder blade wetting the dark black suite. It was the least of his concern.


Knock! Knock!


Before Astrel could give in the permission there he was, Ashley, standing by the door step with a wide grin.

Raising his left eyebrow with a questioning gaze Astrel asked sarcastically ”Why would you bother to knock the door if you had the idea to invite yourself into my room? Such a shameless brat… ” Looking him through the mirror and then again he went and sat out in knitted chair which was out there on the patio. Focussing on a certain file which was sent by Malcolm about the attempt of assassination.

Without bothering about it Ashley was continuously complaining about the previous night. ”Well brother… Last night I Knocked…you opened up the door lately, made me wait all out there, didn invite me in but send me away. You hurt me you know… ”

”Stop acting over dramatically Ash… Use those calculative brain in a useful manner rather than trying to bicker like a six year old boy with me. ”

Ignoring Astrels words like the curious little kid Ashely started wandering in the room observing each and everything.

”Hey… Youve got a patio over here. How unfair is it that youve got it but I didn -whoa! The view from here is soo cool. Look, the whole back garden is visible from here. Mrs.Demus has a beautiful garden I say. ” Said Ashley.

”Are you done admiring , comparing and contrasting?.. ”


Knock! Knock!


Who is it now? Thought Astrel..

”Come in ” said he, with an annoyance. In came Demus assistant with an expressionless face.

”What is it, Deck? ” Asked Ashley straight forwardly.

”Excuse my presence for I have been asked by my Master to invite both the sirs to join the breakfast. ” Said deck, bowing his head down.

”Sure, we will. You shall leave. ” With that Deck left the room.

________(Phone Vibrates)_____

Astrel was about to leave the room when the phone started ringing. Seeing the caller ID he picked up in an instant without waiting for it to ring the second time.

”Whats it Lex?….yeah..ok….keep investigating it. Don let them go away easily. Ill be there after my breakfast. Yeah. ” And then the call ended up.

Ashley, who was observing his brother whole time during the call was going on, didn miss the change of expression in his brothers look. Astrels jaw was stiff. After the call ended he closed his eyes, left a deep exhale and snapped open his eyes as if to suppress his anger.

”What is it bro? ” Asked Ash with a serious tone.

”Found the culprits… ” Astrel said with a smug look which he show whenever he was about to play something really bad.

surely the persons gonna face brothers wrath very badly… Poor they thought Ashley with a pity look and shook his head with a wide grin.

And both of them left the room straight towards the dining hall.

Entering the dining hall, Astrel caught a glance of the girl who he saw the previous night. He stared at the beautiful doe like eyes which was opened wide eyed with a shock. The moment he saw it he felt as if he was the wolf standing Infront of its delicious prey.

The eye contact was only for a brief moment. He could feel that she was still looking at him though he was the one who adverted his gaze first. Morning when he was in the washroom and was about to take a shower, he got a call from Demus, so he got to remember Vilian and said hed be glad to meet Mr.Demus children. So… Here they are. With the greetings of Demus the meal was served. Vilian was introduced to them and the breakfast went on…

When the Watsons and Demus were speaking about the assassins Astrel saw Vilian trying to sneak out of the hall.

”Astrel, what are you to do? ” asked Mr.Demus snapping him out of his eyesight observing the girl.

”Mr. Demus Ive already taken care about it. Rest assured. ”

”Astrel its not necessary to be formal. After all Im you godfather. ” Said Demus.

Suddenly bringing everyone to the attention towards the door which was swiftly opening a little boy came in screaming, ”Vileee…. ” And running towards Vilian. He hugged her waist and snuggled with a wide grin. Astrel saw Vilian reaching down towards the boy speaking something low and finally patting his head with a smile which was… was pleasant he thought Why am I even observing her all of a sudden? Astrel was confused.

The boy came running towards Mr. Demus.

”Daddy!… ” Calling out gleefully he went and hugged Mr.Demus too.

well little kid he is he thought.

”Daddy… daddy… daddy! look whot Ive found. It was in the Leningrad pwond. ” Said the boy with his baby pronunciation showing a small fish like pendant on his hand.

”Well..you love collecting such things don you? Ill take to a place where youll see many more things than this. Would you love to join me? ” asked Mr. Demus kindly to his son.

”Reeeeally? I would love to…Vilee will join us too…right vilee? ” The boy turned behind but couldn find for his sister. Poor thing.

”Danny. Look. We have some guests today. Why don you introduce yourself to them? ”

”Hi. Um Daniel. ” He introduced himself with a carefree smile towards Astrel and Ashley. Ashley was the first to speak up.

”Hey kiddo, Im Ashley. You can call me Ash ”

”Im not a kid. ” he said glaring at Ash, ”Im a big boy. Im 4+ and will be 5 next week. Get it? ”

”Okay… Can I call you Danny? ”

”Okkayy. Neverrr a kiddd ”

”So… Are we friends now? ”

”Oh Yes! ”said Daniel bringing back the smile onto his face.

Looking at the direction where Astrel was Daniel tapped Astrels hand with his index finger.

Stopping from the conversation which was going on with Demus he looked towards Daniel.

”Whats your name? ”he asked eagerly looking through his big widely opened Black eyes.

”Astrel ” he said simply for he didn like being much around kids.

”Ass..t..err..ell…? ” He hardly pronounced the name and earned a chuckle from Ashley and Demus.

Not bothering to correct, he just hummed and finished his meal.

”Well..Mr Demus it was nice meeting you and we got an opportunity to discuss about our future plans. Lets meet up once again… ” Saying that Astrel got up and shook his hand with Demus and left the hall.

Kneeling down to Daniels level Ashley hold on onto his shoulder blade saying ”bye Danny… ” Suddenly Ashley carried the little boy surprising, twirling him twice and kept him on the ground while the little boy was giggling with joy.

”So long Uncle… ” Saying that he too left the mansion.

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