Disclaimer: Every event in this book is not intended to offend any religious group or ethnicity. Please keep in mind that all events in this book are pure fiction, any resemblance to the real world is purely a coincidence. Enjoy reading, and add to the library if you like.

I open my eyes, seeing a familiar ceiling, and turn my face to look at my computer that was on my personal desk, ”When did I get home? ” rising from my bed I start to think. My memories were scrambled and I couldn ’t remember anything…

”Victor!! ” Suddenly I hear a woman ’s voice. It was an angelic voice, a wonderfully beautiful voice; and she sounded very worried.

”Ugh… Who? ” I put a hand to my head when I feel it start hurting badly.

I lean on the bed and try to get up, but all of a sudden I feel my hand sinking into the material of the bed. I hear the noise of wood breaking and look in the direction of my hand; I see that my hand has gone through the mattress and broke the wood that supports my bed…

I quickly pulled my hand away and I looked, confused, at my mattress that had a hole in it ”What ’s wrong with me? ” I asked aloud, stunned.

I don ’t remember being so strong; did something happen to me? I start to question myself, and I try to search my memory. But, even though I try to search my memory, I can ’t find it; it ’s like something is blocking my memories.

I try to form a coherent train of thought as if I ’m putting together a puzzle, ”Let ’s start at the beginning, I went to the grocery store to buy the food my mom ordered, but… ”

I try to continue to form a timeline with my memories, but I don ’t have time for that when I feel unbearable thirst in my throat. It was like I ran a marathon and needed a drink of water! My throat was parched!

I quickly get up, ignoring the sounds of wood creaking from the floor and grab my bathroom door handle, attempting to open the door, but something amazing happens…

The door is literally ripped off the wall. I was shocked at this show of force but I don ’t have time to admire it, or even question how I was able to do it. I quickly walk into the bathroom and try to turn on the water tap.

As before, the tap broke when I tried to open it and the water started to spew out; I ignored it, and put my mouth into the water trying to drink as much as possible. I looked like a man who was lost in the desert and found an oasis for the first time in days.

I feel the cold water from the tap entering my mouth and seeping down my throat, but the water doesn ’t seem to satisfy me; I needed more. I needed something to satisfy my thirst, the water didn ’t seem to be working.

”Calm down, ” I hear a woman ’s voice, it was the same voice that called my name when I woke up.

Suddenly, as if it were a misleading lie, the thirst I had been feeling earlier disappeared.

I fall to the ground and start to inhale and breathe heavily, ”Who ’s there? ” I asked out loud, but I didn ’t hear an answer. I take a deep breath and sigh, ”Just what in the name of God is happening? ”

I look at the overflowing water and realize I couldn ’t leave it like this. I carefully turned off another valve that was located near the floor and soon the water stopped pouring.

I sigh in relief and get up off the floor. I turn to look at myself in the mirror, and what I see surprises me: ”Is that … me? ”

I look a little taller, I have a well defined body with muscles in the right places, six-pack abs and muscular arms. What stood out the most in my appearance is the incredibly pale skin, it ’s like I ’m missing most of the blood in my body. I used to look like a dead creature from a disease that gave me anemia, an extremely inconvenient disease and in some cases deadly… But, this is another level… I look like I don ’t have any blood in my body, I also noticed that my face is more defined; and my blue eyes and black hair have gained more shine?

Did the former 21-year-old who was skinny and looked like a teenager, grow up to be an athletic looking man in just one night? What happened? Was I kidnapped by the government and drafted into the super soldier program?

”Victor, what ’s going on? Why all the noise? ” I look towards where I hear another voice and I start to breathe heavily; my throat starts to get thirsty again. I look through the wall and see the image of a human, and I can see her heart beating in a very attractive rhythm…

I could see the person ’s entire body with a red vision, it was like the world around me had changed; and I could see the heart that was glowing a more vibrant red. It was like it was inviting me to rip it out … and drink it.

”Victor? What ’s happening? What was that noise? ” Hearing my mother ’s voice, I woke up from my inebriated state.

”M-Mother…? ” I responded in the most normal voice I could muster; but, it was obvious that I failed.

”Victor!? Open the door, what ’s going on? ” I look at my reflection in the mirror and notice that my eyes have changed to blood red.

”Oh… Shit. ”

Realizing what happened to me changed me in many different ways, I started to think rationally. I try with all my strength to resist the temptation to leave the room and rip my mother ’s heart out.

First, I must calm my mother down and get her out of here.

”Mom, I ’m busy right now. ”

Realizing I was speaking normally again, she visibly calms; at least that ’s what my new red vision implies. I can ’t see her expression but I can see her heart beating at a slower pace.

”Can you open the door? ”

”I can ’t…I ’m not wearing clothes right now ”, I said in an uncomfortable voice.

”Oh, ” She suddenly turns and starts heading towards the stairs. I was confused for a moment, why did she give up so easily?


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